Zhengzhou tests China’s first 5G-enabled subway line


A subway line in central China has been covered by 5G networks of the country’s top three telecom operators, sources said.

This is the first such attempt across the country, according to China Tower, China’s telecommunication tower infrastructure services provider. Average downloading traffic speed reached 700 Mbps at the Line 5 subway station in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province.

The successful implementation by China Mobile, China Union and China Telecom in Zhengzhou is expected to offer a reliable reference for such practices of Chinese and global telecom operators.

China’s telecom operators have been stepping up investment in the development and applications of 5G technologies to gain a foothold in the emerging market.

The first trial of a 5G network that provides full coverage of a subway line has begun in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province.

According to a report by China National Radio, the 5G network provides an average download speed of more than 700 Mbps on the subway platforms, and around 630 Mbps between stations. The average download speed is expected to rise above 1Gbps after the installation of the network is complete.

The new network will enable passenger to easily play virtual-reality games or watch livestreaming video while they’re on the subway, according to an official from the network provider, China Mobile. “In the future, with the 5G network, all of the subway trains can be monitored in real time and any emergency situations can be dealt with in a more timely way. The 5G network will make the subway smarter. ”

“The equipment used to provide the 5G coverage in this subway line is the first of its kind in the world,” said a network technician working on the project. Ensuring that a strong and steady signal is available inside the trains as they speed through the narrow tunnels is a challenge, “but after conducting many tests, we finally realized full 5G network coverage along the subway line,” he said.

In January, China Mobile launched the country’s first 5G service at a subway station, which is located in the city of Chengdu.

Source: Xinhua, Chinaplus


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