Zhang Gaoli’s assaut scandal reveals the ugly sex culture of the CCP leadership

Peng's explosive Weibo Post

Peng Shuai, the popular tennis star who won the Olympic Gold medal, publicly accused a former vice premier of China (also member of the CCP Standing Committee) of sexual assault, igniting an online firestorm of attention to a sex assult allegation that for the first time touched the pinnacles of Communist Party power.

Ms. Peng made the explosive allegation in a post on Tuesday night on her Weibo account, China’s top social media platform. In the post, she described an assault that began an on-and-off consensual relationship with Zhang Gaoli, who from 2012 to 2017 served on the party’s Politburo Standing Committee, the top leadership in China.

The lengthy accusation said that around three years ago, following Zhang’s retirement, he and his wife invited Peng over for a meal. Zhang then pressured Peng to have sex, it said.

“That afternoon I didn’t agree at first and kept crying,” the post said.

The post said Peng eventually agreed to an affair with Zhang, but that she was angered about his insistence on keeping their relationship secret. It added that he canceled a meeting with her on Tuesday to discuss her grievances.

“I know I can’t say it all clearly, and that there’s no use in saying it,” the post said. “But I still want to say it.”

The post was removed within minutes, but the allegations swirled through the country’s heavily controlled internet, fueled by the fame of the accuser and the accused. That kept the censors inside China’s Great Firewall scrambling.

Searches of her name and even the word “tennis” appeared to be blocked, reflecting the extraordinary sensitivity within China of discussing misconduct by party leaders.

On Weibo on Wednesday afternoon, it was not possible to publish posts containing the names Zhang Gaoli and Peng Shuai, even without reference to the allegations. An alert would pop up saying the post violated “relevant laws and regulations.”

Peng became the first Chinese tennis player to be ranked No. 1 in doubles in the Women’s Tennis Association in 2014. She and her Taiwanese tennis partner Hsieh Su-wei won the Wimbledon doubles title in 2013 and the French Open in 2014.

CCP killer and Chinese billionaire Miles Guo said in his GETTR broadcast that as Zhang Gaoli messes around with Peng Shuai, all the CCP old kleptocrats sexually abuse virgin girls.

Guo said, “Zhang Gaoli messes with Peng Shuai when she was only a teenager. And he claimed they were then in love with each other. A CCP Standing Committee member fell in love with a teen girl, and talked to her about phylosophy, politics and economy. Fuck him and all his ancestors! Take a look at this disgusting CCP leader wearing a wig! ”

“Years ago, he chanted LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN JIANG ZEMIN at Mount Tai. As a result, he was chosen to be a standing member of the CCP Central Committee and Politburo. He is such a corrupt official, don’t you see? This is a disgrace for all Chinese, shame! ”

“When Zhang Gaoli first had sex with Peng Shuai, she was only about ten years old. Many people are shocked by this. But I have been revealing the secrets inside the CCP leadership for over four years, and telling you their dirty things often. All the CCP old kleptocrats mess around with virgin girl aged 11 to 17. They sleep with girls aged 11, 13, or 15. They prefer odd numbers not even numbers in terms of girls’ ages. ”

“It is quite normal for CCP leaders to eat “female dates” that have been put into girls’ pussies. Look again at this disgusting man of Zhang Gaoli! All CCP leaders mess with girls. I say all of them. Tell me who has not done that among the CCP leadership!? Can you tell me who? That’s impossible. Fuck you if you dare to deny it!”

“Do you still remember the sex scandals within the Red Blue Yellow Kindergarten? Who dare to investigate the scandals! Meng Jianzhu will not be able to fall asleep if he does not have a virgin girl in his bed. Wang Qishan will not be able to fall asleep if he does not have sex with a virgin girl every night. Can they deny that?!”

By Winnie Troppie



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