Xi Jinping’s stance by Joe Biden tells he is nothing but an idiot


Chinese dictator Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden on winning the U.S. presidential election, showing his ignorance and stupidity in international relations.

According to Xinhua, Xi Jinping on Wednesday sent a message to Joe Biden to congratulate him as U.S. president. Vice President Wang Qishan sent a message to Kamala Harris to congratulate her as U.S. vice president.

Xi said he hopes that the two sides will uphold the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation, focus on cooperation, manage differences, advance the healthy and stable development of China-U.S. ties, and join hands with other countries and the international community to promote the noble cause of world peace and development.

Unless he has evil thinking or a vicious plan in action, any far-sighted politician from China would foresee the failure of corrupt Joe Biden.

Joe Biden knows failure to come and yesterday turned to Mitch McConnell for protection. Joe Biden knew it was difficult for him to oppose legal sanctions. He surrendered to Mitch McConnell to protect himself on the condition that President Trump would pardon him for all crimes, including Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive incident.

Today, a Pennsylvania court has ordered the state to halt work certifying elections until Friday, when it will hold a hearing on a lawsuit trying to have all mail-in votes disqualified. Rep. Mike Kelly, congressional candidate Sean Parnell, and eight other petitioners claim last month’s decision to allow all voters to use mail-in ballots was unconstitutional.

Mayor Giuliani says after the hearing today: “There is substantial evidence of different kinds of voter fraud in 6 key States Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada. Most of this evidence is in the public record.”

Attorney Lin Wood Tweets: “Time is running out for the cheaters.

“I am not a criminal lawyer but I know enough. I know individuals who voluntarily come forward to confess & expose crimes are generally treated with a measure of leniency,” Lin Wood said. “Many were involved in election crimes. Who will speak up & do the right thing before it is too late?”

Mr. Lin Wood was an investigator and knowledgeable source in the U.S. election fraud case and a close comrade of military lawyer Powell. With this statement, he shows that the prosecution of election fraud crimes is already well underway, leaving little time for fraudsters to choose sides.

Lude said in his Ludepress broadcast, “Xi Jinping knows what to come. He called Biden on 25th to show his desperate support for Biden as the next president of the US. Xi’s so-called ultimate battle is only to bet all on the old Biden.”

With the election fraud, America has set a really bad example. The dictators in Beijing are now hailing, “See! Communism is good. Socialism is good. Dictatorship is even better!” America has not only let America down; America has let the whole world down. It has lost the ability to lead.

After 9.11., America is going downwards. Since then, more Americans are living with greed, hatred, and fear. More Americans lack basic knowledge of the world. More Americans have betrayed the oaths of their fore-fathers. Today, few Americans have the courage to face the truth and facts!

There is an evil in every one of us. That’s why President Trump has to go through all those sufferings.

Selfishness may be the greatest reason why Trump almost lost the election. Trump cares too much about keeping his presidency. He has worked too hard for this little aim during his campaign. The best strategy of a leader is to win the battle without going into the battlefields in person, but Trump went to five events in 5 cities on his last date of campaigning.

Actually, Trump has forgotten something bigger in his mission as “the chosen one”. He failed to challenge Xi Jinping in his crackdown in Hong Kong; He failed to publicly denounce the CCP for its violations in Xinjiang and South China Sea…He has let many of his supporters down for his lack of actions.

Because of this, he failed to prevent the CCP from releasing the Covid-19 to the world, causing 250,000 deaths in the US. Trump shall take some of the responsibility.

Factually, Trump has nothing to lose. But with selfishness, comes fear, worries, and delays. Trump should have done better. …Still, we have confidence that Trump will get through and finally win the election because he has more and more supporters standing firm by his side.

Although late in its announcement, Xi Jinping and the CCP must take the side of their running dog – Joe Biden. They count on him as the last fight. But they are doomed to be defeated.

Xi Jinping is a paper-tiger. All dictators are paper tigers. The world should never be afraid of them. Instead, it’s time for the civilized world to unite and take down the dictators.

By Winnie Troppie


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