Xi Jinping now hiding in a bunker because he fears targeted killings by the U.S.


According to news reports by several Chinese Communist Party(CCP) media outlets, Xi Jinping may not be able to deliver his signed documents or orders out of the bunker today.

Xi must be watching Lude Media’s show since yesterday. He now began to wonder who had revealed his post-surgery condition to the Whistleblower Movement.

Mr. Lude reveals that Xi has actually set up an information tracking and feedback system. For example, Xi gets his information through cable-connected CRT TVs and written daily reports from close associates. However, he can still be traced, and he needs to stay away from modern technological civilization. Those who really want to assassinate Xi Jinping are his enemies within the evil CCP.

Making no public appearance on State-run media for days, Xi Jinping has urged solid progress in advancing high-quality development of political and legal work, which generally refers to judicial, procuratorial, and public security work.

On behalf of the CCP Central Committee, Xi also sent sincere regards to members of the police force, as the first Chinese People’s Police Day will be observed Sunday, Xinhua reported.

This instruction was conveyed by Guo Shengkun, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the CPC Central Committee, at a central conference on Saturday. Xi didn’t attend the meeting either.

According to Lude Media, Xi cannot appear in public now because he is still recovering from his brain cancer surgery and can’t speak properly right now.

Lude said, “Xi is now hiding in a bunker because he fears targeted killings by the U.S. And he has to change every day to live in a place where he can shield himself from all microwave sources. Therefore, he only delivers paper messages to members of the National Crisis Management Office via messengers.”

As Mr. Lude mentioned in his previous episode, one of Xi’s most trusted associates, Xiong Guangkai, has been secretly working for the U.S. for years. And Xiong is very close to Xu Qiliang from Xi’s National Crisis Management Office.

Lude also discloses that Xi’s brain was implanted with a chip through the surgery, that the U.S. can locate him any time.

“In the present situation, Xi’s channels for conveying instructions are extremely vulnerable to attack, ” said Lude, “Xi’s gang is infiltrating the U.S., while the Whistleblowers’ Movement is also infiltrating people around him.”

Miles Guo said in his latest broadcast that the last two days have been a time of ice melting in a fire when many people are very upset to see Donald Trump’s Facebook & Twitter accounted suspended, Bannon’s War-Room live-streams removed from Youtube, and the left-wing media madness in broadcasting.

“There is the reasoning here. This is a battle of life and death. It’s not a matter of who is just or who is unjust,” Miles said. “This is not yet the ending. We have to wait until January 20. Donald Trump will not give up.”

The best thing we have learned from the Capitol riots and madness in U.S. politics is that Americans have come to sense: “their biggest threat is from the CCP in China”. They must hold the CCP accountable for interference in U.S. presidential election and the deaths from Covid-19.

Miles said, “I was told that it’s Beijing’s top priority is to protect Xi Jinping from beheading by the U.S. Xi changes his residence daily and his security guards are replaced many times a day, from two-hour shifts to one-hour shifts. Xi is on high alert as such.”

By Winnie Troppie


  1. Whomever kills Xi Jinping will be a Hero to all of Humanity. Hero of Earth!
    Xi Jinping is a subhuman dictator who very badly needs a bullet in his brain – get his wife, too.
    Would be just as good as killing Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun.


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