Xi Jinping and the CCP must be taken down to save the world


Xi Jinping Thought on Socialist Economy with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has been advancing with the times, steering the Chinese economy ahead amid a changing world full of uncertainties, CCP-run Xinhua advocates.

Regarded as the “latest fruit” of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics, the thought reflects the leadership’s growing understanding of the laws of economic and social development and makes clear the key principles to be upheld in promoting economic development for a new era, Xinhua says.

Overshadowed by COVID-19, the world saw a Christmas ahead like never before.

A gloomy picture adding to the COVID-19 sentiment was seen in Europe when a more contagious strain of the coronavirus was found in London.

Across Britain, restrictions before Christmas were tightened, parts of it with tier 4 rules, further limiting festive options. Residents in tier 4 are not allowed to gather with anyone outside the family during Christmas except for special reasons.

Thousands more families just lost a loved one this holiday season as the US reported its second-highest number of coronavirus deaths in one day — 3,401 on Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

It was reported in the U.S. that coronavirus is causing a rare inflammatory syndrome in some children after more than 1 million people have received their first shot of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The United States is a Christian nation where the people adore freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, but BGY infiltration and the virus attack by the CCP has let the country down.

The CCP has the goal to “clean up America” and dominate the world. Former CCP defense secretary Chi Haotian said when he was in office, “We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.” Thus, the CCP released Covid-19 to the world as a biological weapon.

But the CCP continues to lie about the Covid and cover-up the truth of the pandemic while rejecting an independent inquiry into the origin of its outbreak. Further, Xi Jinping has been making use of the pandemic to spread misinformation and cause more problems to the rest of the world.

A warrior friend with G-TV says the CCP’s totalitarian rule is different from regular dictatorships, the most important characteristic of its regime is that they are good at deception, camouflage, indifference to life, and at the same time very cruel and vicious. “They are temporarily hiding the light for future revenge when they get strong, and they will not be soft. Without taking down the Chinese Communist Party, there can be no bright future between China and the U.S., no real peace in the world,” he said.

“How to eliminate the virus? This is what we want Western friends, Western communities, and Western society to know widely: If CCP exists, the virus will not disappear. The reason is simple. But how difficult it is to reach a consensus on this point; even so far, it has not been fully reached.” Xima said these words in her article, “Could we have a safe and peaceful Christmas this year?”

When the CCP is fighting for its own survival, it must utilize all efforts it has to do harm to the world, regardless of the sacrifice that its own people have to bear at home in the mainland.

According to CCP’s media, Chinese lawmakers began deliberating a draft law on preventing food waste to ensure food security. Xi Jinping just made a proposal a few days ago, and now his minions have started legislating it. This is what we call “CCP speed.”

It is an indisputable fact that China is facing massive food shortages.

Lude Media said in its latest broadcast, “The CCP has to admit that food is no longer safe, and has started to give the people a precautionary warning that there may be food shortages in the future. Sina headlines play with words, citing LuDe Media’s comment that ‘seeds are the chips of agriculture’ to explain Xi Jinping’s ‘golden words on food’, saying that the CCP has done a great job, but it still can’t solve the problem of seeds and arable land. If you get hungry one day because of poor implementation at the base-level, you can’t blame the party. It can be expected that when the food crisis can’t be overcome, the great brainwashing and oppressive rule over the common people will come immediately!”

On December 24, the Chinese military website published a commentary by the People’s Daily, “Strengthening the Party’s Overall Leadership of Economic Work – On Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,” to promote and advocate the CCP’s centralized and unified leadership of the economy.

This is a dangerous signal that the economy of the Chinese Communist Party is in serious trouble, and it also signals that a new round of “public-private partnership” and nationalization of private enterprises is approaching.

Emeritus Professor Ross Fitzgerald says with Sky News that Xi Jinping is “utterly despotic” when Beijing implemented legislation to see restaurants fine customers who do not finish their meals and punish waiters for encouraging customers to order too much food. “The war on waste is just another example of him trampling over the rights of ordinary people in China. The president is utterly despotic.”

President Donald Trump retweeted a couple of videos last night. One video outlined how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) manipulates the free nations in the world, especially the U.S., diplomatically, economically, and militarily. It also provides Americans with some suggestions and tips on how to deal with CCP’s unrestricted warfare.

This video confirms the truth about the CCP’s 3F Plan (Foment weakness, foment chaos, and foment destruction of America) against the United States that the Explosive Revolution has been constantly exposing for three years, and it is a video version of the diatribe declaring war against the CCP.

We don’t take the cold war. It’s a hot war economically, cyber information work, and unrestricted warfare into the three categories. It’s a hot war that’s driven by CCP. They’re calling high ranking, government officials Pompeo and Navarro specifically the war criminals and Twitter puts it up! But the President puts out a tweet, he gets a flag and he gets taken down his Twitter. How does that work, Twitter?” said former White House Chief Strategist Mr. Steve Bannon.

Bannon told his War-Room audience, “One day, when the Chinese laobaixing (hundred surnames) finally overthrow the CCP with the assistance of the Allies in the West, and that’s the purpose of this show and the trial’s going to be in Wuhan. We’re gonna bring you all to court and the world is going to sit in judgment. The jury is going to be the citizens of China. We’ve got the receipt and we are to get receipts in China.”

“All human beings are facing a common enemy, the Chinese Communist Party. Either all humans are perishing, or the CCP will be ruling all. Think about it. Which side do you bet on?” said Miles Guo. “In July of 2018, I said that if there is anyone in this world who does not consider the CCP as a threat, this person would become the world’s biggest loser and disaster.”

By Winnie Troppie


The World Is Coming Together to Take Down the CCP

In his December 23, 2020 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo reveals that the National Security Commission of the CCP ranked resolving food shortage and preventing bank runs at the top of national security issues. China is negotiating with countries in Africa to import their crops using the Chinese Yuan; these countries were willing to take the Chinese Yuan at first, but not anymore. Furthermore, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that more than 120 countries in the world are planning to go through the list of Chinese Communist Party members and government employees, including people from state-owned Chinese enterprises. Many governments know that the coronavirus is the CCP’s bioweapon, but the entire world has discarded its conscience for money. The world has been exposed and will take down the CCP with us together.

It’s December 23, Brother Miles just finished showering, I just got out of the shower. I’ve been in meetings all day until now, with less than ten minutes of break, for almost twelve hours. It’s great. Before showering, I received a call from a friend in China. Said friend, who may not be a brother-in-arm, told me about the situation in China, and it was just – BIAs, is there food shortage in China? How bad is the food shortage in China? Yesterday afternoon, the National Security Commission of the CCP ranked resolving the food shortage at the top. Preventing large-scale financial security incidents – basically, bank runs – and not letting you withdraw your money has also been deemed a matter of national security. Having no food and not being allowed to withdraw money will lead to large-scale protests and even riots; a riot is when the people speak out peacefully. These have been ranked at the top of national security issues.

They also said that no matter what, do not have any conflicts with Americans in the South China Sea. If there is no other way, just attack Taiwan. Attack Taiwan to solve internal problems. Banks are done for, all the overseas Chinese enterprises that swindle US dollars are done for, and food is running out. They are negotiating with countries in Africa to import their crops using the Chinese Yuan. I heard that those African countries were willing to take the Chinese Yuan at first, but yesterday they almost all declined. Such a huge change in less than 48 hours, all declined. Chinese nationals cannot study abroad; those abroad are being sent back to China.

Furthermore, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has, for the first time, write a report to the National Security Commission – so, the Politburo – that says more than 120 countries in the world are planning and discussing the checking of a list of all Chinese Communist Party members and government employees, which may very well trigger the world to be against the CCP and against the overseas Chinese government employees, including people from state-owned Chinese enterprises. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that other governments are ready to stand with the US regarding the CCP-controlled state-owned Chinese enterprises. Many countries will investigate their government officials of the past decade, from 2012 until now, concerning where the money from bailouts and loans they received from China went. Most went to kickbacks. I heard that a few bastards in Europe are scared. They are scared. How can they explain this? They took so many kickbacks.

Many governments believe that this virus, they know that this virus is the CCP’s bioweapon. They also know that if they do not hold the CCP accountable, their people won’t accept it. So what to do? Many are suggesting that the Chinese government should place the blame on select employees of the Wuhan lab for leaking the virus intentionally or unintentionally and stop arguing whether this virus came from nature. Just say that it was leaked from the lab unintentionally or leaked by certain people, or that it was leaked to exact revenge on society. They suggest to the CCP to file a case and investigate quickly. The CCP, do you think the CCP’s tricks are good? Not at all, but unfortunately, the entire world has discarded its conscience for money, completely mindless. God has really given us the greatest opportunity to take down the CCP. The world has been exposed and will take down the CCP with us together.

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