World governments have been awakened to the CCP threats

Miles Guo praying for well-being of the world after Jan. 27 broadcast.

January 27th, brothers and sisters, since yesterday’s live broadcast I made, there are many people have sent me messages. So many touching words! So many friends who have wisdom, conscience, and faith! I can only repay the care and love of all of you with my firm action to take down the Chinese Communist Party.

I am very, very be touched, From yesterday to now, especially, I think the new government of the United States of America, and Australia, and European countries, feel the threat of the Communist Party; feel the evil of the Communist Party in the world.

As I said in the live broadcast- no one is not afraid, but everybody knows the Communist Party is a paper tiger.

When everyone calms down, and it takes about six months for the aftermath of the U.S. election;  everyone is will ask where did this virus come from?

These countries, the governments of these countries, people are going to want to find out how is the whole economy of the Chinese Communist Party doing? How is the economy of the Chinese Communist Party? Brothers and sisters. Only we the Chinese know. How is the economy of China? How are the people living? Only the Chinese understand.

As an Australian official said in a meaningful sentence, “Anyone who understands the current state of life and the current state of the economy of the common people in China, not to mention on the spiritual level or on the material level,” the Australian official said, “the Chinese people will definitely be liberated by the people of the world! ” The Chinese people will definitely overthrow the Chinese Communist Party.

His brother is married to a Chinese, and his sister-in-law’s family is in Dalian. So, in the past few days he has been in contact with me and said clearly: “The American election will make the Communist Party die faster! Because let the whole world and Americans see the power and infiltration of the Communist Party in the United States.” Saying, “No country wants to see another country’s claws come into his country to affect the security of that country.” That’s the point! The Communists are arrogant these days, but think about what would you do when there is a third hand in the comforter of any person’s home. What would you do? This is one of the greatest opportunities to the  Whistle Blower Movement!

Brothers and sisters. in the U.S. election, the CCP showed the world how evil the Communist Party is,  and the threat to the security of people around the world and the (plundering of) the economy.

Not only they did drop the coronavirus, but they were also directly involved in other country’s (USA) internal affairs.  Who wants to be involved when you have your hands directly under people’s blankets!

Yesterday, a buddy of the new U.S. government (said) “Miles, we’re going to write a book about the revolution and about what you call the CCP Virus.  Are you willing to be (legally) responsible for this book?”(I replied) I am willing, quite willing, very willing (to be responsible).

These two days, the Communist Party’s large-scale overseas propaganda agencies against Dr. Limeng YAN, against Mr. Bannon, against our Mr. Lude, against Miles, and (took) national-scale action. The big cartoons all came out.

CCP, if you stop, you are a grandson; you are a son of a bitch. The big cartoons all came out. Communist Party If you stop you are a grandson, you are a son of a bitch.  Come more (cartoons), get tens of millions (of cartoons). This is also the opposite of the super-karma.  I don’t have to do advertising. Ah, look at the data of GTV and Gnews in the past week, what is the level of growth? Let’s take a look again and check how much the traffic of GTV and Gnews has been changed since January 20th.

Ah, this is the fundamental common sense when engaged in journalism and business: to cause controversy is to cause attention, and if you cause attention, you will have the growth of the network and data and communication media of greater power.

GTV has only been growing for a few months, a time when you can’t even get a license to open a small grocery store in the U.S. GTV, in the seven or eight months since the end of April, has been the fastest and first of all online and operational media in the West, so to speak. No one else can do it. No matter what kind of problems GTV has, but the advantage of GTV, for a world of 7.5 billion people, GTV is the only one that can do what it does now, with these functions, no one else can do it.

So we are now (proposing) to this government official in New York, can we please return all the investment (in GTV) and let everyone invest once again and make a new investment.

Wow ~ this sunlight, so beautiful! Ah, just look at that expression, how cool; ah, the feeling of the great warrior of the jungle; oh ~ white hair!

So, let’s do it all over again, right?  Right? Let’s see how many of us are willing to invest in us and do it again. Ah, hey ~ this feels good! Let’s do it all over again, I especially want this feeling to happen. They don’t want to do it. We want to give all the people who have chairs a choice that you can choose again. Do you vote or not?  Ah, how great is that?

GTV and GNews have created a miracle in the media world. Look at the readership, the data, the future appreciation, and the features.

Parler and Gab, G…a…b. How can you compare them both with GTV and GNews? Parler is uploading a few things on the web. Parler has no room to grow forever. It will never going to be able to, (because)it’s already limited in terms of its height and fatness. So it doesn’t have any future.

It’s not the same level as our GTV, and it’s far worse than our Getter. We wrote the code ourselves. Ah ~ so, now, many government officials said to us: can you put your GTV, Gnews’ all the Chinese reading with the current government policy and some current major events together? We support you.

What would it be to combine GTV, GNews with the current U.S. policy towards China and expose the CCP Virus in the world? We’ll try to do that. The other mysterious task that our work team and friends in Washington are doing is to bring together the New Federal State of China, the Whistleblower Movement, the GTV Gnews G|Club in Washington, which will start a new beginning.  And watch it, people, remember what I said today.  This is a new era. This is great America! It can give everyone an absolute, legal, and equal opportunity to create a legendary who has abilities and ideas. On this issue of foreign countries let me deeply feel the greatness of the USA: no matter who you are,  there is absolute unanimous in the USA interests, which is completely different from the Chinese Communist Party.

And watch it, brothers and sisters. Ah,  everything is the beginning, uh…

By Miles Guo
Translator:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Bruce)


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