Bu Feiyan- wuxia writer

Xin Xiaojuan (辛晓娟 born 11 July 1981), whose pen name Bu Feiyan (步非烟) is taken from a Tangchuanqi (short stories of the Tang dynasty) by Huangfu Mei, is a Chinese female writer known for her wuxia novels.

Wang Wei – courtesan and poet

Wang Wei (王微; 1597–1647), also known by her courtesy name Xiuwei (修微), was a Chinese courtesan, poet, and traveller during the late-Ming dynasty.

Gu Taiqing – poet of Qing Dynasty

Gu Taiqing (顾太清1799 – c. 1877) was one of the top-ranked women poets of the Qing Dynasty. She is especially known for her ci poetry and for...

Lü Bicheng – writer

Lü Bicheng ( 吕碧城1883–1943) was a Chinese writer, activist, newspaper editor, poet and school founder. She has been listed as one of the top four women "geniuses" of the early Republic of China, together with Eileen Chang, Xiao Hong, and Shi Pingmei; Lü's biography was published in 2012.

Huang E – poet of the Ming dynasty

Huang E (黄峨, also known as Huang Xiumei (黄秀眉); 1498–1569) was a Chinese poet of the Ming dynasty. Her family's home was in Suining in Sichuan.

Tie Ning – writer

Tie Ning (born September 1957) is a famous author based in Beijing China. Since 2006, she has been the president of the China Writers Association.

Gao Yu -journalist

Gao Yu (高瑜; born 23 February 1944) is a Chinese journalist and dissident who has been repeatedly imprisoned by the Chinese Communist Regime.

Yang Jiang – author and translator

Yang Jiang (杨绛; Wade–Giles: Yang Chiang; 17 July 1911 – 25 May 2016) was a Chinese playwright, author, and translator.

Ding Ling, forgotten Chinese author, remembered

On this date in 1986, the writer Ding Ling, a champion of women’s rights, died. Born as Jiang Bingzhi in Linli, Hunan province, China, on October 12, 1904, Ding Ling (her pen name) was the prolific author of nearly 300 novels, as well as plays, short stories and essays.

Bing Xin – The Love Story of Children’s Literature Writer

Xie Wanying (1900-1999), one of the most prolific Chinese writers of the 20th Century, better known by her pen name Bing Xin, and her husband Wu Wenzao...

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