Xie Aman

"Like dancing on water, how lissome the dancing steps are; slim and graceful, the dancer seems to be flying." -- This poem describes the light and elegant dance of Xie Aman(谢阿蛮), a dancer in the Tang Dynasty.

Lady Li

in the field of poetry, the great Emperor Wudi is more remembered for his great personal grief in his domestic life at the loss of his beloved "Lady Li", Li Furen, as recorded in a well-known poem, written from the viewpoint of the persona of Wudi.

Lady Gongsun – the greatest dancer

Poet Du Fu Wrote About the Dance of Lady Gongsun Du Fu (712–770) was a prominent Chinese poet of the Tang Dynsaty. Along with Li...

Four Greatest Beauties of China: Lady Yang

It was hard being a woman in Ancient China. Nor did being beautiful help much either, as there was a Chinese saying, “Beautiful women...

Da Ji

Chinese monarchs were known for their debauchery, which caused the fall of many a dynasty. But in the female-biased society, the blames were often...

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