Some popular young female stars in singing 2019

Sing! China is a Chinese singing competition television series broadcast on Zhejiang Television. It premiered during the summer on 15 July 2016. It is a re-branded version of The Voice of China, a show based on the original The Voice of Holland. It has aired three seasons and aims to find new singing talent (solo or duets, professional and amateur) contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. A fourth season started in July 2019.

Top 20 female singers in 40 years

Deng Lijun or Teresa Teng was a Taiwanese singer, one of the most famous and successful singers to originate from the Mandarin-speaking world. She is known to the Chinese community worldwide.

Li Xiangjun

Li Xiangjun (李香君; 1624–1654) was a courtesan, singer, and musician during the Ming dynasty. Her life was dramatised in the play The Peach Blossom Fan.

Zhao Feiyan–Dancer on a Crystal Plate

She became a dancing girl there, and she received the name that she would become known for—Feiyan (literally, flying swallow) because she was so slender and so agile in dance that she was like a flying swallow.

Lady Li

in the field of poetry, the great Emperor Wudi is more remembered for his great personal grief in his domestic life at the loss of his beloved "Lady Li", Li Furen, as recorded in a well-known poem, written from the viewpoint of the persona of Wudi.

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