What young, educated Chinese women want in a man today: a...

The rise of little puppies as an ideal type of boyfriend points toward a shift in popular culture in the country, where young women are increasingly defying traditional attitudes toward romance.

What stops Chinese women from getting PhDs

Despite the challenges, more Chinese women have chosen to pursue higher degrees. The number of female PhD candidates has nearly doubled over the past decade, rising faster than the male number.

After saying #MeToo, Chinese women fight censorship to push for change

The latest wave of sexual misconduct claims in China emerged last month after Lei Chuang, the founder of Yi You - a charity that...

Chinese Girls: A Province by Province Guide

Since ancient times, the women of Sichuan have adored beauty and loved having a good time. Though short, they’re well-proportioned, and their legs are long considering their height.

Sexist job ads discriminate against women in China

Out of all national civil service jobs that were reviewed so far this year, 19% included the terms “men only,” “men preferred,” or “suitable for men.” There was just one instance of a job ad that required the applicant to be a woman.

Why China’s women are feigning subservience to win husbands

Chinese women have been an integral part of the formal economy for far longer than many of their Western counterparts, yet many men have a tendency – some would say a cultural obligation – to reject women with equivalent education and salaries.

The Remarkable Story of China’s ‘Bible Women’

By the time Protestant Christianity arrived in China in the early 19th century, Chinese understandings of gender roles had been relatively static for more than two...

Why educated, professional women in China aren’t marrying

Why educated, professional women in China aren’t marrying – new book explores the ‘leftover women’ phenomenon:Notwithstanding criticism author Roseann Lake has faced for her...

Chinese rural left behind women

The first academic research in the nation which put left behind women as main objective of study did not come out until 2002. The Chinese rural left...

How Did Women Fare in China’s Communist Revolution?

My grandmother likes to tell stories from her career as a journalist in the early decades of the People’s Republic of China. She recalls...

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