Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang

Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang (孝庄文皇后,28 March 1613 – 27 January 1688)was a consort of Hong Taiji, the second ruler of the Manchu Qing dynasty. She was a descendant of...

Queen Dowager Xuan: China’s First Empress Dowager

Queen Dowager Xuan (宣太后) was one of the most powerful women in ancient China. She is known in history as the first Empress Dowager...

Empress Dugu: Influential Figure in the Imperial Palace

Empress Dugu Qieluo (独孤伽罗,544-602), formally Empress Xian (literary meaning "the wise empress"), was an empress of the Sui Dynasty (581-618). She was the wife...

Consort Donggo

Consort Donggo entered the Forbidden City at the age of 18 and was deeply loved and favored by the Shunzhi Emperor. She was granted the title "Consort Xian" (賢妃) in August 1656. She was further elevated to the status of "Imperial Noble Consort" (皇貴妃) in January 1657. 

Lady Zhen

Lady Zhen (甄夫人,26 January 183 – 4 August 221), personal name unknown, was the first wife of Cao Pi, the first ruler of the state of Cao Wei in...

Consort Dowager Wang

Known commonly by her imperial consort title Shufei (王淑妃), it is not known when Lady Wang was born. She was a daughter in a household from Bin Prefecture (邠州, in modern Xianyang, Shaanxi) that made cakes. Because of her great beauty, she gained the nickname of "Huajianxiu" (花見羞, "flowers would be ashamed to see her").

Empress Feng- Bringing Han Traditions into Northern Wei Dynasty

Empress Feng was born in 442. After Emperor Wencheng became emperor, she became his concubine in 455, carrying the rank of Guiren. In 456, she was made empress.

Leizu: a legendary empress and wife of the Yellow Emperor

Because of her finding of silk and starting the coveted silk industry, Empress Leizu was called the Goddess of Silk. Ever since, women were the only in charge of producing magnificent silk cloths.

Queen Dowager Zhao

The daughter of a prominent family of Zhao, she was a concubine of the merchant Lü Buwei, who gave her to his protegé, Prince Yiren of Qin.

Wei Zifu

Wei Zifu (卫子夫), She was the second wife of the famous Emperor Wu and his spouse of 49 years, and stayed as his empress for 38 years, the...

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