Love is one of the most abstract feelings. If different people describe fun, anger, passion in approximately the same way, then the understanding of love can include completely opposite concepts: one will say that it is about always being together, the other will mention the ability to provide a partner with personal space and trust them no matter what. That is why it is not worth evaluating relationships only by the presence of love in them. There are a few more things to strive for if you want to find a significant other on the sweety date dating site and create a strong and harmonious union with them. 

  1. Sense of security

Often love is used as an argument to stay in emotionally abusive or physically unsafe unions. Women endure threats, manipulations, domestic violence, explaining this by the fact that they love partners and cannot live without them. Even the strongest feelings for a partner cannot justify their actions or help change. Safety is an essential part of a healthy connection, but people rarely give it a priority when choosing a life partner. 

  1. Healthy communication

The norm of communication in a couple is formed at the very beginning. If a woman and a man trade insults during the first quarrel, use strong language, and raise their voices, then soon, this will become an ordinary scenario of their communication. That is why it is important to immediately show that you do not like any words of a partner and adequately respond to insults in a relationship. A healthy connection can be built only on mutual respect and understanding. 

  1. Ability to talk about your needs

A close partnership is always about a compromise, and it is impossible if people cannot honestly share their needs and desires with their significant others. It may happen for various reasons. For example, the most common reasons are fear of offending a partner, fear of seeming vulnerable, constraint, the toxic reaction of a partner. Love cannot replace the ability to hear each other as well as share their desires and anxieties. 

  1. Abilityto create an equal partnership 

To create a long-term relationship, people shouldn’t just love each other, but they should also do their best to become equal partners. It is manifested at different levels: from the ability not to divide household responsibilities by gender and to making joint decisions, sharing responsibilities, making an equivalent contribution to the development of you as a couple on both sides. Simply put, a union is about the hard work of both partners. It is a two-way road.   

  1. Respect

Love does not always mean respect for each other. It manifests itself not only in the ability not to offend the partner, but also in less noticeable, but important little things. For example, you shouldn’t devalue the emotions and interests of a loved one, and you should allow them to have a different opinion, recognize personal boundaries, accept their environment, and much more. Unfortunately, love is used too often as a cover for manipulating a partner. Therefore, this feeling alone is not enough for a healthy connection. 

  1. Abilityto remain yourself 

When you have a love affair, sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing or another, but your personality shouldn’t become this sacrifice. A healthy connection cannot be built on the desire to change a partner or to adapt to them, forgetting about your aspirations. The ability to be self-sufficient people who may have different interests, plans, desires, and who not perceive it as a betrayal or loss of feelings is more valuable than a selfish desire to be halves of the whole. 

  1. Trust

It doesn’t matter how much you love a person, but if you cannot trust them, then you won’t be happy in this union. It’s not just about being sure that you will not be cheated on. Trust is to share information that makes you vulnerable, assurance that a person will stay close in difficult times, and don’t be afraid to be imperfect. 

  1. Mutual readiness to create relationships

Another criterion that often turns out to be stronger than the feelings of partners is their readiness for obligations. People can fall in love immediately, be attracted, feel sincere sympathy, have a good time together, but they still cannot build a strong connection because one of them is not ready for anything serious now. Close ties should be a conscious step, and if now they are not on the list of priorities of one of the partners, both will feel this over time. One will lack attention, a sense of self-importance in the eyes of a lover, and the other will begin to feel that they are limited and deprived of something important. 


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