Without the status of Hong Kong as an international hub, CCP will come to its doom

CCP tanks going into Hong Kong border ready for crackdown of protests on August 12.

Don’t look at what’s happening in Hong Kong right now; look at what the future will be like in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a future only when a universal election is in practice.

Hong Kong people have the wisdom. How many Hong Kongers would demand an independence? Very few.

But they stand by the five demands. Hong Kong people won’t back down without the fulfillment of these five demands. Guo Wengui was the first person to put forth these five demands.

I was also the first person to tell about the importance of Hong Kong’s international airport and its Stock Exchange which play a key role in this pro-democracy movement.

Some American friends have asked me these days, “Could you tell me the weakness and shortcomings of Hong Kong?”

I told them, “The greatest strength of Hong Kong is its status as an international port. If the word ‘international’ is taken away, Hong Kong will be in great trouble. Now Hong Kong is already on the way to this trouble. Secondly, when the truth behind this pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is made known to the world, the Chinese Communist Party is over.

Why this word “international” is so important to Hong Kong? Being “International” relates to finance, trade, transport, and information which makes Hong Kong the largest base in Asia for intelligence.

Without the “international” status, many international people will be hurt; the interests of many international beneficiaries will be hurt. Because of this, these international people must stand in solidarity with the students of Hong Kong.

If Hong Kong’s status as an international hub of transportation and finance is destroyed so that these people can’t take their money out of the territory, those in desperation must risk their lives to challenge the CCP government.

Why is the truth of Hong Kong so important? The truth of Hong Kong will frighten the whole world and at the same time move the whole world. The truth will make world people with conscience stand by the side of Hong Kong people.

The CCP has used the means of mafia gangsters. The CCP has unlawfully sent its mainland policemen and PLA soldiers into the territory of Hong Kong. The CCP has used Hong Kong’s police vehicles and ambulances in the crackdown. The CCP has created hatred among Hong Kong people.

The world has eyes open to see all the above. The impact is overwhelming.

The CCP has fallen into a “Tacitus Trap”. It has fallen into the well of death.

Dear warrior friends! What Hong Kong needs now is only the spread of truth to the world.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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