With their evils in Hong Kong, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan must be eliminated


Yesterday, I had phone calls with some kids in Hong Kong. I have mixed feelings of both excitement and great sadness.

This kid I talked to comes from a wealthy family in direct mailing business. Unfortunately his father died, leaving himself and his younger brother living with their mother. He is one of the student leaders of the protesters in Polytechnic University.

This courageous kid told me about the brutality of the Hong Kong police and PLA soldiers that were behind the cameras. These Hong Kong police and PLA troops have a whole set of cruel measures to deal with the young protesters.

When those kids were detained, they must go to the toilet from time to time. Those policemen or soldiers applied their brutality right inside the toilets. Whether they were boys or girls, they were raped or gang-raped openly in the toilets.

This kid told me that many of these Hong Kong policemen were migrants from neighboring Guangdong province who came to Hong Kong 8-9 years ago. These policemen seemed to have a natural hatred against Hong Kong kids and they restlessly beat the kids in much cruelty. Their brutal assaults on young girls cannot be described in words here. Besides gang rapes, those girls were sexually victimized over and over. From their speech, these policemen must have come from Guangdong and Hunan province as many of them spoke Mandarin to each other.

He told that when the policemen were raping the girls, they even shouted “Long Live Xi Jinping! Long Live Xi Jinping!” They wouldn’t mind being called “Nazis”.

It was really sad to hear about these stories. The evils of the CCP are just beyond my description. Damn it! Damn it! They are just beasts. They are not human. They must go to hell!

In mainland China, everything is in a Ponzi scheme. P2P, MLM marketing, real estate – everything except a scheme in justice.

Yesterday, a symposium was held in Beijing to celebrate the so-called “successful implementation of One Country Two Systems” in Hong Kong and Macau. Han Zheng, Li Zhanshu and Guo Shengkun were present. Look at the facial expression of troubled Han Zheng! It was shameless for Zhang Xiaoming to declare the “successful implementation of One Country Two Systems” for 22 years in Hong Kong. The CCP has turned the world’s third financial hub into a dead port in a matter of months. How dare he tell about a “successful Hong Kong” under the CCP rule?

One of our warrior friends was “invited” for an interview with Phoenix TV but was forced to make positive remarks about the CCP while defaming the protesters. He had to follow their words under threats for what he had done in the mainland if he dared to say NO. He cried when he came out and talked to me by phone.

Another friend who has an antique furniture business told his story. He went to the mainland very often but he supported the young protesters. He had a warehouse in Shenzhen for his antique furniture. Recently when he traveled to Shenzhen, he was arrested. His goods were confiscated and he was accused of smuggling antique furniture. He was forced to make a confession in an interview, saying he had been threatened by the student protesters and he never had supported them.

These are not isolated cases. In the following weeks, we will see many of these fabricated interviews broadcast on Hong Kong television.

Many people have witnessed the craziness of the CCP in Hong Kong and come to understand that the CCP must be eliminated to save Hong Kongers from never-ending sufferings.

The crisis in Hong Kong is the nightmare for both Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping. Many warrior friends have come to agree to my saying that Wang Qishan has directed the crackdown in Hong Kong. Other evil doers include Han Zheng and Yang Jiechi.

Dear warrior friends! Hong Kong is our greatest present gifted by God. The sufferings and bloodshed of Hong Kongers will bring about the destruction of the CCP.

These days, the message from President Donald Trump has been very clear: either the CCP is committing a suicide or it shall be eliminated by the forces of justice.

We will soon see how Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is to implement the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. We will soon see actions to cancel Hong Kong’s status as a free port; we will soon see sanctions against CCP officials, not jut Hong Kong government officials. We will soon see their overseas assets frozen or confiscated by the US government.

I have told Ludepress yesterday that if the CCP dares to officially announce the martial law in Hong Kong, at least three things will happen: first US breaking up diplomatic relations with the CCP regime; second confiscation of overseas assets of CCP officials and cancellation of visas to their family members; third deployment of troops in Asia by the US military and its alliance ready for war.

This is not my guess or prediction. This is reality in planning.

Dear warrior friends, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan must pay the price for their evils in Hong Kong. Anyone who has stood with the CCP and its evil leaders must be brought to justice.

God is watching; the eyes of righteousness are watching. All of our devoting warrior friends shall have full confidence that this is happening. The only but important thing for you to do is to spread the truth about Hong Kong!

Please join me in praying for the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese people as well as people of the world!

Everything is just beginning.

by Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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