WikiLeaks and the Pandora Box: doom of CCP or message from God


Jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing extradition and jail terms in the US, has been awarded a top European award for journalism this week.

Some people call Assange a naughty boy as well as a nasty little criminal. Whether he is a messiah or a cult will be a topic of hot debate for a long time.

As more and more secret files are released on the internet, the impact of WikiLeaks and Assange’s courage will definitely be more explosive than a nuclear bomb.

Lukepress has checked one of the leaked documents to find out that from 2004, China Development Bank has provided loans of 10 billion US dollars annually to Huawei for its internationally business expansion.

Yesterday, Miles Kwok has talked about the possible consequences that WikiLeaks will bring to the world, especially to the communist regime in China (CCP). He said when WikiLeaks matches his Pandora Box, the Chinese Communist Party is doomed.

The following is a translation abstract of what Miles Kwok has said:

About WikiLeaks, all people I met yesterday were astonished at the documents released by WikiLeaks. The day before, I visited a friend who used to work in a US government office; he was also shocked by the secret materials.

Last year some people from WikiLeaks contacted us, offering to sell their secret documents about CCP and the families of those state traitors. They asked for two million US dollars.

In the past, we also bought some information about China. As we were not allowed to disclose the documents on the internet, we handed them over to related government departments. They include evidence about corruption of Dalian Court officials who were later investigated by the Central Commission of Discipline Inspection.

When WikiLeaks came to us, one of their staff from England read out some documents to our lawyers and asked if we wanted them or not. They wanted to sell us the whole package, partly about international politics. But we were only interested in documents related to the Chinese Communist Party. They disagreed. I heard that those documents include passports of 60 million individuals, 400 million times of their entries and exits, and 5.7 billion transactions with Bank of China.

We did not buy their stuff because they did not want a contract with legal liabilities, and they wanted us to buy the whole package. I am telling you only briefly here. You can remember that most of the materials are about four countries: the US, UK, Australia, and China. Their lawyer said that there was a risk for them to sell us those stuffs. That package was only a small part. They are going to release other documents in dozens of packages.

I don’t know what will happen in the future with the release of those documents. The secret materials will definitely shock the Americans as they contain the world’s top secrets, military secrets, videos about murders, etc.

They also contain information held by Ling Wancheng about corruption of the CCP leadership. Although not as shocking as information in my Pandora Box, they will have a devastating blow on Wang Qishan. But they are not strong enough to bring down the communist regime.

If WikiLeaks and the Pandora Box are used together, they shall definitely bring about destruction to the communist regime.

Donald Trump was only a businessman years ago, without political experience. Today, all important events in the world have some sort of relation with him. He would make good use of WikiLeaks as his weapons, definitely.

WikiLeaks is absolutely a gift sent to us by God. It has come at the right time. When it meets our Pandora Box, it is a mixture of fire and oil. The result could be destructive.

For example, there are videos in both WikiLeaks and my Pandora Box about CCP’s killings in Tibet: thousands of kids were murdered; several villages were wiped out completely. There is a video about organ transplant: at the operation table, they were taking out a kidney from a Xinjiang young man. The young man had one of his eyes closed, the other open, wider and wider with the insertion of needle by the doctor. You will be sleepless after watching those horrible videos.

There was a video about a pregnant woman. They gave her an injection. Both she and her unborn child died instantly. If I was to play that video alone, many people would think that I was making up stories. But now, WikiLeaks has the same video. Their video matches ours and tells related information. How could you say it is my fabrication?

There was a story. A Hong Kong billionaire bought prostitution and had sex with a virgin. After the affair, the seller asked for money. Instead of receiving payment, he was murdered. Do you believe that? If I was to tell the story to Hong Kong people, they would only laugh at my craziness to spread such rumors.

But WikiLeaks tells all the same secret stories. How did Hong Kong billionaires get their CPPCC membership? How did the CCP leaders get their Politburo membership? How they have printed so much Hong Kong dollars? How they have manipulated the stock market? How they have recklessly laundered money in Hong Kong? – When people from across the world come to verify the facts, and compare with the information in my Pandora box, they will have the right judgment, right?

I have said that CCP must be eliminated by 2020. This is a message from God. This is a gift from God who also wants to take CCP to hell.

I have charged Wang Qishan! When more of his scandals are exposed by WikiLeaks and the world’s media are reporting, do you think he can avoid the punishment? Mr. Wang! Will your “Four Guns” be of any use?

And the scandals of Li Ka-shing in collusion with the CCP leadership – will they escape the punishment by God?

By Miles Kwok and staff editor


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