Why President Xi Jinping has once again threatened to wage war against Taiwan?


In recent days, the world communities, especially Taiwanese and residents of Fujian province across the strait, are very much concerned about the threats by CCP’s communist regime “not to rule out the use of armed forces against Taiwan”.

With President Xi Jinping’s address at the gathering of top military authority on Friday, the CCP once again has fomented the hatred or so-called affection of patriotism by threatening Taiwan with a possible war.

Many friends have asked if the CCP is trying to divert the attention of 1.4 billion Chinese at time of economic, political and social difficulties by stirring up the course of action or instigating the violent sentiment of its people. My answer is “definitely yes”!

We should never have forgotten that the CCP has used the issue of Taiwan as a shield to train its armed forces and an excuse to deceive the population.

For over 70 years, Taiwan has been used by the CCP as the best tool to divert the people from attention of its internal political struggle within the CCP regime.

The Nationalist Party has helped the CCP achieve its goal in Taiwan. Taiwan is the first and most important place where the CCP has made its fortune. Taiwan has become CCP’s wallet during its reform and opening up.

Taiwanese have been kidnapped by the CCP in its negotiations with the United States and victimized by the CCP in Sino-US relationship.

Taiwan is also a tool in technological or financial terms utilized by the CCP in its wrestling with the United States and its allies.

The issue of Taiwan has become the best suitable political slogan for different power divisions within the CCP in its political struggles. The issue of Taiwan has been the best tool used by the CCP to play with or control public opinions in China.

As it has been always the case, whenever there is severe power struggle within top CCP officials, some CCP hawks would stand up to threaten Taiwan with a war for the purpose of so-called “reunification”. When new CCP leaders are ready to come on stage to show off its muscle, they would carry out their BGY schemes in Taiwan, in addition to military threats.

This is the way for CCP to win internal support and the best method for CCP to take down their opponents in the party.

And please note, whenever there are military threats against Taiwan, the political struggle within the CCP must have turned white-hot or the Chinese economy must have encountered severe problems. Or the CCP must have faced great challenges in international relations, especially in Sino-US relationship.

This time, Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen did very well with a quick response to counter CCP’s war threats and denounce its “one China two systems” proposal. Tsai said, “I must solemnly emphasize that we have never accepted the ‘1992 Consensus’.” Her remarks have won widespread applaud and support from the international community, or at least 70% of Taiwan’s 23 million residents. I think over 70% of people from the mainland have also supported President Tsai with her stance.

We have seen a fundamental change of situation here. At a time the domestic economy is going down sharply, social security is facing great challenges, anti-CCP or anti-corruption has become a slogan both at home and abroad, Sino-US relation is in big trouble, CCP for the first time has found itself powerless in the control of public opinions. This is a change of fundamental importance.

And again, please pay attention to how the United States has responded to CCP’s threats. 20 hours before President Xi’s address to the Taiwanese, US officials had informed me of their attention. They have asked for my viewpoint in that regard.

Many friends from mainland China and western countries have sent me messages asking for my opinions. It is shocking to many that, as some US officials have said, the address by President Xi shows CCP’s ambition in controlling public opinion domestically and diverting people’s attention from deteriorating economic conditions, as well as political and social problems.

Related incidents have let the United States and its western allies think that it is time for them to make critical decisions. Different from years before, the United States has branded the CCP as its strategic competitor and greatest threat. The Issue of Taiwan, the Issue of South China Sea, and the Issue of WTO practices have the same focus – the CCP.

In my view, CCP’s manipulation of public opinion is an act for self destruction, a risky step taken by them. They won’t achieved their goals as they have in the past.

As far as I understand, no matter how arrogant the President’s speech, it won’t solve the domestic economic problems, it won’t help with its GDP growth, and it won’t solve the deep rooted contradictions between the people and the communist governance. Whatever measures follow, it won’t change the reality that China is ruled by a few families of top CCP officials; it won’t help with the increasing resentment among its 90 million CCP members, as well as social instability. There is an impossibility there.

My message of warning to the CCP officials and the military hawks of the PLA is that “if you continue to do evil and refuse to repent, you will come to a bad end without a burial place.”

Taiwan is now at a critical time. Will the United States use its military to protect Taiwan? My answer is “definitely yes!”

Today at noon, I am going to meet Mr. Steven Bannon and a few former officials from the US military who had been policy makers or important players in US-Taiwan relations. They all have a very clear mindset, “If the CCP dares to start a war against Taiwan, the US and United Nations must stand up to safeguard the security of Taiwan”. Never in history have both parties of the US been so united in defending Taiwan with any prices.

The west now has a clear understanding that the CCP government is a vicious regime and a government of organized crimes. If the US was not to defend Taiwan in a military conflict, the world would be in total chaos. The issue of Taiwan has become the core interest in US homeland security. The US military is always ready to be there at the very first moment in case of a cross-strait confrontation.

The CCP has no hope for the future. Taiwan maybe their last card to play with. But it has gone into a dead end. Taiwan people should have nothing to fear. Military interference by the US is a must and the doom of the CCP is a must too.

We hope President Tsai Ing-wen and its Taiwanese residents would stand firm for victory.

Thank you.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff writer


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