Why more and more Chinese are supporting President Donald J. Trump?


Donald Trump is the most talked-about world leader on Chinese social media from his presidential campaign to the midterm elections. More and more Chinese look to him as a savior who will help China free from communist suppression and join the civilized world.

After the G20 meetings, Chinese netizens have hoped to see screwing-up sanctions from Trump’s Administration against the corrupt CCP regime and they have not been disappointed.

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Trump administration is planning a series of actions this week targeting China’s trade, cyber and economic policies, bringing together the work of a handful of federal agencies as part of a longer-term strategy to keep pressure on Beijing, according to senior administration officials.

The moves, which have been contemplated for months and are expected to be announced as early as Wednesday, stem from a growing concern within the administration that China will not easily change its practices — including what it says is a pattern of hacking into American companies and throwing up trade barriers to American goods.

The report has said that the action was coordinated by Robert Lighthizer, the United States trade representative, and several other administration officials.

The Washington Post, citing U.S. officials, also reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice is also expected to announce charges against multiple alleged hackers thought to be working for a Chinese intelligence service.

Additionally, the administration plans to disclose classified information about breaches of U.S. networks and sanction some of the people deemed responsible.

The Chinese people owe lots of gratitude to this great and hard-working president of the United States, feeling sorry for him that the President has to clean up a lot of mess at home, that he is facing great difficulties from pressure of his opponents, while helping the Chinese out.

At the same time, the Chinese are happy to see that President Trump on Tuesday embraced a more positive tone in his ongoing trade dispute with China, as he tweeted, “Very productive conversations going on with China! Watch for some important announcements!”

The president has a heart for the ordinary Chinese as he has for the American people. The Chinese shall never thank him enough.

On Guo.media, Miles Kwok has 4.4 million followers; there are more from China who are not able to make their identities known because of CCP censorship. Almost every one of them supports Donald Trump and has kept a close eye on his developments, in addition to Miles’s.

We hope that more and more Americans will know the truth about China and understand the importance of friendship between Chinese and Americans, and do the same to give President Trump more support.

Not only to the Chinese, but to the Americans too, Miles Kwok has said these words about Donald Trump yesterday with his tweets:

“Friends, you will soon see Donald Trump and his super Administration taking sweeping actions against the CCP and its vicious partners across the world. After January 7 of 2019, you will see how a great American president has trained himself to do the top job with his presidency. A great America and a great president to save the world will shock the world! He will take a series of actions as he has promised during his presidential campaign, and even far greater than what we have been expecting. He will make history.”

“Yesterday I went to the church where President Trump also makes his frequent visits and prayed. A priest there said to me that Trump’s presidency is an arrangement by god, the start of a new world order. I truly believe in what he said.”

“This is the first time in my life, whether publicly or in private, that I am expressing my viewpoints on President Trump. As a rule, I have kept a distance from talking about US politics, political figures and events, which I am not able to, or not in a proper position to do so.”

“About China politics, Chinese political figures and events, I have full confidence to talk about them, to anyone and at any time.”

“CCP is doing its utmost to defame President Trump’s reputation and everything he deserves.”

“When President Trump is sure that the ordinary Chinese controlled by CCP are not his enemies, that no Chinese want to be America’s enemies, he is sure that CCP who has kidnapped the 1.4 billion Chinese is his real enemy.”

“When President Trump understands that CCP has been the trouble maker in Sino-US relations, his only solution is to take legal actions against the communist China. His only choice is to eliminate CCP’s vicious autocracy. And this is his greatest deal.”

“Although the United States has been the loser in the past 50 years when it comes to dealing with China, I am sure President Trump will bring an end to all these nasty things.”

By Cloudy Seagail
Translation by staff editor


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