Why Miles Kwok is challenging the three richest men in China at this very moment?


In the past week or so, Miles Kwok has charged Li Ka-shing, Terry Gou and Jack Ma, the richest men in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland respectively. He has accused them of commercial frauds, numerous crimes, sex scandals and collusion with the Chinese Communist Party(CCP).

Why Miles Kwok is challenging these three giant entrepreneurs at the same time?

Miles said in his latest whistle blow, “The reason is really simple. First, Li Ka-shing is deeply involved in the Work Group to Eliminate the Whistle-blowers led by Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan and Jiang Zhicheng. Second, Terry Gou has seriously threatened the safety of 23 million Taiwanese people with his presidential bid and other crimes. Third, Jack Ma is a liar trying to deceive the whole world. He is involved in selling fake products and other commercial frauds.”

Miles said these three people are good at taking risks in building their wealth. They are great entrepreneurs but their accumulation of wealth has sacrificed the well-being of numerous innocent people and brought disasters to the Chinese nation.

Miles denounced them in his broadcast, “Li Ka-shing, Terry Gou and Jack Ma, do you know why I are challenging three of you? First, you have posed a serious threat to myself and my expose revolution. Second, you are acting against our goal towards the Himalayas. Third, you have deceived the whole world, especially our 1.4 billion Chinese people. The CCP has made mainland China a hell. And you are turning Hong Kong and Taiwan into a hell too. I must stop your crimes!”

Miles continued, “I bear no personal hatred with any of you, but you have come over on me. I am cooking a meal, you will all become my ingredients. I must boil you in the same wok with the CCP…Our war chariot has started; it won’t stop!”

Miles Kwok said he has slept with the CCP for 29 years like husband and wife, although without sex. He has been an insider in CCP’s political circles and has known every bit of their movements. He knows who is going to run for Taiwan’s presidency. He has been watching carefully. After Terry Gou made his announcement for the presidential bid, Miles immediately summoned Mr. Bannon for a joint broadcast yesterday to talk about the issue so that the world would pay the attention.

Terry Gou is the founder of the tech giant manufacturing company Foxconn, but he is also one of the “Double Guns” nurtured by the CCP to take over Taiwan, according to Miles.

Foxconn started its investment in the mainland in 1988. After 30 years, Foxconn employs over one million workers in China and is very popular across the world. On December 15, Foxconn set up it first CCP committee. By September 2017, it has set up 16 CCP committees across the country, with 229 Party branches and 1030 sub-branches, and over 30 thousand CCP members in its register. Terry Gou is not just a CCP supporter; he is part of the CCP regime.

During the live-broadcast, Steven Bannon, pretending to be ignorant, asked Miles Kwok twice why Taiwan is so important. For many times, he praised Miles Kwok of his correct prediction about Terry Gou’s presidential bid. He mentioned twice the date January 12th for Taiwan’s presidential election.

Mr. Bannon is modest in his relationship with Miles Kwok because Miles stands high with a great vision. Both men have a great understanding of the world, but on the issue of Taiwan, Miles Kwok can see more and deeper.

Bannon said that Miles Kwok has a very clear mind about what’s happening in Taiwan. He knows Taiwan’s developments, directions and possible changes that will have an important impact on the world.

Mr. Bannon said Terry Gou’s presidential bid has caught the whole western world in complete shock. Even Japan with the most sophisticated intelligence was not able to foresee this. Western intelligence totally failed in dealing with the CCP. And that is dangerous.

Miles said Japanese Prime Minister Abe was in a hurry to meet with Donald Trump, apparently for discussion on the issue of Taiwan which is very important to Japan. Mr. Bannon is making a point here that Miles Kwok is the best adviser to President Trump. Miles Kwok suggests that President Trump should reconsider re-entering the TTP partnership.

In the case of Taiwan, Japan has been kept in the darkness, not just the US and Europe. If Terry Gou is elected, CCP will control the whole Asia and easily expand its influence across the globe. That’s why the Japanese Prime Minister rushes to meet with Donald Trump to discuss the issue.

To confront communism, the White House has reached a consensus. All members of Trump administration like Mike Pence, Michael Pompeo, and John Bolton are hawks against the CCP regime. Only President Trump is still hesitating. He is trapped in troubles with the Mueller Report and the Democrats. Miles Kwok said it is absolutely a tragedy for a businessman to run a country.

With the intelligence support from Miles Kwok, Donald Trump has more cards to play in the trade talks with communist China. But with his illusion for winning more of China markets, Donald Trump as a businessman is losing his battle by his delays over and over. Miles Kwok is not at all satisfied with the performance of Donald Trump. And many members of his administration are also not satisfied with Trump’s hesitations, including his former strategist Steven Bannon.

Donald Trump is facing two enemies: communist China from the outside and the Democrats from the inside. Under pressure of attacks not just on himself, but his whole family, Donald Trump now looks tired in his fighting.

Through this live broadcast, Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon are reminding Donald Trump of the immediate threats by the CCP, telling him that the elimination of the CCP should be his first priority.

It is helpful for Donald Trump and Japan to join Miles Kwok in his fight against the CCP. But even without the help of Donald Trump or Japan, Miles Kwok is capable enough to eliminate the CCP, as he has the support of 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Looking into other news, we see the Trump administration announced that all countries that continue to import Iranian oil will be subject to US sanctions, after the president decided not to reissue waivers. The main target should be communist China.

As we see Asian markets choppy last week amid holidays in Western markets and questions about the Chinese government’s plans for economic stimulus, Chinese President Xi Jinping says his job is ‘very tiring’ in a letter to Mandarin students at Niles North High School in Illinois of America.

“I have also made many American friends, including young American friends,” the President wrote in a goodwill letter published by Chinese state-owned media Xinhua news agency. “My job is to serve the people, very tiring, but it makes me very happy.”

President Xi must be very tiring, but not necessarily very happy, as Miles Kwok and his warrior friends are actually challenging his dictatorship.

By Cloudy Seagail


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