Why is the Chinese Communist Party a terrorist organization?


“The Chinese are using the security forces for mass imprisonment of Chinese Muslims in concentration camps,” Randall Schriver, who leads Asia policy at the US defense department, told a Pentagon briefing during a broader discussion about China’s military, estimating that the number of detained Muslims could be “closer to three million citizens”. That is genocide to eliminate the ethnic Uyghurs.

Communist China takes the side of such dictatorships as Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and is the biggest financial and military supporter of their terrorist activities.

Organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and other political prisoners is organized by the Chinese Communist Party. Not just political prisoners are being executed on demand in order to provide organs to recipients. The organ harvesting is taking place both as a result of the Party’s persecution of Falun Gong and because of the financial incentives available to the institutions and individuals involved in the trade.

Widespread kidnapping of Chinese citizens or foreigners from South Asia countries by CCP’s security forces. Recent cases also include detention of two Canadian citizens and an employee of Britain’s consulate in Hong Kong. At the same time, the CCP has provided refuge to wanted criminals like Jho Low from Malaysia’s 1MDB.

CCP’s military expansion overseas threatens humanity. It builds artificial islands in the South China Sea for military use. It colludes with Iran to cause troubles to navigation at Hormuz Strait. CCP personnel at its military base in Djibouti have been using lasers to interfere with US military aircraft at a nearby American base. The activity has resulted in injuries to US pilots and prompted the US to launch a formal diplomatic protest with Beijing. CCP often threatens Taiwan and other neighboring countries by showing its military muscle.

CCP continues to steal other countries’ intellectual property, engages in technology theft, and uses the social media for propaganda to support its terrorist acts.

CCP provides the greatest amount of fentanyl and other illegal drugs to the United States with a purpose to harm the health of the whole population of the United States.

CCP has been trying to manipulate U.S. public opinion and intervene in its 2020 presidential elections. It has colluded its Wall Street and Donald Trump’s opponents to get Trump out of the White House.

CCP persecutes religious practitioners. CCP exercises a collective punishment on dissidents by harassing or detaining their family members, friends and acquaintances, willfully confiscating their properties and assets, persecuting them without going through any legal procedures. CCP officials recklessly have sexual harassment and assault to under-aged females.

CCP manipulates its currency and the stock markets, takes public tax money and confiscated cash into their own pockets, and has money laundering in trillions.

CCP built the Great Firewall to suppress freedom of speech and the press, cover up the truth beyond their crimes, stop the regular flow of information, and have their Grand Propaganda machine to spread fake news across the world.

Most recently, CCP has exercised widespread brutality against Hong Kong protesters by having its armed police or PLA troops disguised as Hong Kong Police Force in the crackdown.

Call for Official Recognition of the Chinese Communist Party as a Terrorist Organization

By Lao Jiang
Translation and edited by staff



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