Why is hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 discredited?


On War-Room Pandemics, Jack Maxey is joined by Steve Bannon, Dr. Li Meng Yan, Lu De, and Dr. Xiao to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as Dr. Fauci goes on tour in an attempt to discredit hydroxychloroquine.

Jack Maxey: Well Dr. Yan, you and I spoke the other day, for example, on an anecdotal basis this is not going to meet Fauci’s double-blind test. But you had a rationale for why it seems to be that none of the CCP leadership seems to have gotten sick with the COVID-19 where we’ve just lost Herman Cain this morning.

Do you have any insight as to why that may be?

Dr. Yan: Actually hydroxychloroquine, of course, is no magic drug. There is no magic drug in the world. But in such an urgent situation when we face the global public health crisis, we should consider the situation and try to find a comparable, useful and effective drug to save people’s lives.

And as I said before, there are no CCP high-level officials, including our President and Vice-president, or… all these people, they don’t get infected, and also as our intelligence shows in the military hospitals and in some big hospitals, doctors also take this drug. That’s why they can get protected.

And also from my medical experience, I can tell you as Dr. Stella Immanuael has shown that these people show their urine tests to the public, show they haven’t taken any hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

This is a drug at this moment that can save thousands of lives. Why there is such a big obstacle to stop using it?

Ok, let me talk back about the mechanism of HCQ. I’m sure Dr. Fauci, he is a medical doctor, he has known that since back to 2005, this drug has been used to show as effective for anti-SARS. Then we talk about the enhanced version of SARS-COVID-2, the big SARS version, why you cannot use it to prevent it? And also anti-malaria treatment and also prevention have shown that HCQ is a long-term use safe drug, even for pregnant lady and children for long-term use. Just consider the safe dose.

Of course, Dr. Fauci has talked about the evidence. Let’s talk about scientific evidence. From the mechanism to anti-cytokine storm, and also prevention to how these drugs can be applied as a safe drug for long-term use, and if you come back to check the clinical data that have shown to pro HCQ or against HCQ.

As a doctor, as a scientist, it’s not difficult for people to realize which side has better scientific quality.

Definitely those people from some non-professional people’s companies with thousand of clinical data are totally fake. And let’s talk about scientific evidence; let’s face this problem: to save people’s lives, take HCQ carefully in a very important rule.

And I can tell you, for myself, I take it as prevention every day now.

Jack Maxey: And I can tell you as myself, I’ve been doing that since February too. So have my 85 year-old parents who my mother now says she’s never going to stop taking it because her rheumatoid arthritis has been cured.

But this is something that is just unbelievable to me. And we’ve seen this around the world…this idea that this has problems with the heart, that it causes toxicity. But the World Health Organization, we’ve covered this before, did a study in 2017 that looked at almost five million courses of this dosage in Africa and could find almost no mortality.

Dr. Yan: All drugs have side effects. You cannot find a drug without side effects. Even water has side effects.

Steve Bannon: But in your belief, tell us what is going on with senior cadre members that we know that you had connections to the CDC in Beijing, senior cadre members in the Chinese Communist Party; and why this thing has not spread to senior cadre members?

Is it because they are using HCQ?

Dr. Yan: Yes, definitely. There are a lot of people in the government…I mean they have to reach some level to understand that HCQ is useful. And then they can take it, and also the same to the medical doctors, staff in the military hospitals and some big hospitals.

But this information definitely didn’t reach everyone in mainland China, even for the medical staff, the high risk staff, because as how the CCP government and the WHO and their colleagues try to do, they want people to believe there are no drugs for COVID-19, no good drugs. They don’t want you to know this, and they don’t want you to overcome this because COVID-19 can make damages to global economies and public health.

If you know this, and how could they get the funding from the different kind of pharmacies and also vaccine development and all these things behind that is a big benefit chain.

So that’s why they’ve tried to cover it up, tried to mislead people, even to lose a lot of people’s lives.

Jack Maxey: Can you give me some insight into where this is being used effectively around the world? I know India has had some great success; I’ve heard information that Taiwan has been using it very successfully on this line, and same with South Korea.

Can you give us a little bit of a discussion about where you’ve seen it working around the world?

Dr. Yan: Actually it’s easy. Just recruit your scientific knowledge to analyze those papers which support HCQ and versus… the against the ones. Just come to see how they choose the patients, how they define the cases from mild to severe and all the conditions; the standard they recruited or excluded. And see the results…how they do the statistics.

So the good quality papers…it’s easy to be recognized. That’s why, not only me, I think, like Dr. Stella Immauel and all the other doctors, who try to fight for the use of HCQ. We are angry about it, because some people, although they are professionals, they have held the titles, the positions, they try to use their positions to suppress the use of this effective drug to help people get prevention and also treatment.

We see in India, we see in Egypt…these governments have announced that they use it for early-stage treatment and also prevention, and they get quite good success. But why in the US, why in other countries even including China, we don’t get it recommended?

See what WHO has done! They said, Oh, we should immediately stop the clinical trial about it. What else have they talked about? Non-human-to-human transmission, right? It won’t be an outbreak, right? It doesn’t help to wear masks, right? They have done so much to cover it up, to twist your knowledge. Behind them is the CCP.

Steve Bannon: But is there anything about it being preventative or as a prophylactic that you’ve seen come up that causes your concern?

Dr. Yan: Oh, because from the mechanism of this drug, first we can say this is a long-term drug as I mentioned, for anti-malaria as both prevention and treatment, and this is for over 60 years used worldwide. It’s already recommended as a very useful drug for the autoimmune disease like lupus and also this is useful for pregnant people and also kids for long-term use.

You just need to come back to check your retinopathy which is a rare condition combined after long term use for some people. So you do the regular checking is okay.

And this drug has been shown to be useful to anti-SARS back to 2005. From the mechanism you also can see that because both SARS and the SARS-COVID-2 and even autoimmune disease… they have something in common that’s called over response from your immunity.

Ok, back to SARS and SARS-COVID-2, we called it cytokine storm which is raised and discovered by Professor Malik Peiris who is the top coronavirus virologist. Also these drugs from- through the anti-cytokine storm effect,  they can help people get protected.

Because once you get infected by SARS-COVID-2, your immunity totally gets messed up. They don’t know which parts they should target, and this makes the downstream wild damage to multiple organs.

And on the other side, the HCQ also has shown it can help you to protect your kidney and also reduce the risk of thrombosis. These are the lupus antibodies. These are all the things/damages that can be caused by SARS-COVID-2. So HCQ here actually has a quite good effect and targets different mechanisms induced by the SARS-COVID-2.

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