Why does the Bidens sell out America?


The CCP had Hunter Biden compromised by providing drugs, sex, little girls, and money and further had Bidens sell out America. CCP’s BGY plan has been carried out in the USA so successfully. It is scary how deep the swamp is and how big the power and size of the Shadow Government is.

The 2020 election is the most critical election in history. This election will decide the future of our Nation. It is righteousness versus evil.

In the past weeks, the content on the Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell was exposed by social media platform GTV and news media Gnews, New York Post, Steve Bannon’s War Room talk show, and former Mayor Giuliani, which revealed that the Biden family sells out America to China. With more information being released, more people involved are brought to the light ranging from high-profile politicians, including both Republicans and Democrats, officials from Justice Department, Wall Street big shots, Big Tech Companies executives, and the liberal media. It is scary and beyond the imagination how deep the swamp is and how big the power and size of the Shadow Government is.

The CCP had Hunter Biden compromised by providing drugs, sex, little girls, and money and further had Bidens sell out America. CCP’s BGY plan has been carried out in the USA so successfully. It is scary how deep the swamp is and how big the power and size of the Shadow Government is.

The first-round revelation was all about Hunter Biden’s druggie and salacious videos with sex partners such as Chinese actress LIU Yifei, who is famous for her role in the movie Mulan, Hollywood celebrities, and even his family members. Indeed, Hunter looped in more influential politicians and businesspeople through Hollywood celebrities to trade off their interests. If Hunter’s drug abuse and chaotic personal life are not the main focus, what about his underage obsession and power deals?

Hunter made himself a criminal by having sex with underage children one of which is confirmed so far as his niece Natalie Biden. As the guest speaker Jack Posobiec pointed out on Steve Bannon’s War Room Show that all Hunter’s family members knowing his behavior chose not to report on him. If anyone raised alarm and reported Hunter, the authority would have stepped in and the restraining order could have been issued to prohibit him from approaching kids who would have been protected by the Administration of Children Service (ACS). Unfortunately, Bidens turned blind on Hunter who is the family’s ATM, which ultimately harmed Hunter himself and all other underage victims.

Knowing about Hunter Biden’s drug abuse and underage obsession problem, the Chinese Communist Party deliberately provided drugs for him to use and underage girls for him to rape and video-taped it as blackmail. Former New York Police Commissioner Kelly confirmed that he watched the footage of Hunter Biden torturing and raping the little eight-year-old girl in China. What’s worse, there were more little girls on different occasions. How might these little bleeding girls survive Hunter’s 9.5-inch PP’s torture, under his influence? It is the most disgusting and cruelest thing from hell. Hunter Biden committed serious crime along with the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP had Hunter Biden compromised by providing drugs, sex, little girls, and money, which is their BGY plan1 and further had the Biden family sell out America. The loan agreement and other commercial documents that were released on Gnews revealed that the CCP financed Hunter Biden who used the loan proceeds to fund as registered capital for BHR. After several rounds of private equity fundraising, his initial $400,000 was magically turned into $50 million.

It is worth noting that there are also some other powerful figures who joined the capital pool, raked massive wealth, and formed the same interest group. George Soros, the financier of Antifa, who also played a role in the Southeast Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, is one of them. Even though they all are aware of the Biden family’s corruption, they support Joe Biden’s bid for the president as he will protect their interests. If Joe Biden lost the bid, the Chinese stocks and private equities they have on hands will be devalued or even zeroed out.

The compromised Bidens does not put American interest first. The aggressive climate plan that Joe Biden laid out in his 2020 campaign is to boost renewal power and to speed spread electric vehicles through a tax credit, boosted R&D into technologies including large scale battery power storage, and modernizing a nationwide network of public charging stations for electric vehicles. That would definitely hurt shale gas by requiring electricity generation to be carbon-free by 2035, as well as by incorporating administrative and regulatory policies that would hinder conventional and unconventional fossil fuel energy production. The oil industry has been in distress as the pandemic crushed demand for crude, and oil companies cut drilling budgets and halted production amid historically low oil process.” reported the Houston Chronicle. If Biden gets elected, his energy policy will severely impact the shale industry and we will see more job cuts in Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah.

When it comes to climate change, the government should do more to address the problem associated with it.  Renewable energy will eventually replace conventional fossil fuels. As the most powerful country in the world, America needs to take the lead, but the price, for now, is too high. All other countries around the world, such as China, Middle East countries, Russia, Venezuela are still drilling, pumping, and injecting oil into the market. Do we really want an energy revolution at the price of Americans’ jobs loss and Americans suffering?

It is hard for ordinary people to get the correct and perfect information to make a judgment because of the elite-controlled liberal mainstream media. During the first few days after the New York Post published Hunter Biden Report, the mainstream media is skeptical about it and didn’t give the stories enough attention.  They claimed the information came out mere weeks from an election without time to verify it. It is not unusual for the liberal media to do nothing with its “Wait and See” approach as the Chinese Communist Party is their biggest advertiser and donor.

Facebook and Twitter have limited New York Post article. In fact, Twitter locked New York Post out of their account completely for three weeks and tried to delete those Whistleblower Movement related posts as much as possible. Doesn’t the suppression itself suggests that there is something besides alleged “fake news” that the liberal media is afraid of? The big techs have that kind of power to decide what qualifies as valid news or not. Where is the press freedom?

Steve Bannon said in his War Room Show on October 23, 2020, that they started receiving phone calls from mainstream media as they are panic, and he also asserted that the mainstream media knew clearly that the evidence exists. They would be embarrassed when the truth eventually surfaces if they held off the coverage now.

Pittsburg Post- Gazette tweeted to endorse Trump on Saturday, October 31st, “Donald Trump is not Churchill, to be sure, but he gets things done.” Which marks the first time since 1972 the Post-Gazette has endorsed a Republican candidate for president. Post-Gazette is mainly serving Pittsburg metro area in Pennsylvania and not considered as one of the mainstream media, however, it is a newspaper in a critical battleground state which means a lot to the Trump campaign. With praise for Trump’s record, the Post-Gazette also voiced criticisms of the president’s personality and handling of the pandemic, such as “He’s unpresidential.”, “He’s rude and unkind.” and “He’s just not a good man.”. At some point, these are the true statements. Trump is a successful businessman, not a politician talking like a lawyer. We need to pay attention to what he does instead of what he says. He puts America first and achieved a lot since he took the office.

For America, for the New Federal State of China, for the world, and for mankind, President Trump is a better choice. We work together to drain the swamp, take down the CCP, make America great again, and make the world great!

Source: G-News


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