Who is Amanda Benett and how she has colluded with the Communist Party of China in censorship?


Amanda Bennett is an American journalist and author. She was named the 29th director of The Voice of America in 2016.

Amanda has been soft with the Communist Party of China (CCP) because of her husband Donald Graham’s education investment in China (kic.org.cn). This education company has cooperated with the CCP government in censorship by actively helping monitor its clients.

Earlier today, former chief of VOA’s Mandarin Service, sat with Miles Kwok to reveal more truth of the interrupted interview on April 19 of 2017 and the scandals of VOA. Let’s look into the details.

In 1987, Amanda Bennett shared with her Journal colleagues a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for her work on how public health officials mischaracterized the AIDS epidemic in order to secure more public funding and financial support. She later led the Oregonian in an investigation of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that won the paper the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. In 2003, Amanda was elected to the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Voice of America was set up in 1942 with tax payers ‘ money by US Congress. Before VOA, there was already a Cantonese Chinese service by American International Broadcasting in 1939 to help Chinese fight the Japanese invasion.

After the Communist Party of China came to power, VOA has been active in delivering the truth of China and the world to the Chinese people and spreading the universal values of the western world.

For 75 years, VOA has followed its moral rules to counter lies with facts, and defend democracy against totalitarianism. With the rise of communist China in the past 30 years, CCP has used its BGY scheme to disseminate its ideology into western mainstream media and VOA became one of its main targets.

In recent years, journalists of VOA’s Mandarin Service have been under increased pressure in reporting China. Especially after Amanda Bennett was appointed director of VOA, reporting about China within the organization has been dragged away from VOA’s core values.

On April 19, 2017, a planned interview with Chinese exiled billionaire Miles Kwok by Sasha Gong and other reporters was interrupted by an order from Amanda when Wang Qishan, CCP’s No. Two leader, was accused of corruption and sex scandals. Apparently, VOA was under pressure from the Chinese government.

To stop the interview, Interpol President Meng Hongwei, also Vice Minister of the State Police Ministry, issued a “Red Notice” for the arrest of Miles Kwok, and made it an excuse for VOA to interrupt the interview.

At the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the chief of VOA branch in Beijing with a warning that interviewing Miles Kwok is an interference with China’s internal affairs, threatening that their licence in Beijing shall be canceled. Under pressure, an official from US Embassy in Beijing made a phone call to VOA headquarters to stop any reporting about Miles Kwok.

After the incident, VOA publicized an announcement that it had not been under pressure of the Chinese government. But the public knows it was a shame for VOA to do so.

After the interruption, several reporters from the Mandarin Service had their employment suspended, and Sasha Gong was finally laid off by VOA.

Before the interview, VOA has communicated with Miles Kwok for several times and planned the three-hour event. VOA also did a big advertisement before the interview. Apparently, the interview was not decided by those several reporters with the Mandarin Service. VOA’s top management was very clear about what was going to happen.

The interruption has brought about severe criticism from the general public and is a devastating blow to VOA’s reputation. Amanda did not come out for an apology. On the contrary, five reporters and editors were fired. The editor Li Shu was even taken away by security guards from the Federal Government.

More than that, VOA employed solicitors from outside for investigation into the reporting team. When these outside solicitors finished their probe with no results of violation on the part of the reporters, Amanda asked her former colleague James Mcgregor from the Wall Street Journal to look into the moral practice of these reporters.

This James McGregor has lived in China for over 25 years with a Chinese name Mai Jianlu. He helped the Chinese government to find investors from the US. James is communist-Beijing friendly, judging from his remarks. This is a joke for James to carry out the investigation.

According to an insider from VOA, the employment of outside solicitor and James McGregor has caused US tax payers over a million dollars, but no report has been publicized after 5 months of investigation. We must have doubts on the intention of Amanda Bennett.

Amanda wrote a letter in the name of VOA, with her signature, to HNA Group and told that the planned interview with Miles Kwok was not meant to do harm to HNA, adding Miles’ speech only represents himself, not the stand of either VOA or the US government.

Instead of arranging an interview with HNA Group or Wang Qishan or Chen Feng to reveal more facts, Amanda has been doing everything she can to please Wang Qishan and the Communist Party of China. We must question if Amanda is truly working for VOA or for the CCP leadership.

After the incident, former White House strategist Mr. Steven Bannon said Amanda Bennett must be removed from VOA for her wrongdoings and destroying the reputation of VOA. She must apologize to US tax payers.

Amanda’s husband Donald Graham is the son of Catherine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post. Catherine Graham managed the Washington Post for over 20 years during which two reporters brought down President Nixon with the Water Gate Scandal.

Amanda Bennett is the second wife of Donald Graham. In 1967, he married a Harvard classmate Marry Wissle and they had 4 children. After 40 years of marriage, they divorced in 2007 and Marry Wissle kept 7.7 million in stocks.

Five year later, Donald and Amanda got married. This was the third marriage of Amanda. Her last marriage ended in 2007 when her husband died.

After Catherine’s death, Donald Graham brought the Washington Post into disasters. In 2010, he sold Newsweek for only one dollar. Still, the Washington Post,with an annual loss of 50 million dollars, was forced to sell to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos for only 250 million.

In 1993, the New York Times spent 1.1 billion to buy The Boston Globe but sold it in 2013 for 70 million with a huge loss. The main reason was their leftist ideology that caused the loss of readers and the rise of the internet.

After Donald Graham took control of the Washington Post, he never did anything to promote democracy in China. Instead, he went to establish a cooperation with the communist state-run media China Daily and help the CCP government to spread communism in American society.

When Graham was leading the Washington Post, he managed an education company called Kaplan. Kaplan has cooperation with more than 1000 schools and 2600 enterprises in the world, with tens of thousands of employees and revenue of 2.6 billion in 2016. The most part of the business is within China. It has a joint venture with Chinese ACE.

Since 2003, Kaplan has reaped huge benefits from its cooperation with China’s Zhejiang University, Jiangxi Finance University, Central Cultural Cadre Management Institute, Shenyang Normal University, Guangxi Normal University, Henan Shangqiu Normal College, etc. Graham made lots of money from providing Chinese students TOFEL, IELTS, and GMAT training. He has training centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Suzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Hangzhou and other major cities across China.

For such financial interests in China, the US government has many reasons to ask Amanda Bennett if she could safeguard the interests of the American people as director of VOA.

It shall not be difficult to find evidence of Amanda Bennett’s collusion with the CCP government as to why she has ruined the reputation of VOA and deceived the US tax payers.

By Cloudy Seagail



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