Where is the coronavirus from? The CCP demons want to blame the US.


US Arkansas Senator has joined Jesse Watters on Fox News to talk about the coronavirus origin

Jesse: Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. So Senator, you said something very interesting the other day on Twitter. You said that China will pay a price for coronavirus. What did you mean by that?

Cotton: Jess, thanks for having me on. And thanks for those sensible words about what all Americans should do: remain vigilant and take prudent precaution in their daily lives while we are working in the government, trying to get this crisis under control.

In the long term though, we have to reevaluate our relationship with China. If China had been transparent with its own people and the world from the very beginning in early December, we might not have seen this virus spread so widely and so quickly all around the world. There have to be consequences for that.

For instance, China now makes much of our basic pharmaceutical products. That has to change and has to change fast. There are going to be other consequences as we look ahead towards our relationship with China in the long term as well.

Jesse: China actually threatened to withhold some pharmaceutical ingredients and they said they would plunge America into a mighty sea of coronavirus.

When you hear that type of talk from people in China, how does that make you feel as a US senator?

Cotton: well, it makes me outraged that the Chinese Communist Party, that they are threatening the lives of the American people by withholding basic pharmaceutical products like antibiotics.

It also makes me a little angry at our leadership classes over the last 30 years that stood by while we outsourced so many of these critical industries to China.

But that’s water under the bridge, we can look ahead and we can make a change. We can say that if you are making these kind of critical products whether it’s pharmaceutical, medical devices in China, it’s time to pack up and get out. And if you don’t do it on your terms, and you’ll do it on our terms.

Jesse: I would agree with that whole heartily. We also have something coming out from the Foreign Ministry of China. You know, they are saying that it might be the US army that put the virus in China. They are not taking responsibility for its originating in the Wuhan province.

You know that looks like propaganda to me. But obviously everybody in the world knows where it started from and we know the truth.

We now are seeing people on MSNBC, one guy said it’s gross to call it the Wuhan virus. I don’t even know what that means. His colleagues in the mainstream media all throughout January were calling it the Wuhan virus. Let’s roll some of that tape…..now do you think the message has gotten out, maybe from the Chinese government to the American media? Say, “Hey, let’s not call it that.” And the American media just kind of following orders from the Chinese communists?

Cotton: Jesse, anyone who complaints that it’s racist or xenophobic to call this virus the Chinese corona virus or Wuhan virus is a political correct fool and they are not to be listened to about anything, especially when it comes to how to stop the spread of this virus.

In fact, as you said, the Chinese Communist Party right now is trying to blame this on America and their Chinese language media at this very moment…they are telling their own people that it did not come from Wuhan; it came from outside of China, perhaps from the US.

That’s why it’s so important we don’t let them get away with that kind of propaganda. And we put the fault exactly where it lies which is on the Communist leaders in Beijing.

Jesse: Well we want to work with the Chinese to make sure everybody is healthy. But at the same time we have to tell the truth.

Senator, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

CCP killer Guo Wengui is sure the CCP created the corona virus; he remarked in his latest broadcast:

Once again, I can responsibly tell everyone, the CCP’s coronavirus in Wuhan indeed came from the CCP’s P4 bio-laboratory in Wuhan.

And the virus was released by the CCP, with the intention to harm Hong Kong people. After Hong Kong, they would also plan to spread it to the rest of the world, including Taiwan.

The CCP’s possession of this virus as well as its history and logic of using this virus …. everyone should go back and look into that. Take a look at how much the CCP has boasted and idolized the coronavirus and its biological weapons after 2012. And please take a look at how they hinted at using these biological weapons through their overseas propaganda outlets. Those are the things we can see and feel.

Today’s Wuhan CCP coronavirus have already killed so many Chinese people, and it has come to threaten the lives of all mankind. It is man-made as well as made in the will of the Heavens.

Today, for everyone who is watching this broadcast, everyone of us, are facing the threats of life and death.

Our Expose Revolution was the first to blow the whistle and warn the entire world by saying that this Wuhan virus is the CCP’s biological warfare.

We were the first to disclose the truth regarding this.

We were the first to make daily reports and updates to the western world, trying our best to reduce the amount of harm and disaster in advance.

Edited and translated by Winnie Troppie


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