When the dust settles, the CCP will pay


Last Friday, in an effort to stem the increase of coronavirus cases in the State of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced to close indoor dining starting on Monday. Similar measures have been put in place in several other Democrat-led states such as Michigan, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon. In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf went several steps further – movie theaters, concert venues, museums, casinos, bowling alleys, and other entertainment venues will also be prohibited.

All these have drawn massive bitterness and resistance especially from small business owners. Over the weekend, the famous anti-lock down Atilis Gym Bellmawr in New Jersey posted a video that quickly went viral on social media platforms. In the video, the owner of the gym quickly flipped through a printed message that says: “We have over $1 million in fines. We have had our business license stripped. We have had our doors locked and barricaded. We have been arrested and have over 60 citations. Today we will pass 84,000 visits to our facility. We don’t mandate masks. We never will. Gov. Murphy will see this video and fine us $15k for it. But free men don’t ask permission or for forgiveness. No science. No shutdown.” The video ended with a shot of the gym, showing almost a full house with no mask-wearing and minimum social distancing.

To be totally honest, I cringed at these extreme lockdown measures, I also cringed at the view of a packed gym with no mask-wearing. However, I find the gym owner’s message inspiring while the governors’ iron fists are horrifying.

It’s been almost a year since the outbreak of the CCP virus. When talking about the pandemic situation in the US, most of my contacts in China lament the failure of the US government to keep it under control. A fair amount of Americans would agree with them. They place the blame squarely on the Trump Administration and disdain the President for his “distrust of science” and “mishandling of the virus”. It is an unpleasant experience to discuss this issue with either group. The Chinese have a cultural barrier to overcome, the anti-Trumpers have a hateful blindspot preventing rational thought.

There is no doubt here in the US we have failed at keeping the CCP virus under control. But if we look around the world, the countries that have really managed it well are mostly in East Asia. Even Europe, which saw some success with its draconian measures early on, is now seeing record spikes of new cases. To some people, managing the virus should be as simple as cut and paste the effective measures from East Asia, and the magic wand will erase all our headaches in no time. But the fact is our western culture’s reverence for liberty does not provide enough wiggle room to replicate the East Asian lockdowns that look to be successful before an effective vaccine is found.

This is especially difficult here in the United States because of our healthy cynicism towards any government mandate, our spirit of rugged individualism, our belief in taking personal responsibility, and most importantly our demand for personal freedom. It is no surprise these lockdown measures have immediately triggered the knee-jerk resistance from the American public – the fear of Big Brother government is real, and the last thing a free people want is to compromise their liberty at the hands of untrustworthy elected officials or so-called public health experts. To add fuel to the fire, the hypocrisy of these officials has been well documented by a long list of actions where they flip-flopped on numerous occasions. This creates an even stronger backlash against these draconian measures. Thus, to quote the NJ gym owner, free men don’t ask for permission or forgiveness. They just take the matter in their hands and deal with it their own way.

Understandably, the East Asian model is never going to work regardless of who’s in the White House or which party is in control. As a result, the virus continues circulating in our society.

For the time being, we have a delicate balancing act between keeping the virus under a certain level and ensuring maximum personal liberty which is at the core of our western culture. All of our struggles at the moment derive from these two competing forces. Add the contested U.S. election on top of all these, and confusion has reached the boiling point, pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Perhaps this is what the CCP has desired from the very beginning. They released this virus knowing full well that millions were going to suffer in their own country, but millions more would catch the virus around the world, specifically in the good ol’ US of A.

Seeing the tensions in our society, the CCP believes they have hit our Achilles Heel. They glow at how the virus is wreaking havoc on the US politically and economically. Talk to an average person in China about the pandemic today, they most likely will exude confidence in the CCP and blame the rest of the world for their own inability to manage the virus. The same people most likely don’t know or care little about the origin of the virus. To them, China has done a great job and the CCP is blameless. Such is the result of the propaganda promulgated by the CCP. Sad, but true.

While we are in the thick of another case-load spike in the US, we may lose sight of the big picture. Sooner or later, this virus will pass also. Whether it’s an effective vaccine or treatment, we will climb out of this mess.

It will be a welcome relief but the world will no longer be the same. By then, we will have gone through the horror of losing friends or family members, losing jobs or businesses, and losing confidence in some of our elected officials or public health experts. The picture will not be pretty. The devastation caused by the virus will be measured in trillions of dollars, in countries both rich and poor, all around the world.

The harsh reality will compel the whole world to finally ask the hard questions. Then, no one, not even the Democrats, can escape the subject of the origin of the virus. The main stream media will find it impossible not to report the lies told by the CCP, the academic world will pull an about-face and miraculously accept the validity of Dr. Yan’s reports, and the whole world will come to the same conclusion. The same conclusion we, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, have been promoting all along.

There is one guilty party, the CCP. And there will be no other choice, but to take down the CCP.

Author: Jiovanni
HimalayasFarm Washington D.C.


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