When Chinese are open to the truth, the CCP regime shall collapse, says Steve Bannon


In his live broadcast with CCP killer Guo Wengui on Monday, former White House Strategist Mr. Steve Bannon told more and more Americans are taking about the decoupling of China-U.S economic relations.

Before befriending with Guo Wengui, Bannon was aware of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s violations in Hong Kong. It was Guo who made him more assured of the CCP’s plan to end the One Country Two Systems framework. He is also assured now for the good of the United States, the decoupling is the only option.

At the joint press conference last November on the truth behind the death of HNA Chairman Wang Jian, Mr. Bannon and Guo Wengui had warned of CCP’s plan to damage Hong Kong’s democratic system and its freedom of press. They have talked about the importance of intelligence in the process of eliminating the CCP.

Bannon said on Monday that both the Republican Party and Democratic Party are aware of the collapsing impact on Hong Kong once the Relation Act was cancelled. And the two parties are unprecedentedly united in this respect.

Last Friday, there was a manipulated disruption of the back-end computer system of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It was no doubt a criminal act of the CCP. American financiers and officials are very much concerned about the incident as it relates to the interests of American investors.

Guo said Wall Street financiers had colluded with the CCP in many crimes. They only care for making more money for themselves while ignoring the basic rights of the Chinese people. Guo said the “populist movement” initiated by Mr. Bannon truly takes in the interests of the Chinese people and advocates protecting their basic rights by the rule of law.

Guo told Mr. Bannon that the CCP is fighting an information war with the United States and Trump’s administration is not fully aware of this. He said CCP’s Reference News is a party-run newspaper, like Politico in Washington. In its latest information war, it has sent out two messages: first, HNA Group was rewarded for purchasing the Deutsche Bank of Germany; second, it tells Donald Trump that the CCP has obtained all personal information about Trump and his family.

Bannon said, “The purpose is to destroy Trump. What they have done is trying to get Trump’s bank accounts for 20-25 years. Deutsche bank is one of the major financial institutions in the west. The elites want to notify the people they have certain of his tax returns of his businesses, maybe his children’s in relation to his businesses. This broadcast by Guo is very important. Nobody in the United States, in London and other cities in Europe, would have known that HNA was a front organization with money laundering and influential operations of the CCP and particularly Wang Qishan”.

Guo told Mr. Bannon more about the People’s Daily, the key official newspaper of the CCP. Most recently, the People’s Daily stressed the importance of class struggles and the realization of public ownership of means of production. This is to tell that the CCP is ready for nationwide martial law enforcement. Collective ownership must be a national disaster as the CCP has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese and will use them as tools to challenge the United States.

Mr. Bannon accused the CCP leadership of stealing the wealth of the Chinese people and spending the money to buy properties overseas for their families. He recalled the crimes of the CCP of killing innocent Chinese during the Cultural Revolution, adding that President Xi’s stress of class struggles and manipulation of the stock markets are fore signs of the CCP’s going into its destruction.

Bannon held that, after the CCP’s 19th Congress, President Xi and Wang Qishan have become more ambitious and actually have declared war against the western world.

Mr. Bannon said if the Chinese people are open to the truth, the Communist regime will collapse instantly. “I think the people of Hong Kong, the people of China and the west are waking up; this has come as a shock to the west,” added Bannon. A recent legislation by the U.S. Securities Commission has let more Americans know that the CCP is not a strategic partner but a competitor and the U.S. government can and must stop Wall Street to continue providing capital to the CCP regime.

Guo said to Bannon that he is much worried about Wall Street based on his past cooperation with the major funds of the U.S. He said few Americans have studied the background of over 700 Chinese companies listed in Wall Street. Wall Street shall no longer be controlled by a few financiers like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgans who are actually controlled by the CCP. They also challenged the leadership of President Trump and pose a threat to his re-election. Guo said what he is doing now to provide useful and sufficient information to the U.S. government and European governments so that they can make good decisions.

Bannon said, “The Chairman of HNA was murdered in France as shown by Guo’s investigative team. The former President of Interpol was jailed in prison somewhere…. People don’t understand what the scam is, the scam from Wall Street back to the CCP that they raised capital for these companies that are not transparent at all. HNA was such a scam, and Anbang and Huawei.”

Guo said Alibaba founder Jack Ma is a pawn too used by the CCP. He represents the many Chinese companies listed on Wall Street. These companies have fabricated documents in their accounting reports and none of them shall evade the scrutiny by U.S. Security authorities.

Guo told that Wang Qishan has used Jack Ma to make more money for him and other traitors. Jack Ma shall end up in prison or be murdered by the traitors like former HNA Chairman Wang Jian.

Both Guo and Bannon said that Wall Street has stolen the wealth of the ordinary and has not followed the rules in their operations. They support the CCP and this issue will be further discussed before the 2020 elections.

As we are now focusing our attention on Hong Kong, Guo said, we must not fear the CCP; they are like rubbish and will soon be thrown into the rubbish bin.

Everything is just the beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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