What will happen in HK after Carrie Lam’s visit to Shanghai and Beijing


Dear friends! Do you believe that Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is going to attend the Import Expo and meet with Han Zheng in Shanghai these days while Hong Kong is still in crisis of protests?

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is planning for something, it must play a trick to direct the attention of the public.

You would not have imagined that right at this moment, many private planes have just landed at Beijing International Airport. They are the jets of major billionaires from Hong Kong and mostly financiers from Wall Street. They are meeting with Carrie Lam and of course Wang Qishan privately in Beijing for secret plans to deal with the Hong Kong crisis.

As Wall Street financiers own over 80% of financial interests in Hong Kong, their business safety must be ensured before the CCP takes tougher actions in the territory. The CCP must make some promises to these western financiers so that they won’t say or do anything against the CCP’s upcoming crimes of killing in Hong Kong. Major Hong Kong billionaires shall also be warned of keeping their mouths shut for the safety of their family members.

This is the major task of Carrie Lam’s visit to mainland China these days. After this, more bloodshed will be seen on the streets of Hong Kong.

After the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session, they have detained some family members of the former CCP leaders and more private entrepreneurs. Their main concerns are still the deteriorating domestic economy and the Hong Kong crisis.

The following two months close to the New Year is going to be a hard time for all Chinese banks. Both the Shanghai stocks market and Hong Kong stocks market are highly manipulated by the CCP.

The situation in China today is somewhat like the last days before the collapse of the late Qing Dynasty when people were in panic with the banks.

Next, the CCP is going to kill more people in Hong Kong, to enforce an emergency act, and to exercise stricter control over Hong Kongers in their money and their travel. They may release some young kids under detention, but they will arrest more “leaders” in the pro-democratic movement. They will charged them of planning for riots and inciting to overthrow the government.

This is the main message I am sending you today in my broadcast.

It is said that Wang Qishan was recently named to manage the Hong Kong crisis. This is not true. Wang has always been the man in full control of the Hong Kong affairs.

In the past five months, thousands of Hong Kongers were arrested and charged, but no one has ever brought up their case to the police or local courts for justice, either by themselves or their families. These victims seem to have come from outside this planet. As a matter of fact, all their families were threatened by the CCP. And the CCP has told the public with fake accusations.

In mainland China, more and more people have learned about the truth about Hong Kong and CCP’s deceptions.

With the blockchain and a digital currency, the CCP is aiming to challenge the US dollar and destroy America. More and more Americans have come to understand the threats from the CCP and thus become united. Without SWIFT and CHIPS, the prosperity in Manhattan will instantly disappear, and most of the towers behind me shall become ghost houses.

The Americans are now facing the greatest challenges in history. The US military has a very clear idea about this.

The CCP will take tougher actions in Hong Kong before the US passes the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, and another special Hong Kong Act. This is the main theme of my broadcast today. Hong Kongers must be very cautious about this.

I have said that October and November shall be the most difficult time for Hong Kong. The following week shall be critical. Along with the good news, terrible things shall also take place.

At this very moment in Beijing, the focus of the CCP is: how to deal with the warriors in Hong Kong and how to deal with the Americans!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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