What is wrong with China Merchants Bank?

China Merchants Bank building in Shenzhen.

On November 29, a public notice of service suspension on overseas remittance by China Merchants Bank (CMB) was spread onto the internet and caused much public concern.

The following day on November 30, CMB made an unexpected public announcement as a response to the so-called “rumors”.

The public notice is as follows:

I have the public notice translated here:

Public Announcement on Systematic Service Update

Dear CMB customers:

In order to improve customer experience, the Bank shall update its Online Banking Professional Version in the area of making “appointments for overseas remittance.”

1, Appointment for Overseas Remittance refers to making reservations for money transfer for personal account holders on our Online Banking Professional Version. This is a service to facilitate the transaction of foreign exchange transfer according to regular procedures when a customer comes at a designated time.

2, From December 2, 2019, the Bank will suspend the “Service in Appointments for Overseas Remittance” and resume the service on January 2 of 2020.

3, Regular overseas remittance shall not be affected. Customers can use our online banking outlets, CMB APP or services at our branches as usual.

There truly have been rumors that China’s banking system is collapsing and banks like CMB and Bank of China (BOC) are in deep trouble. What actually is wrong with CMB?

It is well-known that China’s state-owned banks are not owned by the people. They are the private banks of a few elites of the CCP leadership. For many years, Vice-president Wang Qishan has been in full control of the banking sector and CMB is only one of the banks under his direct manipulation.

Related stories of political corruption and financial scandals can be traced to Ma Weihua and Wu Xiaohui. Ma Weihua was the president of the People’s Bank in Hainan province before directing CMB. Wu Xiaohui was the former Chairman of Anbang Group. He was married to Zhuo Ran, the granddaughter of Deng Xiaoping, the former Chinese paramount leader.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said in his live broadcast on Saturday, “CMB used to be owned by Wu Xiaohui, the biggest shareholder. This was also one of the main reasons that he was destined to die for it. Ma Weihua used to be the first owner who came from a family of the CCP leadership. Later, Wu Xiaohui used his power to take over the business. But Wang Qishan was not happy as he wanted to have total control of the bank himself. Wang Qishan told Wu Xiaohui that he wanted to make Tian Huiyu president of the bank. As the wrestling between Wang Qishan and Wu Xiaohui lasted for a long time, Tian Huiyu was not able to take control of the bank. Later, by taking advantage of the hatred between the family of Deng Xiaoping and the family of Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan succeeded in persuading Xi Jinping to eliminate Wu Xiaohui. Tian Huiyu finally became the president of CMB.”

Guo said, “Bank of China Hong Kong (BOC) was controlled by Tian Guoli. The BOC Tower looks like a sharp knife at Hong Kong Harbor. And in Shenzhen, the CMB Tower looks like an AK47 rifle that never rots. You can see the implications there. China Merchants Group is the top company in the areas of foreign exchanges and gold trade, employing the best talents in related professions.”

Thus we can see that Wang Qishan is financially very powerful with his total control over the Construction Bank of China, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, and Agricultural Bank of China. He also controls Shanghai Bank with Li Yifei as president.

“Two years ago, I told that CMB is going to be in deep trouble,” said Guo, “A moment ago, a warrior friend sent me a message telling that his foreign exchange transfer had been rejected. His transfer of 5 thousand US dollars was denied. From this, we can see CMB is collapsing, and it is going to die as a result of corruption.”

Political commentator Lude said in his live broadcast, “When we first talked about CMB yesterday, CMB responded almost immediately. When I pushed my tweet about CMB on my Twitter Account, CMB immediately deleted the public notice. But we still found evidence of the notice by caching on Baidu. It tells about the relations between Wang Qishan and Tian Huiyu. Today, someone in China sent me a message of his foreign exchange transfer being denied by CMB; the message shows an exchange rate of 1:45 (USD to RMB) which is abnormal but it is a firm evidence that the bank is in serious trouble.”

Financial analyst Lao Jiang said with Ludepress that the CCP government is already bankcrupt in real terms. What the CCP leadership cares most is the safety of their own money. When these major banks are in trouble, it means the CCP regime is collapsing.

In his live broadcasting yesterday morning, Guo Wengui was eating dried sunflower seeds while waiting for what he calls as an important event to happen in China.

“Although today is Thanks-giving Day and people are resting, here in New York people from some key industrial associations and business organizations have gathered for important meetings about how to deal with the CCP. Living next to my residence, at least 100 top VIPs from Wall Street are gathering somewhere nearby. Very soon, important things will happen here. We will see the appearance of a new Yuan Shikai (Short-lived Emperor of the late Qing Dynasty). We will see the birth of a new George Washington in the United States. We will also see the birth of another new George Washington in China. This is a ground breaking event as a new world shall be created. You may have no idea of what I am talking about here. Please just wait and see! We have great sunshine here in New York.”

Most of us really don’t know what is going to happen these following weeks in China that will shock the world!

Let’s just wait and see!

by Cloudy Seagail


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