What is GETTR and why CCP Is so scared of GETTR


Gettr describes itself as a “non-bias social network”, and bills itself as an alternative to mainstream social networks, writing in a mission statement that its aims include “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas”. The name is a portmanteau of “getting together”.

GETTR is has been described as a conservative social media platform. It was founded by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide and spokesman, and launched officially on July 4, 2021.

After the United States Capitol attack of January 6, 2021, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram restricted Donald Trump’s social media usage and even banned him from their platforms. They also suspended some Trump supporters. These actions led to an outcry from some conservatives that social media sites and Big Tech were silencing them.

After the bans, Trump began looking for alternative platforms, eventually creating his own blog to share similar content to what he had previously posted on Twitter. After poor reception, he closed the blog shortly after its launch.

Why CCP Is So Scared of GETTR?

Let’s listen to what Miles Guo has to say:

Right now, CCP is using Bruno Wu, who is completely under investigation and restriction, to prevent President Trump from joining GETTR. What does this mean?It means CCP is so scared of GETTR. Now, our fellow fighters own 5% shares of the GETTR, if we give 0.5% to President Trump, CCP would never have a chance to win President Trump. Therefore, you can see how pathetic he is and how valuable our GETTR is. With only 0.5%, President Trump would come and Bruno Wu would never succeed. You really should cherish our G-series. Even with 0.1% of our GETTR shares,he(Bruno Wu)would have failed in this deal.

Brothers and sisters,think about it seriously!Similarly, our GETTR, GTV, Gnews, G Series and Himalaya Reserve, how terrified CCP was by them. With the power of a whole nation to do such a thing, that is to prevent Trump from joining GETTR. Under such a situation, we should not attack Trump. No one should attack Trump, if you do, you are fooled by the CCP. We will continue to support Trump.

But then again, do not assume everyone is one of us, and there’s nothing big on us. If we think like the CCP, believing ourselves always right and never wrong, then we are not the people of the New Federal State of China. No matter what Trump did,he was the president of the United States. He’s a successful real estate businessman with a great family. We must not get the lunatic “big-head disease”, like the Big-head-liar Lu (Lude) , the Goblin Slutty Yan(Limeng Yan)and Nine-Finger demon(Sara Wei). Everything they said these days, you feel like they got freak psychopath and hysteria. Who the hell are you?All three wives of Big-head-liar Lu have dumped him and run away with others. Goblin Slutty Yan doesn’t even have a place to live but to sleep with a guy older than her grandfather to save the $1200 rent.

As to the Nine-finger demon, do you guys know? can you still see any information on internet about her?  She has several defendant lawsuits and been totally absent. Trialed in absence, she will lose them all. Nine-finger demon is already buried by dirt to neck. She also judged Trump in the past. Who the hell she thinks she is? So we should never have lunatic diseases. This is a bottom line. Plus, we shall believe that in the end, once our New Federal State of China and G-series become powerful, President Trump would  knock on our door countless times.

That is dope. That is marvelous, right? The only truth is that you get yourself strong and powerful. The best way to defeat your enemy and upset your enemy is that you live a better life, you are stronger and more powerful than he/she is. This is the everlasting truth of our New Federal State of China.



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