We’ve put China on notice, reiterates Vice President Mike Pence


On a couple of occasions in the past week or so, U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence has reaffirmed U.S.’s strong resistance to the Communist regime of China on issues far beyond its unfair trade practices.

In his latest remarks at the 101st American Legion National Convention in Indianapolis of Indiana on August 28, Mike Pence addresses the largest and most influential veterans organization in America headquartered in the city.

The Vice President said, “We’ve put China on notice that we will no longer tolerate their unfair and abusive trade practices.  And the United States military will ensure the freedom of navigation on the Seven Seas around the world.”

“As the world witnessed again at the G7 Summit just this last weekend, we have a President who is standing up for America on the world stage, who is putting America first every single day.”

“And under this President’s leadership, we’re once again standing with our allies and standing up to our enemies.”

Just one day before in a press gaggle in Anderson, South Carolina, the Vice President has reiterated the importance of bilateral trade relations with other countries while decoupling Communist China.

The Vice President said, “As I said today, I absolutely believe that if the USMCA has the vote on the floor of the Congress, it will pass and will move on to the Senate.  We’re very confident that the Senate will affirm it.”

“And once it’s passed, we will see a whole new day of investment and growth here in North America that will strengthen the President’s hand as we enter into negotiations with the European Union, as we enter into negotiations with the UK after Brexit, and, of course, as we continue our negotiations with China over resetting the historic trading relationship that has been so imbalanced for the America people: $500 billion in trade deficits.  Almost that amount in intellectual property theft.”

“And whether it be Japan, whether it be the EU, whether it be our partners to the north and south, or whether it be China, we’re going to continue to drive the kind of trading relationship that truly is reciprocal, that puts American jobs and American workers first.”

On August 26, while addressing another audience in Anderson, South Carolina, themed “A Better Deal For American Workers”, Mike Pence stressed President Trump’s tough stance on China.

He said, “Since the first day of this administration, President Trump and I, and our entire team, have been working to open markets all over the world.”

“We renegotiated a trade agreement with South Korea.  We opened markets across the world to U.S. agricultural goods.  In fact, as we speak, the President is returning from that G7 in France, where he just continued negotiations with the EU and UK, but announced a new trade deal with Japan.  And, of course, President Donald Trump has put China on notice.  The days of massive trade deficits and intellectual property theft are over! ”

“We’ve stood strong with our trading partners in Beijing, to all around the world.  And we’re going to continue to do that. ”

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