U.S. government is having a combination of boxing blows against CCP, says Miles Kwok


Last night, I worked very late answering phone calls from friends in Asia. After the suspension of trade deal between China and the United States, the financial sector and stock markets were hit hard and the result was out of many people’s expectation.

Never have I experienced such a tumbling situation in the financial markets, loss of confidence when people are selling off their China-related stocks at discount prices. Many people are planning to leave Hong Kong; this is unprecedented.

In addition, many companies are planning to sell grains, table oil and other daily necessities to China in the future. The situation is something like when I was doing goods-for-goods business in Heihe city in Heilongjiang province. In those days, many Chinese merchants were selling jeans, butter and bread, and other small industrial items to the Soviet Union.

At present, many European funds and Asia funds are trying to build their 3-10 year plans in China markets, selling foodstuff and life necessities. China has been a production giant of basic compatible products, one of its great advantages. Why foreign companies are planning for this stuff? What is going to happen in China? I don’t really know.

But I can assure you that the petrol price will have ups and downs dramatically; the world financial markets will have unprecedented turbulence. This is obvious. That’s why I have said the Communist Party of China is running crazily onto the road of destruction. This is not exaggerating.

Next, the U.S. and Europe will take a series of actions, including WTO. These actions will take place in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Taiwan Assurance Act was passed by the House of Representatives with zero people voting against; this is also unprecedented.

Next, the Free Trade Zone status of Hong Kong, its exchange rate agains the U.S. dollar, Hong Kong’s relationship with the west, cooperation in jurisdiction – we will see a combination of boxing blows.

The U.S will be sending its aircraft carrier out to the Taiwan Strait, to the South China Sea; this will become common practice. Sanctions against Hong Kong government officials, changes in the relationship in relation to its Free Trade Zone Status, and actions against Taiwan officials who have maintained a close cooperation with the CCP regime will all be in place. Japan and Europe will follow suit.

We will see all state-owned enterprises controlled by CCP will become rats running across the streets in foreign countries. CCP officials involved in the persecution of Xinjiang Muslims and Tibet religious practitioners, who have taken part in the oppression of China’s private entrepreneurs, lawyers, and intellectuals will all be sanctioned and become worse than rating running across the streets.

This world is changing fast. We need to have independent jurisdiction in China, religious freedom. This day must come. Our goal to the Himalayas must be achieved.

Everything is just beginning.

Please join me in praying for the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese!

By Miles Kwok
Translated by staff


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