Weird things happening recently in China tell that CCP rule is really a joke


Fifty-cent Party Leader is eating her bitterness of patriotism

Australian writer Yang Hengjun is being held in isolation in China for “inciting to overthrow the Chinese government”. But sympathy for the suffering of his wife Yuan Xiaoliang and daughter instantly turns into deserving gloat when people learn about that she was a “fifty-cent party” leader.

Ms. Yuan Xiaoliang has a VIP Weibo account with nearly half a million followers, nicknamed Ranxiang or “With Fragrance”. She used to be a great Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fan and claimed to be the “Fifty-cent party” leader. Some of her remarks were frightening and anti-human.

She pledged to have a Tokyo Massacre to retaliate for the Nanjing Massacre; she falsely claimed those burned to death in Xinjiang’s Karamay Fire were CCP leaders instead of students; she supported Bo Xilai’s reckless crackdown in Chongqing; she said People’s Democratic Dictatorship is a democracy; she said she would like to be reborn an American so that she will run for US presidency in order to bring communist system to the US.

With her ridiculous patriotism, Ms. Yuan has sent her daughter to study in the US and she is applying for US permanent residency.

People did not expect that her punishment by CCP has come so quick. Last week, Ms. Yuan has taken a risk in speaking out publicly while she is still based in China, but restricted by police.

She talked to ABC Four Corners in an interview, “When my daughter and I were going through customs, after we had gone through, there were about 10 people, men and women, that had official IDs hanging around their neck that stopped us.”

“After they stopped us, they looked at my daughter’s passport and said there are some problems. They were all big men with official IDs on them, they also had a small video camera filming everything. After we had come out, we were separated, my daughter and I were taken by a car,  and my husband was taken by another car. We haven’t seen each other since then.”

Ms. Yuan has not been able to see her husband since he was detained. She said helplessly, “My family, a family member who I was with everyday and then suddenly disappeared. I have absolutely no idea whether he is well or even if he is alive or not. There was just no news at all. Also, I can’t do anything to help him to proceed through a legal approach. So I am devastated.”

Only when disasters have come over her head does she realize that CCP is so cruel and vicious with its so-called rule of law.

Popular folk singer has his 23 concerts banned by CCP censorship

Li Zhi, a well-known folk rocker from Nanjing, was recently banned because of his “improper behaviors” labeled by China’s censorship. His performances of 23 concerts planned in Sichuang province for the coming two months were all canceled as a result of the Communist crackdown.

According to information from local media, his improper behaviors include three possibilities: sexual harassment, engagement in drugs or advertisement for P2P, and speech against the government.

In the past few years, Li Zhi has been critical of the Chinese government and Marxist ideology and written his resistance into songs and lyrics. He has also spoken publicly against communist propaganda, saying that he is fighting for a better living environment for the next generations. He has denied all the allegations of so-called “improper behaviors” by the authorities.

The local culture and tourism authorities issued the official notice to ban the performances, telling that under its supervision, over 18 thousand viewers will get their full refund for early bookings.

On April 12, Li Zhi’s Weibo account was off-lined and can no longer be searched; his WeChat account was also banned from use. In addition, all his music has been ordered out of shelves of QQ Music, Netease Music and other major platforms.

When the CCP has raised its knife and hammer over the heads of Chinese youth who care more for entertaining than politics, its days are really numbered.

Top CCP leaders attended a tree plantation event to show off their care for environment

President Xi Jinping on Monday took part in a voluntary tree planting activity in east Beijing’s Tongzhou District. Other Party and state leaders, including Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, Han Zheng and Wang Qishan, also attended the activity.

While “playing with earth” for a moment with some students and posing for a photo, Xi Jinping stressed efforts to carry forward the Chinese nation’s tradition of loving, planting and protecting trees, and to involve the whole society in promoting afforestation.

During the tree planting activity, the President asked the school kids about their study and sport exercise, urging them to foster awareness about environmental protection starting in childhood, and encouraging them to build a more beautiful motherland with their own hands.

Apparently to show off the unity of the Communist Party, these seven leaders all looked healthy and happy with their performance of labor with the innocent kids and working people. They have once again deceived the national majority with another “successful propaganda”.

While Xi has called for solid efforts to improve people’s living environment, develop a green economy, and strengthen forest management and protection to achieve more tangible results, more and more people have seen clearly a deteriorating living environment and a toxic political environment in the country.

The aim of the deception is clear: these CCP leaders want to trade their one-day tree-planting labor for the 364-day hard-work of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

By Winnie Troppie


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