We must have a clear mind of this CCP virus

For CCP’s auction of Yuda Palace Hotel, whoever touches things of Buddha-nature is doomed! Whoever plots to touch things of Buddha-nature is doomed!

In the past few days, Miles Guo said repeatedly that the whole world has sensed the threat from the CCP, and after the U.S. presidential election is cooled down, all people in the world will ask where this virus came from.

We have some abstracts from Miles Guo’s live broadcasts:

Brothers and sisters! Since yesterday’s live broadcast, many have sent or left me messages. So many moving words! So many BIAs with wisdom, conscience, and belief! Then, Miles can only take firm actions to take down the CCP, in return for the care and protection of every BIA. Deeply moved! So touching!

From yesterday till now, I particularly felt that the new U.S. administration and governments of Australia and European countries as well, have sensed the threat of the CCP and the evilness done by the CCP. Just like what I’ve said during the live broadcasts: nobody is free of fear! But everybody knows the CCP is a paper tiger!

Yesterday, someone from the new U.S. administration said, “Miles, we want to write a book specifically about the Whistleblower Movement and also about what you’ve said about the CCP virus. Are you willing to take legal responsibilities for this book?” I am willing to do so! More than willing to do so! Very willing! (Jan. 27)

Do you know what’s happening now? The Communist Party has approached the Nobel Committee and strongly recommended that Shi Zhengli should be given the Nobel Prize. I thought this friend was joking to me. This morning before I went to bed, I asked my friend if this is a real or fake thing? This friend said that seriously, very seriously, China seeks to have Shi Zhengli win the Nobel Prize.

(Shi Zhengli is the batwoman from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and key developer of the CCP virus: Covid-19)

This is not breaking news, brothers and sisters. Even more breaking …. Chen Feng,  HNA Chairman, is no longer the chairman of HNA Group now. If HNA is operating in an orderly manner, it can be legally restructured after bankruptcy. Lai Xiaomin was executed. I’ve heard that Xiao Jianhua and Ye Jianming cases will be disclosed in a few days. I’m shocked to hear that. The CCP is really the most shameless, crazy, and insane Party in the world. I won’t tell you more and we’ll see. (Jan.30)

HNA replaced many senior executives just now. HNA borrowed a lot of money from its employees. Many of these employees can no longer be contacted recently. HNA and Zhongnanhai have colluded to borrow money from their employees and now they don’t want to pay back the money. No party or government itself produces a penny. The money all comes from the people’s sweat or even blood and hard work. Many HNA employees are our fellow fighters. They were arrested and many of them made disappeared. The CCP has always ruled the country by criminal gangs,violent police, and deception. They have changed from a gangster party to an evil anti-human party that committed genocide. They are a criminal organization.

In the past few days, friends in various countries, especially the United States, said that the definition of crimes against humanity and genocide has meant that the CCP is the public enemy of mankind. For all CCP officials and their money, anyone has the right to pursue and sanction them. The most critical first door has been opened for tracing the source of the virus and for the upcoming severe punishment of the CCP. President Trump and Pompeo are so great.

Mr. Morgan, the director of our GTV, is so great. He is the grandson of the founder of the world economic order and the only living family member. No one knows the power of the Morgan family. President Trump is very timid politically and has no clear understanding of the CCP. He was afraid to meet with Dr. Yan and did not believe in the truth of the virus. However, his departure proves that if you don’t really eliminate the CCP, you will lose your past and future. For the first time, the New Federal State of China is closely connected with the destiny of the whole world and becoming the protagonist. The political and economic circles in the United States hope that Guo Wengui will leave Bannon and delete Hunter Biden’s video on GTV, but we did not agree. We can work together to eliminate the CCP, but we will not involve in American internal politics. We only seek to eliminate the CCP.

In the past few days, the world’s topics have revolved around CCP, and nothing is good for them. Two children of the Yamamoto family’s neighbors were infected with the mutated virus. Their eyes were blurred, vomiting blood, and bleeding. They scolded CCP and said that they would do their best to eliminate CCP. Everyone must be careful of this virus. Only living can you have all the opportunities. The CCP’s destruction of all mankind is right in front of us. This is unrestricted biological warfare. The CCP virus is changing the world and all mankind.

The anal test implemented by CCP now is really crazy. It will be in Los Angeles very soon. Communism has come to the United States. This anal test achieves four goals. First, some people who do not want to be checked have to stay at home and cannot go out. Second, the test fee will bring huge benefits. Third, it will generate a huge GDP,and fourth, the core human DNA can be obtained through the anal test. As soon as France heard this, it became very interesting. France has become completely communist. Therefore, when Western civilizations are about to be slapped, they are more anxious than we are. The privacy and dignity of the West will disappear. This is the rhythm of the CCP’s heading for their death. The CCP wants your life, your dignity, your sex, and anal sex through sight. The CCP has become an anal party.

The current disclosure of the Xinjiang concentration camps is just the tip of the iceberg. I was the first person in the world to stand up and expose Xinjiang concentration camps and was willing to bear all legal responsibilities. As early as 2014, I told American CIA officials that I can testify that CCP is carrying out massacres and genocide in Xinjiang in a systematic and planned way. What has been disclosed recently in Xinjiang is only a small part of the truth. The children were raped and thrown away in Xinjiang and Tibet far exceed people’s imagination. One time, the CCP Security Agency was in Xinjiang and planned to kill a few people, but they found that a lot of people had come with their children. Finally, the leadership issued an order to kill all of them and bury them. The most horrible thing in Xinjiang is the plummet of fertility. The CCP believes that the ultimate killing is a failure of the plan. Their goal is to prevent the child from being born. Americans cannot understand or believe these things.

The CCP not only treats Xinjiang Uyghurs in this way but also imposes a birth control policy on the Han majority. They treat any race the same way. Hong Kong people think that there is a 50-year treaty with CCP. As a result, Hong Kong people are miserable now. Taiwan thinks that CCP is separated from the Taiwan Strait. As a result, CCP is now ready to attack Taiwan. The CCP is a real threat to all mankind. At this point, it is our common enemy.

How many people in the Zhongnanhai shithole are in the same mind as Xi Jinping? Two days ago, they announced to strictly investigate the Political and Legal Committee, the Military Discipline, and the corruption of the financial sectors. I have told you that in November. Investigating the Political and Legal Committees, the finance sectors, and the army is aimed at checking Wang Qishan, Zeng Qinghong, and Jiang’s families. This is the start of the war “either you die or I live.” In history, as long as the big cat (the Security of the CCP) investigated the Political and Legal Committee, it was blood transforming time. The rule has never changed since Stalin checked on KBG. It is going to be the ending time!

Now, the domestic fellow fighters in the Political and Legal Committee and the financial sectors cannot get out of the country. Compared with the domestic fellow fighters, the overseas fellow fighters are happier than them. Overseas fellow fighters do not have to be checked of the virus through the anus, not to be disappeared, and not to be nowhere to hide. For those of you who are not officers, you are happy, because you do not have to be killed. Those who joined the new Federal State of China are even happier because they have unlimited hope, an endless future, and the G series.

Worldwide events are happening now. This CCP virus can only be solved by the extermination of the CCP. Now, the extermination of the CCP is God’s will. If the CCP attacks Taiwan, the new Federal State of China will enter the most critical moment in human history. There will be a new government established by individual votes under the supervision of the new Federal State of China. Whether or not the CCP attacks Taiwan, we will be the winner. If they don’t attack Taiwan, we will have Taiwan protected. If they do attack Taiwan, we will oversee the birth of a new government.

Those old gangsters in the Zhongnanhai shithole should be pulled out and executed. The Whistleblower Movement must stop the CCP rogue regime and the party that threatens humanity. The rogue regime is the enemy of humanity and justice. Everyone will die eventually. The question is how you shall live! Do not care about life or death. This is the highest level of all religions and is enlightened. To see the nature and truth of life and believe that there is reincarnation. Don’t care what others say. When you care about it, you lose everything. The CCP never talks about good and evil, spirituality, or altruism. They only talk about gossips and never think about the meaning of life. This is the misery of the whole sick society. Don’t forget that if CCP hasn’t been destroyed, 1.4 billion people will still be living like pigs and dogs. (Jan.31)

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff


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