We live in a difficult and stupid world

Wildfire photos and videos show "apocalyptic" red and orange skies across Western U.S.

Wildfires in California have turned the sky into an apocalyptic red-orange over the last few days. Catherine Geeslin, who lives near San Francisco, told the San Francisco Chronicle she couldn’t believe how scary the skies were. “It feels like the end of the world.”

Human is facing both natural and man-made disasters

According to Down To Earth, At least 207 natural disasters were recorded globally in the first six months of 2020 — this is above the 21st-century average (2000-2019) of 185 disasters.

These disasters cost the world $75 billion, according to the Aon catastrophe report, titled Global Catastrophe Recap: First Half of 2020released on July 23, 2020.

Natural disasters claimed roughly 2,200 lives during the first half of 2020. Floods accounted for nearly 60 percent of the total toll during this time. And because of the Chinese government’s cover-up, actual death numbers from the country’s floods have not been included.

In addition to these natural disasters, the world is facing the largest man-made disaster-coronavirus or Covid-19. The global death toll has exceeded 800 thousand with over 26 million infected. And the disaster is not going to stop soon.

These weeks, the apocalypse has arrived on the western landscape. The Bay Area of California is shrouded in a layer of smoke so thick, it broke everything from camera sensors to weather models.

“The 2020 wildfire season has made time and space feel elastic, the present and future, Earth and space colliding like a snap of a rubber band, “writes Brian Kahn with Gizmodo. “But I can’t help feeling the elasticity link the present and the past and the fate of those choking under a blood-red sky with decisions made in board rooms around slick mahogany tables. Our atmosphere and forests are haunted by those decisions, and we forget them at our own risk.”

Technology has helped China building an all-seeing surveillance state

Technology has not helped build a better world

People turn to believe that mankind is always advancing materially and building greater and greater civilizations along the way. But when the water we drink and the air we breathe are getting more and more polluted, do you think that mankind is actually going forward or backward?

Today, the world’s superpowers have made and stored enough nuclear weapons to destroy our world many times, and mankind is always ready to use them.

On 12 September, Zhao Shengye, a professor at Shenyang Industrial University and also a Little Pink who has 3.28 million Weibo followers, published a tweet to outline his three ways to bring the world into total destruction if the U.S. Trump administration dares to take down the CCP.

“1. When a nuclear submarine loaded with nuclear warheads is detonated in the Pacific Ocean, the huge wave can exceed 2000 meters, which will submerge all areas except the Qinghai Tibet Plateau;”

“2. Detonating thousands of nuclear bombs in the Himalayas at the same time can change the orbit of the earth, and the earth will carry all mankind to the boundless Dark Universe;”

“3. Drilling 10000 meters deep in the Sichuan Basin and implanting thousands of nuclear bombs at the same time will trigger the collapse of the earth’s core and the extinction of human beings all over the world.”

The problem is not how toxic his thoughts are. The problem is that tens of thousands of followers “liked” his post and the CCP government has agreed to such words of terror spreading freely on social media.

To make his point known to the west, Zhao wrote the tweet in both Chinese and English. He tweeted, “I admit it’s a very evil idea, but when we get to the end, it’s the ultimate solution. Americans can’t be both anti-human and save itself. Are Americans ready to see God as much as possible when they intervene in Chinese affairs? Trump should make a good assessment.”

Technology has not brought us happiness, and the so-called medical advancement has not made humans live longer or healthier. The internet and iPhone seem to offer some convenience but have brought humans under more censorship and surveillance.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Wechat and Alibaba do offer more convenience to life and business, but humans have become more divided besides having themselves enslaved and manipulated by them.

Money is in dirty hands. The crimes of Wall Street continue.

Technology has helped the CCP regime build a surveillance state and turn the country into the biggest concentration camp.

All these tech giants have colluded with the Communist Party to do harm to the Chinese in their fight for freedom and democracy.

According to ABC today, A database of 2.4 million people, including more than 35,000 Australians, has been leaked from the Shenzhen company Zhenhua Data which is believed to be used by China’s intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security.

Information collected includes dates of birth, addresses, marital status, along with photographs, political associations, relatives and social media IDs.

“China is absolutely building out a massive surveillance state both domestically and internationally,” said Professor Chris Balding, who until 2018 had worked at Peking University before leaving China citing fears for his physical safety.

Technology has not made us a better world. Globally, morales are on the decline. Technology has helped the CCP to do evils more efficiently.

There is a demon in everyone’s mind

Yesterday, I saw in G-TV a video script of a van driver running over a traffic policeman who was trying to stop him at a crossroads in a Chinese city. This is a society in which people may just easily do harm to each other.

Today, people in this world are competing with each other for things that are not that important in life. Thus in this world of bitter sufferings, most people work hard every day, only to feed their mouths and clothe their bodies.

Honored or humble, rich or poor, old or young, male or female – everyone has worries, driven by the desires from their bodies and souls.

Those without land have the desire for land; those without a house have the desire for a house. Whether he has a family or not, he has worries; and whether he has properties or not, he has worries.

When he has one, he wants two. He always competes with others, trying to match others in all the “good things”.

When he has accumulated something, he has the worries of losing them, in floods, fires, or robbery.

He lives on with debts, while in the end all his belongings will be lost in fires, floods, robbery, or in the hands of thieves.

Still, he clings on to material things; he does not want to give them up until the final moment – death.

He cannot carry these things along into his death. Rich or poor, everyone suffers as they all have to go through death.

People in this world, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, friends and relatives – they may treat each other with love, care, and affection. They may help each other out and talk to each other in warm words.

But when resentment or anger or hatred arises, they may instantly turn to become enemies and fight each other to death. It is common to see family members do harm to each other in our daily lives.

People in love feel all the loneliness, in life, or on their way to death. He travels through love life tasting his own happiness or bitterness; no one can take his place in those sufferings.

Sometimes he does good; sometimes he does bad. In his pursuits, he chooses different routes. But often he meets the wrong person at his destination.

People in this world mostly cannot see through their own good or evil. They make their own fortunes, good or bad. Often they are confused as to what is right or wrong. They often take the white as black or black as white.

People in this world mostly have lost their faiths. They do not have a vision. They only live for today, indulged in sex, wealth, or good food. Their greed never ends.

This might not be their fault. Their ancestors, or fathers and mothers, were not educated. They were either morally corrupt or materially ignorant. They never know the reasons for birth and death, the ways to good and morality.

Our teachers are no longer “teachers”; they are not worthy of teaching our younger generation. Our doctors are no longer “doctors”; their hearts speak to their patients: “See you next time!”

In this world, evils are everywhere. The stronger bullies the weaker; the weaker tries to steal. Businesses do harm to each other, wanting to kick their competitors out of the market.

In this world, everybody suffers -not just the poor, the beggars, the homeless, the handicapped,  the unemployed.

To them, this world is like a prison – those punishments, plights, tortures, and confinements.

In this world, few people live with honor, virtues, courage, wealth and wisdom. But today, their world is also like a prison. The coronavirus has kept all people into a huge prison.

Justice is absent in this world

People in this world do not respect the rule of law. Leaders make their own laws, against those of God or the universe.

Whether in the democratic west or dictatorships like China, there are frames, false charges, conspiracies, extortions, under-table deals, and embezzlements, regardless of justice.

Yesterday, Chinese tycoon Ren Zhiqiang who called President Xi Jinping a ‘clown’ over his handling of coronavirus faced a corruption trial. The charges against Ren include corruption, embezzlement, taking bribes, and abusing his position at a state-owned company.

In China, there is a saying similar to “Give a dog an ill name and hang him!” That’s the fate of Ren under the Communist rule.

As violent clashes have escalated between right- and left-wing protesters in the US city of Portland, President Donald Trump has sharpened his rhetoric against what he calls the “left-wing violent extremism” engulfing American cities.

Even in the United States with the rule of law, justice is often absent.

The CCP is quick and efficient in taking action. While the Americans are still talking, the CCP is already attacking their domains with BGY schemes, espionage, and cyber-attacks, taking advantage of America’s rule of the law.

The world major media have all kowtowed to the CCP’s BGY schemes: The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, BBC, the Reuters, the Economist, the Financial Times, to name just a few.

The CCP has the plan to build a new world order. Their ambitions to do harm to human civilizations are beyond everyone’s imagination.

Reporter to Trump: why did you lie to the American people?

We live in a difficult and stupid world

Sorry to say that none of the world’s leaders is enlightened. They are unworthy of their ranks.

I don’t want to talk about dictators like Kim Jong-un, Khamenei, Maduro or Xi Jinping.

The head of the United States makes himself very busy, but he does not have the courage to face the truth and facts.

After 200 thousand deaths, worse than 9.11 attacks and World War II, Donald Trump is still talking and talking, making himself very tired holding daily press conferences to secure his presidency.

Miles Guo is very upset when he joined Steve Bannon’s War Room today. He said, “How can we stop Americans to die? America has too much politics. Too much! Everybody speaks, talks, on the camera. What is your action? Now 9 months are gone. You look at the government. I don’t see you take any action against the CCP. You talk everything in your own country, in your room. You have no action going to Asia, China or CCP. But the CCP, they don’t just talk. They take action. They sent the virus to your country. They bought all the global PPE. They made 200 thousand Americans die. They take down your economy. You lost 3 trillion dollars. That’s why the CCP became the biggest power in the world. They take action in your room, in your own country!”

Instead of talking, Trump should have designated the Chinese Communist Party as a terrorist organization and held General Secretary Xi Jinping accountable months ago.

Trump is not taking serious actions unless he declares the CCP a terrorist organization.

Trump is not taking serious actions unless he sanctions Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan personally and orders to confiscate or freeze overseas assets of members of the CCP leadership and their families.

The head of the United Kingdom and Canada are cowards in front of the evils.

Boris Johnson was infected with the disease and almost died. But after recovery, he did nothing to challenge the CCP and hold them accountable. He is a man of no balls.

Justin Trudeau’s wife was also infected with the disease. But after her recovery, Trudeau said nothing to challenge the CCP and hold them accountable. He is not worthy of a husband, let alone a Prime Minister.

Empty Melbourne Streets under Covid-19 lockdown.

In Australia, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has not resigned from the Covid-19 crisis. He has not retreated from his secret deal with the CCP regime. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk still defended her hard border policy after heartbreaking reports of people being denied exemptions to enter for health or family reasons. She is a human with no heart.

In Germany, naive Chancellor Angles Merkel is still working on a trade deal with Xi Jinping when she is reluctantly raising the question of Hong Kong and Xinjiang. She has covered her eyes while walking in the wilderness. Her greed will only be rewarded with empty promises.

A Chinese proverb goes, “The fish or the bear’s paw, you can’t have it both ways.”

Tour De France is magnificent. But France was made “little” with the spirit of freedom shattered under the administration of Emmanuel Macron submissive to the CCP.

Who has elected these world leaders? You and me!

At least for a decade, most of the world has been submissive to the CCP.

Not just EU, more have danced with the wolves on the global stage. Today, the United Nations no longer safeguards world peace and security. It no longer stands for justice or righteousness.

The World Health Organization colluded with the evils and helped with the cover-up. Until today, we haven’t seen Tedros Ghebreyesus forced to step down or resign.

The IMF is corrupt; the WTO is corrupt; most of the world’s major organizations are corrupt. They have kowtowed to the Chinese Communist Party.

Harvard is corrupt; Hollywood is corrupt; Silicon Valley is corrupt. The world’s academics have all been bought by the CCP’s money.

“Disney’s Mulan has had a cursed run, ” said James Palmer with Foreign Policy, “Disney’s Mulan disaster shows dangers to businesses of selling your soul to China.”

The Communists export their ideology through the Belt and Road Initiative to the world while they built the Great Firewall at home. They have forced the world to shut up their mouths.

The red demons are showing off their powers. The demons are winning while no one is stopping their threats.

This is a difficult and stupid world.

We may never win this battle

In this world, the bad guys are living a better life. They have seized the most powers; they have collected the most wealth; they have committed adultery; they have enslaved the “the little guys”.

The bad guys have gathered together: those dictators in Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Communist China.

They have gathered for vicious plans, threatening the world with wars, and suppressing its people with killing.

Sadly, the evils have prevailed most of the time; they have pushed aside the forces of justice and righteousness. As we have seen today in California, the sky has turned blood-red as the Communist red demons have long conquered the land.

The CCP is a mafia-like organization.

Today, people know that Xi Jinping is the “mafia boss” and the CCP is a terrorist organization. They should be thrown into the rubbish bin. But the CCP has poisoned the land as well as people’s souls for too long with its brainwash.

The CCP has been very successful to paralyse the hearts and souls of the Chinese people with voluptuous music and an immoral culture. To win the fight against the communist demons, we still have a long way to go, and we may not be able to win this battle.

In recent weeks, western media has noticed that Xi Jinping is becoming increasingly nervous about a potential coup as he is looking over his shoulder with militant approaches.

He is putting up a bluff with India in the west and threatening Taiwan in the east.

For the selfishness to save his power as well as the lives of his family, he would start World War III and sacrifice the lives of millions. Xi will not easily give up his crown and throne.

CCP killer Miles Guo said today, “The CCP doesn’t care how many Chinese die. Not just from the floods or the coronavirus. If the Chinese don’t stand up today to act against the CCP, we will soon see not just 10-20 million people die; we will see 100-200 million people. I am not joking!”

Because of the crimes and evils of the CCP, the world economy has been shut down. What the world now needs is to wake up and take action: “Take down the CCP!”

“Only by taking down the CCP, can the world return to a realm of peace and prosperity,” has become the heart-felt voice of many.

Besides the floods, we have seen factory fires and building fires in many Chinese cities in recent days.

“The world is set on fire!” The Buddha has said over and over, “Who can save the worldly men and women from suffering?”

by Winnie Troppie

Student Dormitory at Shanghai University: fire on September 13.


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