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Another June 4th comes by in less than a month. It will be the 32nd anniversary of the brutal Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing that crushed the budding Freedom Movement in China and killed more than 10,000 student protestors.

For years, the Chinese people living outside China commemorate each dark anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre with sorrow and sadness. Some continue to ask the ‘what-ifs’: What might China look like today had June 4th, 1989 turned out differently? There were few who attempted to rekindle the spark of the Freedom Movement in China, most of them ended up being silent, arrested, killed, and disappeared.

From June 4th last year (2020), the day now carries a different meaning

On June 4th, 2020, a group of courageous Chinese expatriates proclaimed the formation of an alternative government to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): the New Federal State of China. The proclamation was made under the auspices of the Whistle-blower Movement started by Mr. Miles Guo, an ex-businessman of China who escaped to the United States.

The announcement on the New Federal State of China received the endorsement of the former White House adviser of President Trump, Steve Bannon, who is a steadfast supporter of freeing the Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese people have had it for way too long

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has never been a legitimate governing body to begin with. I am reluctant to even call it a ‘government’ as saying that would imply that the Chinese people elected it. The truth is the CCP under Mao Ze Dong rose to power with the support of, or shall I say, ‘colluded with’, foreign powers to gain control of the Chinese people in the 1920s (Sin #1 of the CCP).

In other words, the CCP was never chosen by the Chinese people and therefore was not legitimate.

Once his power was solidified, the CCP under Mao took away private ownership of land and property of the people (Sin #2 of the CCP). Over the years from 1950, private lands were confiscated and forcefully redistributed to poorer peasants.

The CCP directly created the Great Famine in 1959-1961, due to its failed economic campaign (‘The Great Leap Forward’) to reconstruct China’s economy. Food scarcity directly caused the death of XX people while the Communist government continued food exports to foreign countries (Sin #3 of the CCP) .

The annihilation of culture, religions, and ethnic minorities

If you think the Great Famine was destructive enough, wait until you hear about the Cultural Revolution, or what I would describe as the Cultural Annihilation, that spans for one decade from 1958 (Sin #4 of the CCP). During this time, everything that contradicted Mao’s ideology was destructed: both physical items and human.

During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP adverted for atheism and proclaimed that the Party was the only belief that the Chinese people were allowed to uphold as opposed to religions, traditional cultures, and values. This was a carnage against humanity of which its real death toll might never be known.

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In Xinjiang and Tibet, the CCP continues to oppress the ethnic minorities by forcing them to work in labor camps (Sin #6 of the CCP).

The CCP now stretches its arms to the world

For over 70 years, the Chinese people have endured the CCP regime and allowed our freedom to be taken away, along with our homes, cultures, religions, and even our rights to necessities such as clean air and water. The CCP never allows the Chinese people to have free internet or access to free media that speaks the truth.

Is the CCP going to stop at merely controlling the Chinese people? Its ambition has always been to control the world.

Just look at the CCP’s cruelty in crushing the freedom-loving Hong Kong people who had simply asked for the Sino-British declaration of 1997 to be upheld (Sin #8 of the CCP). The CCP broke its promise, just like it broke every other promise it made to the world.

Covid-19: A biological attack on the world

As I write this, the whole world has suffered the worst global pandemic in recent human history, the Covid-19, for more than a year. This pandemic started in Wuhan in as early as October 2019 and has now caused the death of more than 3 million people worldwide.

Whistle-blowers from China revealed that the Covid-19 virus originated from the labs at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The CCP tried to deflect the world from looking into the Wuhan labs, using its propaganda arms in the media and academia, along with geopolitical and economic threats on foreign countries. So far, the CCP has refused any independent inspection of the Wuhan labs.

As the saying goes, ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’. The smoke clearly started in Wuhan, yet the CCP tried to convince the world that the fire is somewhere else.

A brave whistle-blower from Hong Kong, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, exposed to the world that the Covid-19 virus originated from a Bioweapons program of the CCP.

According to Miles Guo, the CCP’s real aim is to eliminate the West and take over the control of the world (hyperlink). They do not even try to hide it these days. In fact, Occam’s razor suggests that the CCP released the Covid-19 virus in early 2020 to influence the 2020 US Election which it succeeded.

Further reading on Covid-19 can be found here (Sin #9 of the CCP).

The time to fight back is – NOW

More and more Chinese people are waking up to recognize the evil of the CCP every day. It has not been easy. Most of us were brainwashed by the CCP media propaganda from our youth. We were taught that the Chinese Communist Party is dearer to us than our own mum and data. We were taught to never doubt the Party’s service to the people and were punished if we tried to question or attempt to seek the truth.

Miles Guo is an imperfect human being like all of us, but he is not afraid to stand up and fight against the CCP. He is the Chinese people’s hero. He started this fight in 2017, and the CCP is now much weakened in its international reputation and economic power due to the truths that are being exposed by Miles Guo. He is being assisted by many courageous anonymous Whistle-blowers from both inside and outside of China.

What can the rest of us do? We need to continue spreading the truth about the CCP to our fellow Chinese people and people all over the world. As Steve Bannon famously said, it is up to We The Chinese people to fight for our freedom, and the rest of the world can assist.

The day when the Chinese people wake up is the day the CCP ends. So instead of just shedding more tears and mourning in this coming June 4th, let us remember that we now have the New Federal State of China, and it is time for us to take action to fight back against the CCP.

Author: XO酱
Edited by staff


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