We Chinese must rely on ourselves to take down the CCP, says Miles Guo


Dear fellow fighters! It’s Jan.7th. Time flies and yesterday has gone so fast. Yesterday was Jan.6.

We Chinese people, especially those born in the 1970s or earlier in the 60s, and our parents and grandparents who have all experienced that fear. .. in the old days, our Chinese people had the fear that Chairman Mao may die.

Look! After Mao Zedong died, how many Chinese cried, their eyes out all around China?

Later, the Chinese people had the fear that Deng Xiaoping may die. We were worried: if Deng dies, the reform and open-door policy in China would come to an end.

Then after Deng’s time, have you seen that the Chinese had the fear again that China would be in chaos if Jiang Zemin was dying.

Then after Hu Jintao stepped down, and Wang Qishan came to power, the Chinese had fear of Xi Jinping’s Cultural Revolution Version 2.0.

Now our Chinese people are worried again, fearing that President Trump would lose.

Our lives are full of fears…including in recent years, we feared that Hong Kong would fall and collapse. We fear that the CCP would invade Taiwan. Now we have a fear that President Trump would lose the election.

How miserable our Chinese people are! We either live like pigs or other animals or are living in fear, biting our fingers or nails, in constant fear, worrying about this or that.

Dear fellow fighters! Is today Jan. 20th? Too early to call the end. Many people asked for my opinion, but I don’t want to respond.

All I want to say is: let’s talk about it on Jan.20th. We will discuss this on Jan 20th.

Also, let me repeat what I’ve said before: with the Whistleblowers’ Movement, and our mission to take down the CCP, we’ve never tried to depend on the U.S.A, or anyone else.

Taking down the CCP with the forces in the USA or the CCP insiders is just one of our means, our strategy, and tactics. But we shall not 100% rely on that! Our full strength and capabilities are way beyond that.

Remember! Every one of YOU matters in this movement to take down the CCP. To take down the CCP, we must rely on ourselves, the Chinese people.

We Chinese people should not rely upon anyone else anymore.

In the old days, when communism in the former Soviet Union was the strongest, the May 4th Movement took place in China. We let Russian communism sneak into China when our nation was very fragile, and when we had the chance to seek democracy and the rule of law as the Western World.

But in the end, communism sneaked in by taking advantage of the situation.

Why did that happen? Because we relied on foreign support. Chinese people always want to depend on others.

Back in the Qing Dynasty, we Chinese relied on the Eight-nation Alliance. Throughout Chinese history, there were countless occasions when we relied on others, again and again. We barely had any power as an independent nation in history. The nation has almost never been united as a nation.

Don’t believe what is in the film “Qin Dynasty Epic”; that’s totally bullshit. To some extent, the Chinese have always been slaves or people being ruled over. Even today, many Chinese still have fantasies: it’s better to have others help us accomplish the mission and pursue our goal in our Himalayas to realize our NFSC. All that is fantasy.

From the very first day, I have told you: every one of YOU counts in our mission to take down the CCP! We must rely on ourselves to take down the CCP!

From yesterday till now, you can see people’s real qualities, psychological quality, faith, and one’s understanding of life, and the understanding of taking down the CCP and building our New Federal State of China.

I think yesterday I saw all the shows put on by each politician in the U.S. Congress. I know that I shall never become a politician and I never want to be a politician.

Politics are just too ugly. So fellow fighters! I must retire to seclusion in the mountains after taking down the CCP.

But we also have seen what happened in the USA, those ugly things in the country. These things don’t exist in Today’s China. It’s impossible for us to see such things happening in China even though you really want to see them.

We have seen China making changes to its Constitution right in front of your eyes. How much impact should it have on the country?

Many of our fellow fighters complained about this or that. Are we qualified to have those complaints about U.S. politics?

Did you raise any opposition when Xi Jinping made amendments to China’s Constitution? Did you raise your complaints?

In the time of all kinds of political movements: the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, the Family Planning, Suppression of Falun Gong, the Anti-corruption campaign, did you raise your complaints?

When the Hong Kong kids were killed in the streets, or raped, gang-raped, arrested, or detained in Mainland prisons; when tear gas was fired and many people died; did you raise your complaints?

Today we demand law and order for Americans.  It’s like: we run into a fine dining room immediately after getting out of a shithole, and complain about the stinky smell here and there.

You totally forget that you just came out of a shithole. You are still fully covered in shit.

We have no rights or qualifications to nitpick a restaurant that has been in the sound business for 300 years and complain about its bad smell. Because we have come from a shithole.

Even for those ugly shows at Capitol Hill yesterday, we have wild wishes that “if we had them in Communist China!”

It is an extravagance for us Chinese to be part of those ugly shows.

All these are the gifts from God for our Whistleblowers’ Movement. On January 20th, I will talk to you more about this.

See you then!

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff


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