We can make lots of money by eliminating the CCP, said Guo Wengui


My my live broadcast with Iron Man yesterday has a huge impact on public opinion in mainland China. Yesterday I did not seem to be in good mood to give those answers. I gave myself only 40 marks out of 100. This Iron Man, such a special young man! I call him brother. He gave me a sudden attack and I was not prepared for it. Five minutes before the broadcast, he showed me the menu. I really didn’t know what he was going to ask me about.

I have a habit. Before going to bed, I would recall what has been accomplished during the day time and think what I have done right or wrong and make plans for tomorrow. When I thought of my talk with Iron Man, I was not satisfied with my answers, especially on the part of how to make money. Yesterday, many warrior friends sent me messages about this, and I would like to give my response.

Do Good, Good Things Follow

I want to repeat here. I only gave an example yesterday. But something I want to share with you is very important: from the protests for six months against the Extradition Bill, we have seen the finest qualities of the Chinese nation. These qualities are unique that we should be united, we should be kind to others, and we should respect our parents.

What we have lost dearly in the mainland is filial piety, the respect for our parents; that’s the best DNA in any family. Another point is unity. Chinese are not united in the world. Does it have anything to do with making money? Yes! Very important. This is what I have long been willing to tell our warrior friends.

Yesterday I was moved by Mr. Mask. He said he likes my programs a lot and expressed his feelings, and I want to help him. A policeman from a county in Heilongjiang province, who was sent to Hong Kong recently for the crackdown, also said to me he was deeply moved by my broadcast. He asked me how to succeed in life.

I told him, I have prepared for this for 30 years. And I am telling you here, if you can spend 30 years to do one single thing, even talking to a rock, you will succeed. So, please remember, take your time, be prepared to use your whole life to do one single thing. After 30 years, everything you do will be great and successful.

Let’s take the example of Mr. Zeng Hong and Mr. Lude. I am sorry, Mr. Zeng Hong. Do you see the difference between them? Since I came to know Zeng Hong, he did some video programs, and he is working as a tour guide. He moved houses several times and changed his Youtube channels five to six times, taking on this person here and another there. His viewpoints change often and his friends also change often, only his name not changed. From a tour guide, in Washington, then California, then New York…he seems to have done a lot. And look at the success of Lude. He lived in Las Vegas. He was deceived by Cheng Shuiyan. But he took this a lesson to get in contact with me. First he went to meet Yang Jianli, from there he was introduced to Han Lianchao. He donated $5,000 to Han’s organization “the Power of Citizens”. With that, he came to meet me. At that time, he was with Free China Radio. After that, he quit and opened his own social media.

Now we have seen Ludepress and Lude Talks, non stop. Everyday, he does two live broadcasts and continues to do only this for two years. Now he is very successful. Why, Lude has the spirit of the Hong Kongers. I would rather admire the one who is expert in one thing rather than the Jack of all things. Lude has done one thing to the extremes. He is focusing on the screen of the camera, doing one thing: to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party. That is great.

You see Zeng Hong going for his tours for one time and anther thing for another time…his ideas always changing. We have seen many VIPs on social media in the past two years, but can you still remember Zeng Hong on social media? He once has an idea to support the Expose Revolution, then another idea to say against the Expose Revolution, then he went to join the so-called Joint Vibration Movement ….He is getting himself to nowhere. When you try to stretch out your hands to catch everything in your pocket, you may end up with empty hands. If you just use two fingers to catch one little thing, you may just easily catch that. When you catch one thing and hold it for long enough, miracles will appear.

This is what I am telling to all warrior friends: stick to one thing after you have thought it over and made your decision. Leave aside other things. Focus on one to the extremity. Time, loyalty and filial piety are the bases to success for all Chinese.

Take my case, learning from my mentors Mr. He, Mr. Zheng, Mr. Li and a few others. Before I was detained in prison, I used to do all kinds of things: selling motorcycles, cars, jeans, watches, bags, opening a bread shop….everything. When I was in prison, some religious figures and professors taught me: Wengui, God is fair to give every person 24 hours a day. All men are equal in their brains and vitality; you won’t be any smarter than others. But when you do one thing and focus on it, like the old Chinese saying “turning the steel bar into a needle”, or “dropping water to strike through a rock”, you know that you will soon become successful. Therefore, you must focus on one thing. In Buddhism, we call that “persistence”! Please never go for too many things. That way, you have more chances to lose. Just do one thing to the extremes.

When I was young, I used to train my legs. When I used my legs to strike, all people would be scared. My legs can also turn backwards to hit the ears. No one was able to escape my blows. I would beat him to the ground and would not stop until he admitted defeat. In those days, when I got up in the morning, I trained for two hours against sand bags of over 40 kilos. I was skinny in those days, but my legs were just as fast as my hands. I often used my feet to pick up things from my bed or tables. My legs are just as strong and flexible as my hands. I have won in all the fights. But as I got older, and as my weight went up to 60-70 kilos, I started to feel much weaker.

That’s one thing. And another, as Chinese, if you don’t respect your parents, who would get along with you? If you have treated your parents badly, who would become friends of you? Filial piety is honesty. If you tell lies everyday, who would want to be a friend of you for life?

So honesty is key. Look at the real problems in today’s Chinese society. Fake is better than true; liars live better than people of honesty, the whole nation lacks people of courage. Under CCP’s rule, China has a fake government. What is the shortcoming of the CCP? Let me think – “FAKE”. This is what has caused the Chinese nation the greatest damages.

The CCP government is an unlawful regime, a mafia society with no fairness. Therefore, we act against its governance by evil means. There is a lot of corruption with the administration. It pledges anti-corruption daily, but it is the most corrupt government. It does not work for the well-being and benefits and peace of the people. It uses its evil police for means of governance.

Follow the Expose Revolution

Here I’d like to talk a bit about foreign exchange. These days, we have received many messages for foreign exchanges. This is shocking news that so many people in China want to change RMB into US dollars and leave the country. Many people are suffering, trapped in China with their investments. Many people are losing dearly, and paying huge prices. Many more are threatened, kidnapped and their situations are miserable. But we can also see the truth that the CCP is truly coming to its end!

Another thing is that many people want to place advertisements on my broadcasts. This has made me re-consider the significance of our Expose Revolution. Although Guo.media looks awkward, over 90 media companies have applied to sign ads contracts with us. Do you know what that means?

Yesterday I had a dialogue with Iron Man, and with that Iron Man received 16,000 to 18,000 subscribers on Youtube. Do you know how many years for CNN to build up their audience of that number? And do you know how many people are watching Fox news’ live programs?

Yesterday, over 16,000 people were online watching our live-broadcast. One day afterwards, there were 160, 000 views, ten times. Say one dollar for one click, how much money could that be? 160,000 US dollars! In fact, there were ten times of ads inserted into each play, that was a total of 1,600,000 dollars.

And the number is still growing. I am telling you here: some of the companies are offering ads of 6 dollars per click, instead of one dollar. Can you figure out the total amount? And they want to sign a ten-year contract with us. Ten years! And they are the top 3 electric media in the world. Take the live-broadcast I had with Mr. Mask. That is really a great business.

You see in Hong Kong, we have two million people protesting on the streets. If two million people come to visit Guo.media at the same time, what do you think of the amount of money we can make at one time?

Yesterday, a client who has come for foreign exchange said to me, “Mr. Guo, as my great thank-you in the future, I will buy the most advertisement from Guo.media. I have committed to paying back.” And he asked to give me 10 percent commission as well. I said, “I am not accepting any commission!” I shall never make money for myself from here. “You can give others commission, i don’t care.” He said, “I am telling you, Mr. Guo, you are going to be my biggest ads partner. Now every year, we are spending 160 million dollars on ads.”

Oh, my God! Unexpectedly, this has given me the answer of how to pay back our warrior friends. I can give them the chance to make lots of money! Yesterday, my answer to Iron Man was not complete. Today, I am going to add that when you have faith and patience, when you can give other future and opportunities, money will come to you.

We shall not be like the CCP. The CCP wants to govern everything, including the Heavens and the earth, and your sex life. And it wants to take everything away from you. We need you to give things away. When you give, the Heavens would open a huge gate for you, with abundance in wealth.

I am proud to say that although our Guo.media is like a tractor, no other media in the world could compete with it. Yesterday, Mr. Mask sent me a message, “Uncle Guo, the rogue Qin Weiping joined your broadcast once, he was made famous all over the world. But he deceived you. Then Kyle Bass with Real Vision. Before you had the live broadcast with him, the channel had less than 50, 000 subscribers. After that, he has won over 200,000 subscribers.”

You can check out Kyle Bass’s channel for investment. With over 200,000 subscribers, how much money he would make? And you can see that our broadcast has 1,910,000 views.

Because of me, Mingjing TV became the most popular channel in China among all overseas social media. We know it brought them an investment of tens of millions of dollars. But Mingjing has let me down. It has no future.

And look at Ludepress, he is now China’s number one, the most popular among overseas Chinese. See how powerful our Expose Revolution is!

Another thing, we must understand that the public opinion in the mainland is no longer under the control of the CCP. It is no exaggeration that public opinion is in the hands of our Expose Revolution. Take a look at the programs by Iron Man, Mr. Mask, Warrior Friends in Discord, Sixi, Ludepress and other groups …. They are leading the trends.

Dear Warrior friends, I have given you the answer here: if you want to make money, hold onto the Expose Revolution, (like followcn.com); and you will sure make a great fortune here.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by Cloudy Seagail


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