We are entering a new era of global fight to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party, says Guo Wengui


Dear warrior friends, today is July 21st, and we are live broadcasting here at the Himalayas Embassy in New York with Joe Zhuang.

In the past few days, I went into the mountains. I missed you very much and I think our warrior friends feel the same. In the past few days when I did not have my i-phone with me, I felt a bit awkward in the morning, at noon and in the evening, not comfortable at all unable to share the stories happening there. We have been like family members after so many joint efforts to build up the trust between us. Nothing can change this affection between us.

But first of all I need you to be prepared for some bad news. I had three of them, really bad news. First, when you watch the introductory section and conclusive section of my video blows, the professionalism and quality in editing are so perfectly good that I feel sad about it. More people would like to pay more attention to these video sections than my own whistle blows. This is really bad news for me.

Secondly, too many people have complained about our Guo.media APP. “Why your app is so backward? Can it has a higher speed in downloads? Can you make more links there for people to share? There are too many interruptions?” You see, so many complaints from our warrior friends; they are blaming me. I said our Guo.media is like a tractor; I say today it’s just like rubbish! This is the second piece of bad news.

Thirdly, too many people have come to make fun of me, telling “Wengui! We have seen the massive demonstrations in Hong Kong against the extradition bill. Only now have we come to learn that you are the black-hand behind the scene.”

These are the three pieces of bad news; now I am going to tell you three pieces of good news.

Firstly, I want to tell you, friends: when I started my whistle blows, our Expose Revolution was looked down upon as a joke. They defamed me with sex scandals, calling me “Guo Evils, Guo Rapist, or Guo Three Seconds in sex”. Later, they called me and some of my followers on the net “poor, un-educated, un-civilized people”. Unfortunately and also luckily we have been labeled “the party of little ants”. In the spirit of ants moving the mountains, we have formed a powerful force to confront the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) within a short period of two years. We can say that today our Expose Revolution has entered a new era of global fight to wipe out the CCP.

So, this is the first theme for today: the world has entered a new era of joint forces to eliminate the CCP regime.

Here I am not going to tell you the details of our private meetings in the mountains. Participants have told me not to disclose any content of these meetings. I think you can understand why? They have worries. Those “secret action plans” to wipe out the CCP must be kept secret for the time being.

But one thing I can tell you today, friends: all the participants have said repeatedly that the Chinese Communist Party shall never be trusted, absolutely, never!

After 70 years in office, the CCP leadership has won zero credit with their accountability. Their credit rating is ZERO, absolutely! The Chinese people have been kidnapped; the Chinese culture has been destroyed; human rights and the quality of humanity have deteriorated. The Chinese nation has lost its accountability as the image of the Chinese people has been tied closely to that of the CCP.

Foreigners have been fed up with our creditability. From Jack Ma to Lenovo Computers to all other listed companies, from Sino-British Joint Declaration of 50 years’ no change in Hong Kong to WTO commitments to other commitments made by late Chairman Mao, from the promise of President Xi Jinping meeting Donald Trump at the Rose Garden and his promise at the G20 summit, in addition to his commitment of never militarizing the artificial islands in the South China Sea, we have seen the total lack of trust.

Westerners have become accustomed to the “lack of trust” of the Chinese people because of CCP’s past performances. They have the right not to believe in me as a Chinese man too. This is a disgrace and I have strongly felt that.

Even though the CCP regime was completely wiped out from the earth today, the Chinese people have to work hard from today to build that trust and win back the respect of the world. A retired U.S. official told me that he used to support the overseas Chinese democratic movement both financially and in person. He helped them to apply for financial assistance from the government; but he was deceived by their lies. I felt really sad about this.

Today, after two years of relying on Twitter and Youtube to deliver our messages, we have built a very popular Guo.media. Although we still need improvements in our logo, VI and AI designs, our platform has caught the attention of the world.

Many of the participants are the most influential in the world as leaders in politics, economics, culture and religion. They did not talk about my beautiful clothes, how handsome I am, or how good the Chinese economy is. Their focus is the CCP: how can this world allow the existence of such a vile Communist Party on earth?! They talked about Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet. The root to all the troubles there is the CCP who claims to serve the people and calls those troubles its “internal affairs”.

Our warrior friends have done a lot of work to make those video presentations. I am very grateful for that. These western friends were shocked by the videos about the serious floods in Southern China, the protests of Taiwanese against communist media dissemination, religious persecution in Tibet, and over two million Muslims detained in Xinjiang. And of course, the focus is in Hong Kong, the mass demonstrations since June 9th, the courage of Hong Kong people and the tyranny of the police. These participants have a very profound understanding of the Communist Party, far more different from what we have learned about.

Two years ago, many of these western friends thought Wengui had ZERO possibility to topple the CCP regime. But today, after our detailed discussions, many have come to realize a sure possibility. They have shaken my hands hard. Some of the participants are over 80 or 90 years old and not in very good health. Many of them have dealt with the CCP leadership since Mao’s time. But they were still too anxious to stand up and speak their minds.

An old man told me, “Wengui! When you first said about acting against the CCP, later said about taking down the CCP and eliminating the CCP, we saw ZERO possibility. But today we are in an era of global fight against the CCP, to completely eliminate the CCP; we are sure you are in a winning fight and it’s now a critical time.”

Please think, before May, we would not have imagined what’s happening in Hong Kong today. What’s happening in Taiwan and Xinjiang, the reactions in the United States when it comes to legal actions, and the slowdown of CCP’s economy – everything has changed too fast.

A year ago, I said we must open the battleground outside China in foreign land. Today Hong Kong has opened the first chapter in the elimination of the CCP. That was really a very good idea. We do not have much capital or resources; the strength we have come from our ideals and faith in justice. Today, people have stood up from the crisis of Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and made these places the battleground for a global fight against the CCP regime.

Strategically, this has been a great victory. When this revolution has started, no one is able to stop it.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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