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The CCP is Destroying the World with “Matthew Effect” in Satan’s Version

Matthew Effect in some contexts, refers to the adage “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. In a civilized society with the rule of law and human rights, a good, hard-working, rule-abiding person will have the opportunity to thrive and reach his/her full potential. But in the context of Communist China ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”), this needs to be looked at from a different perspective. “Matthew Effect” still works, but in Satan’s way.

Communist China is known for being the second-largest economy and one of the richest countries in the world. Well, sort of. The truth is the CCP is one, if not the only one, of the richest entities in the world. How they did it was not by “serve the people”, but to take over the 9.6 million square kilometers land of China, enslave 1.4 billion Chinese people and keep getting investments and technologies from its western appeasers even today.

To get startup capital, the CCP claimed, right after seizing power in China, that they were “people’s government” and the land belonged to “the country and the people”, while the country was solely ruled by the CCP. This means, as a totalitarian regime, the CCP government runs legislation, judiciary and executive powers in one, and has total control of all the resources and population of the third-largest country with one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The socialism ideology had found its way into a then undeveloped feudal Chinese society, allowing a group of bad actors to rule and steal from the rich land of China, demonstrating the faithlessness, brutality, and greed in human nature to a significant extent. Thus, the CCP could accumulate their startup capital that has led to their capital empire across the continents today.

Take Communist China’s land policy as an example. The Chinese Land Reform Movement in the 1940s to 1950s involved mass murder of landlords, depriving private land ownership and implementing a so-called “collective ownership” which really turned all Chinese people into tenants. The government self-claimed the right to decide how to distribute the land and how much people need to pay to live on the land. It’s like, they took away a rancher’s ranch and made him or his children work to pay a duty to live in an apartment. They also made the duty very high. Till today, the CCP government has been selling the land to people, collecting Land Finance money, mortgage interests, bribery from real estate companies, taxes and management fees. A CCP cadre owns hundreds of apartments and houses, while a “laobaixing” (old hundred names)needs to work for decades to pay off the debt for a place to live in. Besides, the CCP says, people don’t own the land, but only have 70 years of right to use the land. When this right of usage expires, they are supposed to pay more to renew it. If not, your apartment is no longer yours. All generations of a working-class family will be tied to their mortgages and be the slaves of the CCP. Where did the money go? Ask the CCP, Wall Street and the Bidens.

This is just one aspect in the life of the Chinese people. There are education, health care, transportation, energy, technology, entertainment, funeral… you name it. Even human organs and little kids are harvested as they wish. When Somebody gets an organ transplant in China without knowing where it came from, a question mark could be pinned. It’s impossible to describe with just a few paragraphs the burden and frustration the ordinary Chinese people are bearing in their life. What the American people take for granted, like freedom of speech, or fair trade in the market, is merely available in Communist China.

How are the Chinese people treated by the CCP regime? In 2016, Yang Gailan, a 28-year-old woman living in the poor rural area in Gansu Province, killed her 4 kids and herself, followed by her husband’s suicide 7 days later at her tomb, because of poverty and the unfair treatment from the local government. The police then defamed her as “having a history of mental illness” to cover it up. What about the “middle class” in China? A recent online post says, a high school teacher in Beijing, with twenty years of teaching experiences, working as a leading teacher in his school, is earning about ¥250,000 a year before taxes and deductions (about $38,000). But don’t forget, the house price in Beijing in 2019 was about ¥60,000 per square meters (about $9,000). The price of meat has gone higher than that in the U.S. Even though, this is above the average, if not among the best, of the majority of the Chinese people. In many poor areas, there are no public schools or teachers. Kids are treated like dirt. The annual GDP in China is $700 per person. And Hunter Bidens are getting billions of dollars from the CCP and allegedly abusing little Chinese kids as is shown in his computer, according to the authorities. In 2013, Hunter Biden got billion-dollar contracts from the Chinese government. In return, the Obama-Biden administration turned to a mild policy on issues like the South China Sea disputes, energy price, IP theft, U.S. national security, etc.. The following images show in 2017, Hunter Biden signed another contract with a Chinese company called Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd, a trillion-dollar company owned by and working for the CCP. As Mr. Bannon always says in War Room, this is the tip of an iceberg and they are taking the blood money from the Chinese people. As Mr. Miles Guo and the New Federal State of China say, all the money shall be returned to the Chinese people.

Why does the CCP collude with the western elites? Because the American Constitution and social system contradict everything the CCP owns and maintains. They are upset and afraid of it. They have to overturn it. That’s why they came up with these decades-long schemes like the “Unrestricted Warfare”, “Blue-Gold-Yellow” (“BGY”, implying threats, money, sex bribery), “3F” (foment weakness, foment chaos, and foment destruction to kill America), “One Belt One Road” initiative, “one thousand talents” plan, etc.. Through these, the CCP can accumulate their wealth, maintain their power, spread their narrative, absorb investments, steal technologies, control western politics, business and social media, buy the Vatican, bully other countries, implement their ideology, and ultimately dominate the world. If they are encountered, they spread a pandemic, and sacrifice the poor and disappear the whistleblowers.

The compromised and greedy Bidens and their like may seem to get super rich day after day, but it’s a doomed situation, a “Matthew Effect” in Satan’s version. Now the CCP even wants to rewrite the Bible, replace the Vatican and represent God. More and more people realize that all of a sudden, they or their children can’t afford a house, their retirement money and life-long savings are sent to Communist China with a risk of lost forever, their kids are threatened by TikTok, their cities are locked down, their communities aren’t as safe as before, their comments are banned on Twitter or Facebook, their TV and newspaper are full of CCP propaganda, New York or London become the next Hong Kong…because their governments and social media are controlled and appeasing the CCP.

This has to be stopped. Mr. Miles Guo and his fellow fighters, a group of Chinese people from The New Federal State of China, are fighting against the evil CCP and its collaborators at the risk of life and everything. Mr. Bannon, Mr. Giuliani, their teams, and friends who care about the American people as well as the Chinese people are relentlessly working together to take down the CCP. It’s not about politics, and it won’t be successful unless all nations and peoples join together. As Mr. Miles Guo always say, those who befriend the CCP are our enemies, and those who fight against the CCP are our Chinese people’s friends. We hope the world wakes up and stop the Satans from destroying the world before it’s too late.

By GM65

BGY – CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare Plan to Control the World

“Miles Guo told me when I first met him,” Steven Bannon recalled during his October 20 live stream interview with Lude Media that “the ways CCP compromised people is BGY, i.e. online, women, money and gold. And Hunter Biden is a classic example of BGY.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) succeeded in combating its domestic rival, the Chinese Nationalist Party (CNP), through unconventional and often deceitful war tactics, and stole authority over China, 40 years before the term “Unrestricted Warfare” came into existence. In 1999, the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House issued Unrestricted Warfare, a book written by two PLA air force political officers, Senior Col. Qiao Liang and Senior Col. Wang Xiangsui. The book’s English edition was subtitled “China’s Master Plan to Destroy America”, revealing the authors’ true motive. As Dr. James D. Perry noted in his paper about “Operation Allied Force: The View from Beijing” that “The book was not a blueprint for a “dirty war” against the West but a call for innovative thinking on future warfare.”

There were several aspects of “unrestricted warfare” listed in Wikipedia:

Lawfare or political action through transnational or non-governmental organizations can effect a policy change that would be impossible otherwise. Because of the international nature of the modern world and activism, it is much easier for nation-states to affect policy in other nation-states through a proxy.

Economic warfare. Owing to the interconnected nature of global economics, nations can inflict grievous harm on the economies of other nations without taking any offensive action.

Network warfare. Networks are increasingly important in not only data exchange but also transportation, financial institutions, and communication. Attacks that disable networks can easily hamstring large areas of life that are dependent on them for coordination.

Terrorism. Another instance of threats to nations within the scope of the concept of “unrestricted warfare” is terrorism. Terrorism is used by a group to gain satisfaction for certain demands. Even if these demands are not satisfied, a terrorist attack can have vastly disproportionate effects on national welfare.

However, in reality, the “unrestricted warfare” operations are more sophisticated and discrete than depicted in writing. Due to differences in thinking and cultural context, the western world is mostly unable and unwilling to perceive that they are under CCP attack in most of the cases. During the October 5, 2017 press conference at the Hudson Institute, Mr. Miles GUO exposed several of CCP’s unrestricted warfare plans used to weaken and control the West. His words were deemed sensational by a majority of the audiences. However, facts in the following three years proved that those plans had been carried out effectively, involving political figures and prominent organizations in the West. “Drain the swamp”, as called out by President Trump and Mr. Giuliani, sounds the battle horn against CCP manipulation. The overwhelming resistance to their efforts only proves how deep and vast the swamp has become under CCP infiltration.

“The Hard Drive from Hell”, first reported in Lude Media on September 24, followed by New York Post two weeks later, contains colossal evidence of CCP using BGY (Blue, Gold and Yellow) unrestricted warfare tactics to rein in circles like the BIDEN family that can insert influences on national policies. The typical methods involve controlling the internet, money and sexual bribery, and much beyond. The action code G, for example, refers to the Green Plan, under which CCP provides organ transplant services to western dignitaries. The CCP is protected by the West’s terminal lack of courage to face inhuman behavior, its confidence comes from the norm that when one commits crimes that are too heinous, the world will not want to believe it. Being aware of the CCP inferno is a crucial first step back on track of moral judgment.

Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞)

BGY – Mulan “Billion Fei” in the “Hard Drive from Hell”

Let the battle begin.

General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) XI Jinping has waged the ‘Ultimate Battle’ around the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, betting on potential BIDEN victory to guarantee CCP regime in power for another century. The Whistleblower Movement fights back starting with a two-week information combat focusing on BIDEN family criminal network links with the CCP.

As part of the Unrestricted Warfare, CCP has exercised its BGY strategy on BIDEN family network to full effectiveness. The action code BGY, abbreviated for Blue, Gold and Yellow, represents tactics CCP uses to control individuals and networks of the West, such as BIDEN family, through information control, money and sex bribery, respectively. The sexual dealings between the Democrat presidential nominee’s son HUNTER Biden and Disney movie Mulan starring actress LIU Yifei revealed in the ‘Hard Drive from Hell’ is just one example of CCP propelling its BGY strategy at full power to manipulate western businesses, political figures, and media.

On September 25, Whistleblower Movement’s Lude Media first broke the information in live broadcast on YUE Xinyu, the proxy of XI Jinping and real chief behind many CCP corporations and shady business deals. On September 26, Lude further exposed that YUE Xinyu had “contracted” LIU to be his mistress at a cost of CNY 1 billion per year, thus earning LIU Yifei the name “Billion Fei” on the internet. The sex photos and videos of LIU and HUNTER in the “Hard Drive from Hell” dated back to December 4, 2013 during Joe BIDEN’s trip to Beijing. HUNTER went along on that trip and signed a USD 1.5 billion agreement with Bohai Capital to found BHR, of which 10% equity share was reserved for the ‘Big Guy’, now confirmed Joe BIDEN.

Immediately after Lude Media broke the story, CCP applied information distortion techniques around the actress. Take a look at her Weibo, the popular social media platform for entertainers in China. The keyword “billion” leads to several results, “Billion Fei” being at the top. Interestingly, clicking on “Billion Fei” and links related to the scandal leads to no relevant information. Inside LIU’s Weibo, a tag says “rapid increasing fans”, suggesting a robustly growing fan base, and “retweets”, “comments” and “likes” are frequent. Comparing the numbers of retweets (R), comments (C) and likes (L) of her latest 10 Weibo with the 15 top-ranking female stars in China (LIU ranks the 16th), her followers are new and have little or no track record. The sum of her RCL (yellow shaded) is only less than the two influencers (blue shaded). However, by a close look at the number of comments, we find LIU’s comments percentage (17.2%) much higher than the two influencers (8.8% and 3.7%, respectively). Most comments under LIU’s Weibo are meaningless, some are sequence numbered, feeding suspicions that they were paid clicks sent from fixed accounts.

Beyond China boarder, as the hard drive story took on wings, CCP activated its “silent powers” that have been planted in all corners of the world to block and censor. Twitter shut accounts of Whistleblower Movement followers by thousands in one single day. As a result, many Whistleblowers and activists move their battlefront to less CCP controlled Parler. Whistleblower Movement’s own media – GNews, GTV, Lude Media – are under constant attack. Fighters around the globe voluntarily engage in a marathon of information relay. As soon as a new piece of CCP BGY evidence is released, they pass it on, knowing that their social media accounts may be again shut down in the next minute. Meanwhile, mainstream media that themselves had been compromised by CCP BGY are from self-censoring to telling straight lies to the public.

While addressing the ‘Ultimate Battle’ to his team, XI Jinping stated with confidence that BIDEN would win victory in 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. His confidence is rooted in depredation of universal value and justice. It is for the world to fight it out.

Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞)

Confucius Institutes: Infiltration, External Propaganda, Political Brainwashing

On October 15, the US Secretary of State Pompeo announced in an interview with US media that all Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in the United States will be closed at the end of this year. The news was only one week after Liu Qiang, the dean of the Confucius Institute at Webster University, was investigated by the FBI for suicide. So, what exactly is the Confucius Institute? What did it do?

The hidden functions of the Confucius Institute: Infiltration, External Propaganda, and political brainwashing. The Confucius Institute is very unfamiliar to most people in China because it is neither a university in China nor is it recruiting students from China. Its enrollment target is foreigners, so few people know about it! It is managed by the “National Office for the Promotion of Chinese as a Foreign Language” (Hanban) under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is backed by strong special fund support from the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China. On a university website, it posted the ” Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Education of the people’s Republic of China, notice on the management of special funds for the international promotion of Chinese.” “For every newly opened Confucius Institute overseas, the Ministry of Finance will give 150,000 US dollars in financial support, and each annual operating fee is 150,000 to 200,000 US dollars!” So it is obvious that the Confucius Institute is the external propaganda department of the Chinese Communist government, not a non-governmental organization! But the Chinese Communist Party shamelessly stated in the Confucius Institute’s regulations: Confucius Institute is a non-profit organization! The Confucius Institute is a government-run institution, of course, it does not need to make a profit, just plunder the Chinese people directly!

The Chinese Communist Party spent such a large amount of money and energy on a seemingly “foreign academic institution”, there must be a secret. The Chinese man (the dean of the Confucius Institute) mentioned above committed suicide. I think he knew too much. At present, we don’t know more inside stories and can’t say too much. However, even the chief scientist Zhang Shousheng of Silicon Valley can be set up to be “suicidal”. It is not surprising if this dean was set up to be “suicidal”! The United States and some countries accuse the Confucius Institute of espionage and infiltration activities. They must have evidence and will not fabricate the charges, because after all, the Confucius Institute is under the name of “promoting the Chinese language”– no one will deliberately become enemies of language training institutions! Think about it, why don’t language training institutions in other countries have such “treatment”?

Another function of the Confucius Institute: Controlling the international discourse power of the standard of Chinese as a foreign language. In July this year, the “Hanban” of the Communist Party of China was renamed as the ” Center for Language Education and Cooperation “. It is so funny, Is there any difference? As some countries around the world are wary that Confucius Institutes are CCP spy agencies, and have closed Confucius Institutes one after another, the Chinese government should be panicked and changed its name to deal with the crisis! The reason why the Confucius Institute can covertly complete its publicity and penetration is that it is organized on the visible surface. Let’s take a look at the part of the Confucius Institute! Basically, it can be divided into three parts: Hanban volunteers, Confucius Institute entities, and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test). These three parts form a system that tightly controls the international discourse power of foreign Chinese standards!

The teachers and so-called volunteers of Confucius Institutes are selected and dispatched by the Hanban of the Communist Party of China when they go overseas, and with government money, they must listen to the party’s words, and cannot arbitrarily discuss anything inside of China; If they are hearing the students say something bad for the Communist Party, they must stop it and correct it. They must defend and support the Communist Party! Overseas Confucius Institutes will hold activities on Holidays and Chinese New Year and tell the “Chinese Story” well, all sensitive topics involving Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, etc. must be filtered out!

The HSK Chinese Proficiency Test can give students a sense of direction in learning Chinese. If the HSK test can become a capital for profit, such as studying in China for free and obtaining a Confucius Institute scholarship, it is no foreign student who will refuse it! So the standard is especially important for the CCP. The core of the CCP standard is to listen to me (CCP)! It is only natural for these foreign students who have enjoyed the benefits of the CCP to promote the “Core Socialist Values” for the CCP. They must know how to write the pinyin of “I love Beijing Tiananmen!”

Generally speaking, when a country’s influence is large enough, people from another country will yearn to learn the language of that country. For example, learning Korean is because of Oppa, learning Japanese because of Japanese design and products, and learning English is Because of American technology! However, CCP has no influence. Since it cannot attract people from other countries to take the initiative to learn Chinese, it uses the name of the world’s second-largest economy to promote the “Chinese Story” of the CCP! Therefore, since the establishment of the Hanban Confucius Institute in 2004, the CCP has opened 541 Confucius Institutes and 1,170 Confucius Classrooms in 162 countries around the world! According to the official 2008 standard in the above picture, estimate how much it is. The author has met several foreign students studying Chinese in China. They are all free. Thinking of this, CCP they are so generous for overseas students, but how many children in China have given free money? The incident of Shandong University matching black students with female students in the newspaper last year is even more disgusting and annoying!

The CCP is a dictatorship regime, so the CCP’s methods of promoting Chinese overseas are almost intrusive. They use a batch of subsidized teaching methods. Not only do they pay big money, but they also give away junk teaching materials for free, which seriously affects the overseas Chinese teaching market and make the Chinese teaching market ridiculously cheap.

【Up to now, 541 Confucius Institutes and 1,170 Confucius Schools have been established in 162 countries (regions) around the world. Among them, there are 39 countries (regions) in Asia, 139 Confucius Institutes, and 115 Confucius Schools; 46 countries in Africa, 61 Confucius Institutes, 48 ​​Confucius Institutes; 43 European countries (regions), 187 Confucius Institutes, and 346 Confucius Classrooms; 27 countries in America, 138 Confucius Institutes, 560 Confucius Classrooms; 7 countries in Oceania, 20 Confucius Institutes, 101 Confucius Classrooms.】

【Hanban has sent more than 47,000 volunteers to 138 countries. 2017-11-19 08:40:10, Source: China News Network 】

It is worth mentioning that because the CCP controls the United Nations, the United Nations’ Chinese character standards are consistent with the CCP (GB18030). In addition, because the CCP uses the power of the country to spend money to promote Chinese, it makes Taiwan’s foreign language promotion more and more difficult. Few people apply for their Chinese Language Proficiency Test <TOCFL>! Even if their curriculum evaluation system is better than that of the CCP, it is still unlikely that too many foreign students will choose them. On the official website of Taiwan, the total number of candidates for their TOCFL is only tens of thousands, and compare with HSK of the CCP, it reached hundreds of thousands a year, so this is the CCP’s naked international suppression of Taiwan’s cultural and language. In the next article, I will talk about the HSK of the CCP!

By Shang Jin Ge

New Song released: Drink Down the CCP

CCP’S Lying Diplomacy

What are the most significant export products of the Chinese Communist Party? Corruptions and lies! Zhao Lijian, as a spokesperson of this regime, has become synonymous with lies. Given the irrefutable evidence shown regarding Biden-CCP collusion, Zhao’s recent statement at the press briefing slapped himself on the face: “China doesn’t export ideology, interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs…”

Pompeo, Secretary of State, said:” Communists almost always lie. The biggest lie that they tell is to think that they speak for 1.4 billion people who are surveilled, oppressed, and scared to speak out.”However, to silence 1.4 billion people is not enough, the CCP output more lies and corruption to cover themselves. A recent example is, in front of all the allegations based on facts towards the Biden family, this criminal family simply copied CCP style by denying every fact and calling it “smears”, and all the left-wing media have kept quiet just as the censored CCP media outlets.

“When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.” ―by Thomas Paine, English-born American political activist, philosopher, political theorist and revolutionary.

The following is the snippets of Zhao’s remarks, published on the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Office’s Wechat Account.

Question: According to the “Foreign Ministry Spokesman’s Office”, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October 22, a reporter asked: the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs O’Brien published an article in the U.S. Foreign Affairs magazine on October 21, claiming that the CCP’s ideological agenda extends far beyond the country’s borders and represents a threat to the idea of democracy itself. Does China have any response to this?

Zhao Lijian: O’Brien is judging China’s intentions by the United States’ mindset. His claim is ignorant of history and reality, full of strong ideological bias and the Cold-War mentality. By hyping up ideological confrontation, a small group of U.S. politicians is trying to drag the world into a new Cold War. It is against the trend of the times to revive McCarthyism, an unpopular act that is doomed to fail.

As we repeatedly stressed, the path chosen by a country is based on its own cultural traditions and history. No force is in the position to denigrate the development path chosen by another country, and no country will change its system to suit others’ desires. China doesn’t export ideology, interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs, seek to alter others’ systems, or intend to have an ideological confrontation with the United States or any other country. We act on our words.

If the United States is candid enough, it can declare its intention to the world like China did: the United States doesn’t seek to export ideology, change other countries’ political systems, or meddle in others’ internal affairs. Once made by the U.S. government, I believe all will warmly welcome such a commitment.

News Sources:Wechat MFA Press Briefing

Source: G-news

Steve Bannon: China is Bigger Than Burisma! Top Democratic leaders involved.


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