Warrior friends discuss Guo Wengui’s live-broadcast today

Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Beijing.

After CCP killer Guo Wengui had his live broadcast today, warrior friends have joined Ludepress to express their views on the talk of Mr. Guo.

The following is a highlighted version of the discussion:

Lude: February 29 is a significant watershed. Guo Wengui’s Seven Principles will be revised soon. Everything has begun. Everyone must be very excited, because “everything has just begun” has been said for almost three years. These Chinese characters are so special.

Anhong: Mr. Guo Wengui delineated another line. Before April 1, families of three members of the CCP standing committee will hold funeral services one after another. China will have a new George Washington, and the United States will have a new George Washington too. Guo mentioned the Pandora’s box three times, there is a goddess of wisdom, Athena for hope.

Rick: Mr. Guo wanted to say something but couldn’t say. Whom did he meet in the forest mountains? Yuan Shikai of late Qing Dynasty returned to Beijing from Hong Kong and Wuhan before he seized power. China has not only Yuan Shikai, but also Washington. Washington was the founding father of the American system. Within the CCP leadership, Xi Jinping’s opponents have returned to Beijing. April 1st and June 4th are two clear dates. It is exciting to amend Guo’s seven principles.

Lude: Mr. Guo should have received the exact information from the U.S. government. He gave the number “17” today. Does he mean we have only 17 days to see dramatic things happening in China and the world? We may understand it this way. There may be three options for the CCP to choose its death: fastest death by internal fight; CCP may stand up and announce its disintegration; China-US war. What do you think?

Anhong: The second. In the future, China, whether it is a new federation or something else, has seen its embryonic form. These leaders must be international talents who can see the big picture of the world. CCP internal cracking is the most important.

Rick: The second is preferred. The United States and the Taliban signed a troop withdrawal agreement. As a terrorist organization, the Taliban has internal structural changes. People inside the CCP who are wise, empowered, and able to change the structure of the CCP will have a better state-system change than by force or internal separation.

Lude: The seventh of Guo’s principles “not counter President Xi Jinping” has been controversial.

Anhong: Since the beginning of the Expose Revolution, some people have been questioning the seventh principle. Mr. Guo has his own rhythm. Important time points have been pointed out in advance. Mr. Guo has long said that there will be nodes in China-US trade decoupling in 2020. His words have all proved correct. The Expose Revolution has its own timetable.

Lude: The four furnaces in Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery are special furnaces, only for top CCP leaders one by one, 4 in total. Only the highest level CCP officials are qualified for cremation with these special furnaces.

Please think who within the CCP leadership are these four furnaces are prepared for? Will Xi Jinping be one of them?

Translated and Edited by Winnie Troppie


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