Warning Hong Kong people: Chinese Communist Party shall never be trusted


Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said the Central Government supports, respects and understands Hong Kong government’s decision to delay the Extradition bill, accusing foreign governments of “making trouble and stirring up confrontation” in the territory.

At a press conference Yesterday in Beijing after meeting Holland’s counterpart, Wang Yi warned the so-called western forces of trying to damage Hong Kong’s stability and One Country Two Systems, denouncing : “Take away your black hands! Hong Kong is China’s internal affair!”

Today the state-run media People’s Daily took on U.S. Republican Senator Marco Rubio personally, telling in an editorial, “America’s most radical anti-China politician rears his ugly head”.

The editorial says: Rubio, along with the hypocrites who accuse China of intellectual property theft in the US, apply a double standard to Huawei and its more than 50,000 patents, and then turn around and insult Huawei, calling the Chinese tech giant a “patent troll.”

“Huawei has become a patent troll,” Rubio tweeted last week in response to a Wall Street Journal report that said Huawei wants Verizon to pay licensing fees for its patents. “This is an attempt by them to retaliate against the US by setting the stage for baseless, but costly, patent claims.”

China Daily said of Rubio, “Indeed, the Cuban-American politician, who holds a biased attitude toward socialist countries, such as Cuba and China, has a record of opposing China on almost everything including on the issues of Taiwan and Confucius Institutes.”

It tells Rubio’s latest move has exposed selfish political intentions. His radical behavior will only harm his own country at the end, even though it may suit his political playbook.

Rubio tweeted as a response, “When the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China attacks you, you know you are doing something right.”

Marco Rubio is the third Americans that the CCP newspaper has targeted in the past month or two, after former White House Steve Bannon and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. But the CCP leadership knows there will be more hawks from the U.S. government standing out to challenge the dictatorship face to face.

Yesterday we saw President Donald Trump pick Mark Esper as the next acting Secretary of Defense to replace Patrick Shanahan; Mark is a more hawkish military chief and he is surely tougher on Communist China.

And please do not forget that Vice President Mike Pence is going to deliver a tougher speech on human rights violations of the Communist regime in just a few days.

Compared to the United States, the Chinese dictatorship finds less and less allies on the globe. Besides North Korea, only Iran, Venezuela, Cuba or maybe Russia stands by its side.

Ahead of the G20 summit in Japan, when President Xi Jinping has no friends to speak to, he plans another hand-shake with Kim Jong Un. When two dictators meet on June 20-21, we can expect what they can talk and achieve on the fake nuclear threat.

“No matter how the international situation changes, the firm stand of the CPC and the Chinese government to consolidate and develop the friendship and cooperative relations with the DPRK remains unchanged, and will not change”, President Xi said ahead of the meeting in a statement.

Xi said with Xinhua that he and Kim are confident about and capable of bringing bilateral ties to a stage of new development in the new era to deliver more benefits to the people from both countries and promote peace, stability and prosperity in the region and the world.

But can these two dictators be trusted even by their own people?

Yesterday President Xi held a telephone conversation with Donald Trump, claimed by Xinhua that the talk was made at Donald Trump’s request. People are laughing with their teeth dropping.

According to Xinhua, Trump looks forward to meeting Xi again during the G20 summit and the U.S. side values its cooperation with China, and hopes that both sides can conduct communication, and find a way to resolve the current dispute as soon as possible.

We don’t have to comment too much on the expression of Xinhua News Agency but just look at what Guo Wengui tells about the CCP’s “tactics of delay”.

“The CCP leadership has always played with tricks of delay. This time with massive protests in Hong Kong, CCP spent lots of cash to hold up the Hang Seng Index, trying to send a message the market is stabilized after the students retreated. But their tricks won’t work this time, as the decision makers are not in Hong Kong, but in the United States”.

Guo Wengui said if the U.S. requests the financial sector to retreat from Hong Kong, the CCP leadership would knee down to talk. He said if the U.S. Senate and the House moves ahead to revoke the U.S.-Hong Kong Relation Act and the Agreement on Hong Kong’s Status as a Free Trade Hub and start freezing the personal assets of its high ranking officials, the CCP leadership would beg for mercy. If Donald Trump and his administration act to use sanctions against these Hong Kong individuals, the CCP leadership would surrender.

So Hong Kong People must be clear about their situation. Now they have international support. They must stand firm on their requests: resignations of Carrie Lam and other key officials, notion of riot redefined, investigation into power abuse of police, and request for universal election.

In the issue of Hong Kong, the CCP leadership also plans with a tactic of delay. It orders Carrie Lam to talk to the students, hoping the Hong Kong people would give them more time.

But courageous Hong Kong people must be aware of the nature of the Communist Party.

The CCP regime fears truth the most while its officials care most of the safety of their private wealth. More than 60% of their assets are kept in Hong Kong.

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass tweeted earlier, “Today I’m releasing our views on the financial, political, and legal plight of Hong Kong. I think Investors that have assets invested there should immediately move them into USD before it’s too late.”

President Xi told Donald Trump that China and the United States have one thousand reasons to be friends. Then they had the 90-days at the Argentina G20 Summit. But nothing happened with the “structural change”. Donald Trump was deceived.

When China joined the WTO, the CCP leadership had its promises but it has never played by the rules. Later they made other promises to win the 2008 Olympic Games, but they never kept them. President Xi promised Obama never to have military facilities on man-made islands in the South China Sea, but he did not keep the promise.

Twenty two years ago when the CCP government had the Joint Declaration with the UK government to handover Hong Kong, it promised a 50-year no change with One Country Two systems. But only 22 years passed, the CCP leadership is too eager to break its promise.

The same with Taiwan, the same with Dalai Lama, the Same with Tibet and Xinjiang … what the CCP leadership has been doing is how to deceive more people.

In mainland China of 1.4 billion people, the CCP leader wants the whole nation to worship him as the only God. CCP built up the Great Firewall and exercises a national censorship. It wants to seal up the mouths of the whole nation. It declares to the whole world that China never needs western-style democracy, or judicial independence.

In the past two years with Guo Wengui in New York exposing the corruption crimes and sex scandals of the CCP leadership, the vicious traitors like Wang Qishan have used all kinds of threats besides his BGY schemes to stop the spread of truth. In the western world, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and most the mainstream media have either colluded with the CCP regime to prevent the spread of truths, or just keep their mouths shut up.

In spite of all these, the forces of justice and righteousness have joined hands and become stronger and stronger. More and more people have come to differentiate China and the Chinese people from the vile Communist Party. More people have taken the side of the right and stood up to speak their mind.

Guo Wengui said these days repeatedly to Hong Kong people as a warning, “CCP cannot be trusted! Please keep on fighting until the final victory!

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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