Wanted tycoon Guo Wengui will hold Global Press Conference to reveal more evidence


Exiled businessman Guo Wengui has just dropped more bombshells on social media that he will hold a global press conference in New York within a few weeks revealing the truth of China’s anti-corruption campaign in the past four years.

According to Guo’s twitter announcement, he would welcome any media from the globe to attend the press conference, with a free meal, that will last for 7 hours targeting mainly top Chinese leaders Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun.

Earlier in an interview aired on Voice of America on April 19, Guo said Chinese president Xi Jinping ordered Fu Zhenghua, the vice-minister of state security, to investigate the family finance of Wang Qishan, Xi’s close political ally and head of the party’s anti-corruption watchdog CCDI, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Meng Jianzhu is currently the secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission and Sun Lijun is deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security. Guo says he will show evidence of their corruption and torture of these government bodies against innocent people.

Guo claims that his viewpoint of the world changes when he witnessed one of his eight brothers shot dead 20 days before his 18th birthday by two Chinese policemen for a sum of only seven thousand yuan (about 1100 US Dollars). And presently his family members have been separated for three years under their pressure, many of his employees abducted and tortured by the police without any criminal acts or wrong-doing. In contrast, he shows evidence of Wang’s family members on luxurious flights wasting public money for personal lust and accuses him of abusing state power.

With the introduction of anti-corruption campaign, “a million families are bereaved, near nine million people are persecuted. Under no conditions of any wrongdoing, my sixty year old brother who is sick, my employees, were insulted, have their private area intimidated, beaten, tortured, while his family members are traveling around the world on billion dollar jets, with play girls, ….shall I ask what the hell is the reason of heavens, is there any justice on the planet? What is their Party nature or human nature?” Guo flies off in his tweets.

Guo says that he is waiting for fighting back from his accused members and he is not afraid to meet them face to face on any TV show for debate. He comments that “the People need an answer.” After making further allegations on his Twitter account, Guo is sure that he is making contribution to the drive of governing the country with the rule of law, adding, “This is just a beginning.”

Guo says in Twitter that he is now a citizen of Emirate of Abu Dhabi, calling it his “dear motherland”. He thanks his motherland for giving him the security, trust, dignity, and wealth. He swears to devote the rest of his life to his new country.

To trap Guo, the Interpol “Red Notice” has become a joke among the social media audience. According to Mingjing Huopai, the VOA interview has brought the Communist Party into a greater and more dangerous trap dug by itself: the more it sets for stricter control, the more it loses its control.

More viewers are watching, closely.

By Cloudy Seagail


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