Wang Yi’s diplomatic setbacks in Europe

Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide hold a press conference, in Oslo, Norway August 27, 2020

From August 25 to September 1, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi is paying official visits to Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, France, and Germany.

When Wang Yi kicked off his visit to Italy on Tuesday, he has kicked the hard rocks.

When in Rome, his Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio has sent a stern warning about Hong Kong, saying that China ought to respect its speech freedoms, and signaling the European Union’s continued disapproval of the national security law Beijing imposed on the city.

While in Rome, Canadian foreign minister Francois-Philippe Champagne called for the immediate release of two Canadian citizens at a meeting with the Chinese foreign minister.

Before his departure, Wang Yi had set four aims to be conveyed during his Europe visit: to continue working with Europe to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic; to continue supporting Europe’s unity and development; to continue consolidating and promoting China-Europe relations and to continue maintaining world peace and development.

China’s foreign ministry says, currently, the momentum of China-Europe relations is good in general but is also suffering from various instigations and even sabotage by external sources.

Wang Yi tells the European Union not to get caught up in the “new Cold War” the US tries to promote.

Annabelle Timsit of Quartz said, “The last week of August is not the best time to visit Europe for anything other than empty tourist attractions.”

“Parliaments across Europe have increasingly been at the forefront of an ideological and political battle with China as they seek to shape their countries’ policies toward one of the world’s superpowers,” Annabelle said.

According to the Guardian, in every capital Wang visits, he is being accompanied by protests from local MPs and MEPs linked together in the new Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (Ipac), although in some countries parliament isn’t sitting.

In Norway on Wednesday Wang, seeking to finalise a free trade agreement, met the full Norwegian political class but again found an Ipac co-chair, this time the liberal leader, Trine Skei Grande, leading a human rights protest in Oslo. Wang was also challenged by the press. Asked about a call for the Norwegian Nobel committee to grant the peace prize to the people of Hong Kong, Wang warned against politicising the prize. Norway was thrown in the diplomatic deep freeze for six years after the committee in 2010 gave the prize to Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese human rights activist.

The report says China will be most concerned with the climate surrounding the visits to Germany and France, two countries that have been most wary of Donald Trump’s rhetorical war on China.

Earlier, unnamed officials told the South China Morning Post that details of Wang’s meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron were being kept under wraps in order to avoid protests.

During his trip, Wang Qi continues to tell lies, casting doubt and spreading confusion in a narrative trying to evade international condemnation for covering up the truth of the coronavirus.

Speaking during a visit to Norway, Wang said that, while China was the first country to report the existence of the virus to the World Health Organisation, “it does not mean that the virus originated in China”.

“Where did the virus first start and how it started … should be left to scientists and medical experts … It should not politicised or stigmatised,” said Wang.

It’s a shame for Wang Yi to represent the great nation of 1.4 billion population in the international diplomatic arena while more and more people are questioning the legitimacy of the CCP regime.

As always, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had announced that Wang Yi’s visit to Europe was at the invitation of related countries. If it was not requested by the CCP government, no European country would choose to invite Wang Qi for a visit at this timing.

The request for the invitation itself, although made on customary practice, is both awkward and stupid. At least it does not tell about the facts and helps only to deceive the world.

These two days Wang is continuing his villain-like performances. Though without a large audience, he must work hard and speak loud, for his chances are less and less.

By Winnie Troppie


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