Wang Yi moves about the streets of New York, carrying a bag of feces on his shoulders


These several days Chinese state councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, neatly dressed and with wax-trimmed hair, is busy lobbying the United Nations General Assembly and the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, with pompous recitations from a crafty bag full of rubbish.

Speaking to the UN General Assembly two days after Donald Trump accused Beijing of interference in US midterm elections, Wang Yi defended that China “will not be blackmailed or yield to pressure.”

Wang Yi looks a tough-minded diplomat with an upright character for safeguarding the contemporary international order based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and enhanced by the vision and practice of multilateralism.

“International trade is complementary and win-win by nature,” Wang said. “It should not be a zero-sum game in which one gains at the expense of others, and no one should be allowed to place its own interest above the interest of others. Protectionism will only hurt oneself, and unilateral moves will bring damage to all.”

Wang said Beijing wants “a proper settlement based on rules and consensus through dialogue and consultation on an equal footing.” He framed China’s approach as a defense of the broader free trade system against unilateral and destructive steps by others.

“China has taken steps not just to defend its own legitimate rights and interests,” Wang said. “China is also acting to uphold the free trade system and international rules and order for the benefit of global recovery and the common interests of all countries.”

If Wang is allowed more time to speak, I guess his following words must be hailing President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative and a community with shared future of humanity.

We have had too much of similar hypocrisy from the Communist leaders. The words of Wang Yi, and of the Communist party too, are always so accurate, so nice, so human friendly, and so touching, but they have always said one thing and do another.

The Chinese top diplomat suggested that to uphold multilateralism in the new era, “Firstly, the world shall pursue win-win cooperation; Secondly, all nations shall act upon rules and order; Thirdly, the world shall uphold fairness and justice; Fourth, all nations must act to deliver real results.”

When we hear similar words in perfect order now, it is only disgusting as if we had just swallowed a dead fly into our throat, and we feel our skins with goose pimples all over.

On the pretext of win-win, Sri Lanka has lost the biggest port for at least 99 years. While all nations act on rules and order, Beijing manipulates WTO rules in its own favor. When Trump also asks for a fair deal, Beijing labels unilateralism. While it advocates no-interference in each other’s internal affairs, Beijing internally exercises its cruelty to make Xinjiang a police state and persecute religious believers, and externally silences voices of disagreement, effectively “delivering real results”.

In his speech, Wang Yi called for the US to make more concessions to North Korea instead of insisting that the world join the US in maintaining intense economic pressure on Pyongyang through sanctions. He also called for continued implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the formal name for the Iran nuclear deal that Trump withdrew from in May.

On the one hand, Beijing welcomes talks between Trump and Kim on denuclearization; on the other, President Xi has tried to undermine Trump’s efforts for a peace deal. Openly Beijing has been supporting international terrorism, one instance being helping Iran to counter Trump’s sanctions.

“If the agreement fails to be implemented, the international non-proliferation regime will be undermined, the authority and role of the Security Council challenged, and peace and stability in both this region and the wider world jeopardized,” Wang said. “That is a scenario in which no one stands to gain.”

The US has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council and made it clear that the ICC has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no authority. If the United Nations continues to keep a blind eye on violations by vicious regimes like Iran, Venezuela and Communist China, there is a possibility that the US would also withdraw from the Security Council and reform the UN all over.

Wang Yi wants to keep the “peace and stability” of those regimes so that their corrupt governments and officials continue to live on extravagance while starving the ordinary people.

In another development on September 28, Wang Yi was invited to deliver his views on a number of issues in another speech and dialogue “A conversation with Wangyi” by the Council on Foreign Relations, presided over by  Robert E. Rubin, chairman of the organization and Former Secretary of  US Department of the Treasury.

Rubin said in his opening words, “as we all know, there is a lot of strain in our relationship right now, and we enormously appreciate your being with us today to explain China’s views on issues that are of great interest in our country.”

Wang Yi must have many friends in the Unites States after many years of “interference in its internal affairs” with more than corruption money. He remarked, “I want to thank the Council on Foreign Relations, especially my old friend Richard Haass, whom I have known for several decades, for inviting me to come here to talk to you”.

Wang Yi said that China will not become the United States, and China will not challenge the United States. “Still less will China take the place of the United States”, he added.

Wang is very proud in saying that China is a big country in the East with a five-thousand-year civilization and the Chinese believe in peace.

“There’s not a single bone of making external expansionism in the body of the Chinese. As early as over six hundred years ago, the Chinese navigator Zheng He led the biggest fleet in the world to the Pacific and west Indian Oceans on seven expeditions, visiting over thirty countries and regions, not taking a single inch of land.” Wang said in his speech.

It is well-known that the atheist CCP is the greatest destroyer of China’s five thousand years’ cultures and traditions. The communist ideology has nothing to do with the harmonious principles of Chinese ancestors. While the CCP opposes feudalism of Zheng He’s Ming Dynasty, it is not all proper for Wang Yi to cite the example of his great voyages 600 years ago.

But to support his contradictory ideology, Wang Yi went on to make use of another ancient Chinese sage Confucius. He says, “The Chinese ancient philosopher Confucius believed that a gentleman should seek harmony in diversity and should not do to others what one would not like himself. We believe that also applies to state-to-state relations. ”

It is a shame that the Communist government has not followed Confucius’s philosophy in China for a long time. Or when communist officials have nothing in common ground with their foreign “friends”, all they can do is to fool them around with the wisdom of Chinese ancestors in five thousand years. They themselves have never believed in what they recite from their own crafty purse of feces.

This gentleman Wang Yi continued with his pride of ignorance, as always, “China has also become a model in poverty alleviation. The past few decades have seen nearly eight hundred million Chinese people lifted out of poverty, or over seventy percent of the global total. This is a miracle never seen in human history”.

If Wang Yi has a bit knowledge of Chinese history in two not five thousand years, he should have known in many periods of Han and Tang and other Dynasties, how the Chinese have lived in well developed civilizations, with much less poverty, much more freedom, and no censorship like today’s as well.

“This is a difficult time in this country in many respects”, the presider Rubin says in his conclusion. He means it is a difficult time in the United States, but the real difficulties are in the country of the Middle Kingdom.

Wang is not honest to say that “the Chinese people are really confident about the future of China and satisfied with their government.”  He repeated that China has chosen a path with Chinese features.

Wang Yi concludes, “If our two sides can look at each other in a positive and accommodating light, expand and deepen cooperation, and manage our differences then we can overcome the current difficulties to start a more promising journey to a brighter future”.

“Virtually everywhere socialism or communism has been tried, it has produced suffering, corruption, and decay. Socialism’s thirst for power leads to expansion, incursion, and oppression. All nations of the world should resist socialism and the misery that it brings to everyone,” US President Donald Trump said firmly three days ago.

Donald Trump would never like to have a “bright future” together with Communist China as his administration will reveal how Beijing officials have interfered in US midterm elections next week and take further actions against them.

Besides, the great fighter Miles Kwok will return to New York with more breaking news good for the Chinese next week after his secret meeting with the world’s financial giants and think tank influencers.

We all know that the days of the CCP are numbered, and its representatives like Wang Yi are awaiting judgment of justice and righteousness by the world community.

by Cloudy Seagail


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