Wang Qishan’s Davos speech: honey in his mouth but dagger in his heart


On January 23, at the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan delivered a speech which sounds logical and convincing but actually fraudulent and deceptive.

Wang said that many foreign friends have often put this question: What has made it possible for China to achieve so much in development and progress? And how will a stronger China engage the rest of the world? Well, these questions can be answered from historical, cultural and philosophical perspectives.

To start an argument, Wang or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tactically claims they are masters of Chinese history, culture and philosophy in five thousand years. In reality, the CCP falsely rewrites Chinese history, destroys Chinese cultures and traditions, and replaces Chinese philosophies with communism.

Wang said, “Given the close linkage between the past, the present and the future, one needs to learn about China’s past in order to understand its present and forecast its future.” His logic is so clear and words so beautiful and they seem to make so much sense.

Wang pointed out that we will stay true to the founding mission of the Communist Party of China seventy years ago, uphold its leadership and China’s fundamental socialist political and economic systems and be guided by a people-centered development philosophy.

As a fox cannot hide its tail, Wang is so quick to expose his true purpose: to safeguard the mission and interest of the CCP. Still he wants to make it lofty and humane as “people-centered”.

Wang is good at telling stories.

“From the founding and building of the People’s Republic to the launching of the reform and opening-up program and the shifting of focus to economic development, we have moved away from revolution to reform, from a planned economy to a market economy and from isolation to all-round opening-up. Four to five generations of us Chinese have, going through twists and turns, probed a way forward.”

“Through trials and errors, with many lessons learned and heavy prices paid along the way, we have made great accomplishments and embarked upon a path of building socialism with distinctive Chinese features, creating bright prospects for the great renewal of the Chinese nation.”

With these words, Wang is to tell us that the fate of the Chinese nation is in good hands – the CCP. Step by step, the CCP has led the hands of Chinese as little kids to grow, from toddlers to adulthood.

“The Chinese nation, long among the leading civilizations in the world history, has made unique and significant contribution to human progress. The profound historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation is in the genes of its people. What we long for is to see China once again gain its rightful place among the nations of the world and achieve great rejuvenation.”

When I say Wang’s words are deceiving but with logic, Wang is good at making use of China’s past contributions and heritage and adding gold to his own face. It wrongly gives an idea that CCP’s achievements follow the bloodline of Chinese civilizations for centuries. For many westerners, this can be misleading.

Wang continues to say, “The Chinese nation is a peace-loving, open and inclusive nation that keeps abreast of the times. While keeping the fine Chinese culture alive and strong, we also respect other civilizations and values, and draw inspirations from other cultures. As we continue to follow the socialist path with distinctive Chinese features, we will respect other peoples’ independent choices of paths and systems.”

Wang’s reasoning looks always complete, relates to facts and he is talking reasons to his audience. The Chinese nation is a peace-loving, open and inclusive nation, but the CCP is not, and definitely Wang Qishan is not.

Wang said, “The Chinese culture values the teachings that one should help others to succeed while seeking one’s own success, create a world for all, treat others with respect and pursue win-win cooperation. We reject the practices of the strong bullying the weak and self-claimed supremacy. While developing itself, China also wishes to work with all countries for common development and a community with a shared future for mankind.”

Anyone with common sense would agree with Wang when he speaks these words. That’s why for 70 years, the United States has been cheated by the CCP’s so-called “win-win” cooperation. It took a very long time for Washington officials and politicians to come to consensus that the CCP has always said one thing but did another.

“The advances in China in the past 70 years are not a godsend, nor a gift from others. Rather, they are made by the Chinese people through vision, hard work, courage, reform and innovation. United as one, we Chinese can surely overcome various risks and challenges.”

The disguise of Wang is that the CCP always states that it represents the fundamental interests of the Chinese people. As former White House strategist Steven Bannon finally came to understand, “all the CCP do is steal”. The communist regime of 70 years is not legitimate. It came from stealing. The CCP cannot represent China; it cannot represent the Chinese people either.

Wang is so proud to say that, “A land of 9.6 million square kilometers, a people of nearly 1.4 billion, and a history of over 5,000 years: These are the underlying features of China, and they are the source from which China derives confidence in its path, theory, system and culture. We have embarked on a right path that fits China’s conditions and is in keeping with the trend of the times. And we will further improve and enrich socialism with distinctive Chinese features through reform and opening-up. This is a path we believe in, and we will steadily forge ahead along this path.”

Anyone who has met with Wang Qishan, including Steven Bannon, tells that Wang Qishan despises the Chinese people, looks down up the hard working population of the country. He calls them “stupid animals”.

The whole of China knows that Wang Qishan is a state traitor, highly corrupt and reckless with cruelty. He has expressed his pride in putting millions of officials into prison and bringing tens of millions of Chinese families into destruction.

With his confidence in CCP’s “path, theory, system and culture ”, he made most of his family members into US citizens, including his wife. He has called for ordinary Chinese to be ready to eat grass by self-reliance while his family bought over 100 properties in the US and has billions of US dollars in their personal accounts, as Miles Kwok has revealed.

“We shall not just listen to what he says; we must have a careful look at what he does.” Wang and other CCP officials always speak honey while hiding a dagger behind the back.

Wang pointed out yesterday that the economic globalization, which gained rapid ground in the last century, was started by Western developed countries, or the Mediterranean civilization. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, technological advances have significantly reduced the geographical distance and other barriers to exchanges among countries and accelerated the economic globalization process. Emerging economies have risen. As a result, economic globalization has reached a new stage as we now know.

Wang is absolutely correct to say that, “Western multinational corporations and financial institutions are the main drivers of economic globalization. As they seek maximum profit in their operations, they allocate resources to countries with low-cost production factors and sound business environment when building global industrial chains. In this process, China has moved up from the low end to the medium and high end of the global industrial chain. The nearly 1.4 billion Chinese who are enjoying greater prosperity have unleashed huge demand backed by purchasing power. And this has unlocked enormous market potential that no one can afford to ignore.”

Wang Qishan is among the very few CCP leaders who have a deep understanding of the financial world and its developments. Otherwise, Bloomberg won’t call him the most influential man in the world, or the whole Wall Street listens to what he talks.

Wang Qishan is highly hypocritical, malignant and mean. Even under tremendous pressure, Wang is able to point out that “we must take a targeted approach to address the problems that have emerged in the process of economic globalization.”

Although he knows well that his days are numbered, Wang keeps a clear mind as he told, “Development imbalances need to be resolved through further development. Countries need to press ahead with structural reform, strike a right balance between equity and efficiency, adopt effective policy measures to prevent the worsening of income inequality and fend off the impact on some regions and industries caused by new technologies and market competition so that all people stand to gain from continued development.”

Wang said, “What we need to do is make the pie bigger while looking for ways to share it in a more equitable way. The last thing we should do is to stop making the pie and just engage in a futile debate on how to divide it. Shifting blame for one’s own problems onto others will not resolve the problems.”

As Wang is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, fewer and fewer westerners would believe that he would share good things with others. For 40 years, Wang and its CCP have made a huge pie in Chinese economy but they refuse to share it with ordinary Chinese.

Wang pointed out that new technologies bring opportunities, but they also create risks and challenges. We must work together to shape the global architecture in the age of the fourth industrial revolution with the vision to create a better future for all mankind.

It is good to see that Wang Qishan has a world vision, and what he does is for the better future of all mankind, and the security of all mankind. Do you believe that?

But his words are firm, “We need to uphold the security of all mankind. We need to explore the adoption of relevant rules and standards in a phased way, while leaving broad space for the dissemination and application of scientific discovery and technological innovation. We need to accommodate in a balanced manner the interests of all countries, especially those of emerging markets and developing countries.”

Tell Wang Qishan to open the Chinese markets for all investors. Tell Wang to take down the Great Firewall and open the internet. Tell Wang to follow the rules and standards in the civilized world. Do you think he will do that?

That’s where his “risks and challenges” are; he and the CCP have “security concerns” there. When that is done, the CCP is doomed, and Wang’s last days have come. Do you think he will do that?

When he cannot, Wang has to argue that, “One should not ask the whole world to address only the security concern and comply only with the standards of developed countries or individual countries. It is imperative to respect national sovereignty and refrain from seeking technological hegemony, interfering in other countries’ domestic affairs.”

“We need to uphold multilateralism and jointly build a system of rules for technology and new international cooperation framework featuring peace, security, democracy, transparency, inclusiveness and mutual benefit, so that all people can gain from technological innovation. We need to uphold social equity and justice, and ensure technological innovations are guided by us humans, meet our needs and be compatible with our values. We need to improve policy environment and promote social prosperity and stability.”

When these words like “democracy, transparency, social equity and justice” come out from the mouth of Wang Qishan, we feel vomiting and disgusting.

We seem to hear, “Come! My beloved kid. You are the most beautiful child in the world. Let me hug you”; with these words, a knife is already out from behind, white sharp and shinning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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