Wang Qishan must be trembling with key evidence pointing to his corruption


November 20 is the anniversary of last year’s Press Conference on the Death of Wang Jian and the truth behind HNA Group. In his live broadcast today, CCP killer Guo Wengui exposed an account statement of UBS bank in the name of Sun Yao, daughter of Vice President Wang Qishan.

According to the statement, on 31 July of 2018, an amount of about 1.5 billion US dollars was transferred into Sun Yao’s personal account.

Guo Wengui explains the evidence of a UBS account statement in his live broadcast 20//11/2019.

Guo Wengui said, “See how evil is Wang Qishan?! He made two separate transfers in one day at an amount of 1.5 billion dollars. I shed tears when I first looked at the numbers. Do you know why so many people in China live in poverty and cannot afford the pork? If I was not making this revelation like a funny show, I must fall down of a heart attack.”

Guo continued, “This is the greatest joke in human history. Has anyone in the world ever seen or has the power to transfer 1.5 billion US dollars into a personal account? Even if you tried to transfer one million or maybe ten thousand dollars, the banks would check to the bottom of your shorts! Can you imagine the corruption with the UBS bank and the account holder? How evil could UBS be by finalizing a transfer of 1.5 billion dollars?”

Guo said this money is not to be kept in the account for long; as a matter of fact, it disappeared instantly into different accounts as financial products. This bank statement would never be kept into UBS’s book of daily accounts.

And imagine! Who can obtain a copy of this secret document? This is critical. The US government? FBI? The Chinese government? Top people in the CCP leadership?

Guo said, “This is the highest level of money laundering in the world. Without the central leadership of the Chinese government and Wang Qishan’s involvement, does anyone think it is possible for this to happen?”

Financial analyst Lao Jiang who joined the live broadcast said, “Wang Qishan and his daughter Sun Yao are truly among the most evil vampires who have drunk the blood of 1.4 billion Chinese people. It tells that our Expose Revolution is so important as it reveals the truth of CCP’s crimes and awakens millions of people in the western world.”

During the live broadcast today, countless warrior friends from five continents of the world have donated to the Rule of Law Fund, all with a firm determination to take down the CCP. Guo Wengui said, “In just one day, we have received over ten million US dollars in donation.”

Lude who was directing the live broadcast said, “It is very important that we have a united forces from the globe working everyday for the mission. Without the continuous efforts of Wengui and our warrior friends, it would never be possible for the US Congress and Senate to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act unanimously. If we want to achieve our goal of the Himalayas, we must have enough financial support besides the fighting of our warrior friends like the young kids on Hong Kong streets. These are the necessary conditions for any great achievement.”

Guo Wengui said that we must need at least 100 billion dollars in the account of the Rule of Law Fund when we decide to start our revolt in China cities, and this day is coming close. “When our warrior friends are ordered onto the streets across China, we must have at least 10 million people out protesting at the same time. Our fight won’t be the same as those on Hong Kong streets by the kids. Our fighters in China must have the best support from us. Besides assistance from the US government, we will have warrior friends from within the CCP leadership, from the military, from the police, down to warrior friends from all walks of life in the country. We must take down the CCP regime by one single blow!”

Guo said these days are near; they are coming very close; and June 4th of 2020 must be the National Day of New China!

With these powerful words and a clear call message to the 1.4 billion Chinese people, the hearts and legs of Wang Qishan and other CCP leaders must be trembling!

Everything is just beginning!

By Cloudy Seagail

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