Wang Qishan might soon replace Xi Jinping as President, says Miles Kwok


The life of Chinese president Xi Jinping is now in great danger and Wang Qishan shall be the first and only candidate to take his place, Miles Kwok said in his whistle blow earlier today.

Miles Kwok revealed that as part of the traitors’ South Putuo Plan, Vice Premier has a silver bullet to close the trade deal with the US while an action group headed by Jiang Zhicheng, grandson of former President Jiang Zemin, is carrying out an emergency mission across the globe.

Miles said, “Liu He has been officially authorized to conclude the trade deal with the US. Liu is a close alliance of Wang Qishan who has maintained a close relation with the US. He is 100% under the control of Meng Jianzhu and the Jiang family. This time, Liu will risk his life to achieve his task; otherwise, his life will be in danger under threats of Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu. More importantly, Liu He is one of the key executives in the South Putuo Plan.”

In the following weeks, important things will happen in China within CCP’s leadership, says Miles, warning all warrior friends internationally of the following four points:

First, those overseas friends who have applied for political asylum or those with an anti-CCP background shall keep away from meeting with people coming from the mainland, and avoid getting into personal disputes, including traffic accidents. They should also avoid going back to China, having close contacts with family members in China or meeting friends in South East Asia.

Second, warrior friends within China should avoid visiting Twitter, watching or delivering videos by Miles Kwok. For them, safety should be the first priority.

Third, overseas democratic activists should avoid transfers or transits at Chinese airports when traveling to other countries, especially South East Asia.

Fourth, Miles warned overseas friends of financial frauds. He said, “if you have noticed any mysterious transactions with your bank accounts, please call the police immediately.”

Miles said, “When there is news information about accidental deaths of prisoners at Qincheng Prison, Chinese people should be aware that the traitors have started to take actions to control the country. In case President Xi is in danger or forced to step down, Wang Qishan must stand out to take his place.”

Miles told that in the past week or so, those traitors in China has launched a series of attacks on his whistle blows, those of other major whistle-blowers and thus have committed more crimes with their attacks.

“Friends! You have known about some of them, like the man in red who came to the lobby of my building. He is kind of a Kungfu man with some muscles and seems to be a professional assassin”, Miles continued with the story.

According to Miles, half a year ago, the state traitors organized a secret action group, aiming at eliminating overseas whistle blowers. Sun Lijun, Vice Minister of the Police Ministry, heads the action group. Members include another Vice Minister from the State Security Ministry, representatives from families of the CCP leadership, and five to six financiers. Meng Jianzhu, Jiang Zhicheng and Jack Ma are also members of the group, based in Hong Kong and with an office in Shanghai.

The traitors trained their employees and sent them overseas for dissemination. Some employees were assigned to delete tweets, videos or collect personal information about our whistle blowers in social media. As a result, many warrior friends in China were detained by police. They also sent out work groups to major countries like the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and Australia for intelligence and disintegrating our expose revolution. They are most successful in Australia.

Miles said, “Friends! I have warned you over and over again to be mindful of your safety in China. I have told you that they have put over 60,000 people on their watch list and detained thousands. Millions of people have been intimidated or threatened by invitation to tea.”

At the last trade talk, Vice Premier Liu He put forth new conditions to Trump’s negotiation team, including a name list of 21 persons to be extradited to China, and Miles Kwok tops the list. Lude is also included.

“This time, Jiang Zhicheng was out at the front. This means our whistle blows have shaken the foundation of the Jiang family and they have fears now,” said Miles.

On April 10, the US announced the sanctions against 37 Chinese companies with military or intelligence backgrounds. Major US funds also face investigations for their investment in China’s state-owned companies. CCP is regarded as a theft in US markets as the US government is going to seize the overseas assets of those corrupt CCP leaders. The impact will be profound.

Miles tells that US legal departments and an independent investigation organization will cooperate with the Rule of Law Fund in related investigations. The investigation organization collects information of their business transactions or secret deals while the Rule of Law Fund will assist in their interpretation and understanding.

Hong Kong residents especially its wealthy people live in fears as the government passes a new law for easy extradition by the CCP Central Government. In only 20 years, CCP has broken up the agreement that laid the foundation for “One Country two systems”. Even if Liu He succeeded in bringing back a trade deal with the US, the world community shall have no confidence that the Communist government will live up to its promises in the enforcement of the deal.

Miles Kwok is sending a strong message that the united force around him is much stronger than CCP and its supporters. This united force include global politicians like Donald Trump, Tony Blair, noted financiers like Kyle Bass, and anti-CCP organizations like the Committee on the Present Danger.

“You’re going to get pure Trump off the chain”, Steve Bannon predicts a “pay back” if Trump is reelected at a Politico interview on Thursday. And that would be a nightmare for CCP.

Miles said that he has a secret weapon in his strategy not yet showed to the public, and his brain is strong enough to smash the evil plans of the traitors and lead his warrior friends to final victory. He has full confidence that the day of triumph is drawing near.

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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