Wang Qishan just had another organ transplanted in Guangzhou


Vice President Wang Qishan had another kidney transplantation over the weekend in Guangzhou, CCP killer Guo Wengui has told in his live broadcast yesterday.

Guo Wengui said, “Again, there must be one or two Xinjiang young men being killed for live kidney harvest to prolong Wang Qishan’s life. This bastard has done too much evil and must go to hell.” He made these comments based on insider’s intelligence from the CCP leadership.

While Wang Qishan’s schedule for organ transplantation must have been kept a top state secret, the exposure of the medical procedure to Guo Wengui tells that Wang Qishan’s life is also in danger as too many people within the CCP system also want him to die. “Guangdong and Hainan provinces are the bases of Wang Qishan. He did not have his organ transplantation in Beijing’s 303 hospital or a Shanghai hospital, because Wang is also afraid of others planning for his life there,” said Guo.

On the surface, Wang Qishan has been overlooking things in Guangdong and Hong Kong; his main task was actually to have this operation that has been planned since his last visit in late October. This is more a matter of life and death for him.

Of course, there is another threat. Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan must end up in a fight, and both internal and external pressure has pushed Xi into a fight, Guo said, there is a possibility that Wang Qishan won’t be able to survive this coming New Year’s Day.

These two weeks, Wang Qishan has made his public appearance in Conghua meeting with local officials in the police or state security circles. Wang has been directing the crackdown of the demonstrations for over six months. He must plan for other things to distract public attention and keep himself safe.

“To cover up the truth of his latest organ transplantation, CCTV or Xinhua news must have reports in the following two days telling about Wang’s visit in Guangdong and meeting local officials to discuss the Hong Kong crisis,” according to Ludepress.

Hong Kong is the first gate to send the CCP regime into hell. Over the weekend, nearly one million courageous Hong Kongers have once again demonstrated to the world that they deserve the international support and respect. What is going to happen on 12.12 will be even greater and shock the world.

After President Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, the European Commission is also drafting similar legislation for sanctions against Hong Kong government officials and CCP leaders. The pressure on both Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping is immense.

Under international condemnation, most CCP leaders have become running mice across the streets. They are trying hard to find a way out although sure of a dead end road ahead.

Guo Wengui told that on the coming 16th and 18th of December, he is going to reveal more evidence related to Wang Jian’s death. He is going to show the world how the CCP has planned for the murder of the former HNA Chairman and threatened his whole family after that.

Right after the murder of Wang Jian, 5 billion US dollars in cash of Wang Jian’s assets was transferred into personal accounts controlled by Wang Qishan, said Guo Wengui, who recently received more evidence from within the CCP leadership.

The scaring thing is not how brutal Wang Qishan is with the murder of Wang Jian, but how the top confidential evidence was released from the State Security Commission. It tells the complete collapse of the CCP leadership cored by Xi Jinping.

The scandal and corruption behind the death of Wang Jian and HNA Group is critical to bring Wang Qishan to justice.

“After Wang had the operation, he must have some days to rest in the hospital. When he is not able to stand or walk, this might be the best time for Xi Jinping to take actions against him,” financial analyst Lao Jiang said with Ludepress.

Everything is just beginning.

by Cloudy Seagail


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