Wang Qishan claims to be the “temporary host” for President Xi at Boao Forum


The Boao Forum for Asia 2021was held yesterday. Chinese President Xi Jinping and several heads of state from all over the world each delivered a video speech. Vice President Wang Qishan attended the forum in person and claimed to be a temporary host for President Xi at the opening ceremony. Aroused laughter and applause at the scene.

At the opening ceremony, after Ban Ki-moon, chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, gave a speech, the master of ceremonies introduced Wang Qishan, vice chairman of the People’s Republic of China, to give a speech. After Wang Qishan stepped onto the stage, he said in the first sentence: “First of all, I am not making a speech. At the plenary meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia, the speech was made by our head of state, President Xi Jinping, but the organizer… When I’m there, everyone has to arrange a role for me.”

There was laughter at the scene. Wang Qishan continued: “I understand that this role is to be a temporary host, and the temporary host is also very important. As the temporary host, I just serve as an announcer for President Xi Jinping’s speech. This reflects China’s High respect for our chairman.”

There was applause at the scene, and Wang Qishan went on to formally “host” the forum and said: “Dear heads of state, heads of government, heads of international organizations, and distinguished Chairman Ban Ki-moon, distinguished guests, I am very pleased to attend the 2021 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia. I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Boao Forum for Asia. As the host country of the Forum, the Chinese government has always strongly supported the development and growth of the Boao Forum for Asia. President Xi Jinping specially recorded a video for this year’s annual meeting to promote the development and prosperity of Asia and the world, explain China’s position and share China’s plans. Now, I would like to welcome Chairman Xi Jinping to give a video keynote speech with warm applause.”

At the Boao Forum, Wang Qishan came out again, saying that China and the United States should jointly manage the environment. Before his death penalty, he talked about nihilistic things such as philosophy and the environment. Mr. Miles Guo called that “a little comfort before death.”

Mr. Guo pointed out that Wang Qishan came out with several meanings: one is to signal to the world that he will continue to plan for the CCP and open up the market to foreign investors; the other is that the Shanghai Gang will have to use Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu after the former mayor Yang Xiong’s death. He is now the only proper person to represent the Jiang family; thirdly, it shows that Xi Jinping has to rely on Wang Qishan to collude with the West. From the manuscript written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Xi Jinping, it can be seen that it was completely self-slapped, and Xi’s condition was very bad. The content of the writing reflected Xi’s fear. Xi’s speech was written by Yang Jiechi, but it was actually the work of another man named Liang, a master who understands the international situation. However, this manuscript is definitely a blow against Xi himself. It can be seen that all CCP officials must “talk the truth” and “talk the other way around” in order to survive. Like Hu Hai and Zhao Gao in Chinese history, they pointed their fingers at a deer and called it a horse.

Mr. Guo interpreted that the term “temporary host” used by Wang Qishan was a flicker. As a vice president of a country, you usually expect the president to be killed soon so that the vice president has a chance. The president and the vice president usually seem to be “intimacy” on the surface, but in fact there is no “intimacy.” Just like a nightclub of prostitutes, when the “mummy” (Wang Qishan) needs to come out to solicit customers, it means that the business is not good or there is a lack of customers. This shows that the domestic economy is extremely bad, and huge problems have emerged in foreign trade and international relations. Therefore, Xi Jinping wants to unite with Wang Qishan to solve external problems. So we can tell that the Communist Party is almost finished.

Mr. Guo said that next Meng Jianzhu will come out. He will go to the Middle East and Turkey. The Mekong River is the intelligence line, life and death line, interest line, drug line, and black line in South Asia opened by Meng Jianzhu; the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan is another line of anti-terrorism; the Strait of Malacca, the Suez Canal, Egypt, and the Middle East are intelligence and oil lines. Mr. Guo said, “Mummy, thugs, intelligence, and BGY threats are all used. It can be seen that the Communist Party is going to collapse.”

By Himalayas Farm’s Team
Edited by staff


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