Wall Street is down; the world is to reshuffle; who is to save mankind?


Today, the escalating coronavirus emergency sent the world’s stock market into its worst slide since 1987, extending a sell-off that has now wiped out most of Wall Street’s big gains since President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 2,352 ponts, or 10%, its heaviest loss since its nearly 23% drop on the Black Monday of October 19, 1987.

The S&P 500 plummeted 9.5%, for a total drop of 26.7% from its all-time high, set just last month. That puts it way over the 20% threshold for a bear market, officially ending Wall Street’s unprecedented bull-market run of nearly 11 years.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said the world is going to reshuffle, with powers and wealth redistributed among different classes; and this is the nightmare for those with power and money, but not necessarily bad news for the grass root people.

Early in the morning, Guo Wengui had his latest live broadcast on board his Lady May at New York Harbour.

I have part of his remarks translated as follows:

Yeah! Dow Jones down 1,464 points – I am still waiting for the new updates…coming soon…Oh, my God! Opposite my ship is the Office of Fox Business News.

Hello! Dear warrior friends, brothers and sisters, today is March 12. I, Guo Wengui, is going to experience some new changes today with my breakfast and lunch.

Last night President Donald Trump announced his new European travel restrictions to be effective for 30 days.

There is already a popular saying in the financial sector that Wall Street and some western VIPs with power and money have started their worst nightmares in life.

Remember my words, I mean those people with political power and those with money, and Wall Street financiers.

Let me first tell you three numbers: One percent of the U.S. population owns 99 percent of the country’s wealth; In China, those with political power own nearly 90% of the country’s wealth, and all of their money has been obtained unlawfully; Most of the richest people in the U.S. are somewhere around here in Manhattan and Wall Street.

Basically I can say that humanity still lives in some sort of a slavery society. Now at this very moment, who are most terrified? -Those people with political power and those with money.

They are thinking: what about my money? What if I lose all my money? Or where shall I hide my money?

For the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership – they are making great efforts to keep their penises hard (keep the Shanghai Stocks high), to show that they still have enough money or have enough power to protect themselves from robbery.

In addition, I must also tell you that in the past 48 hours since my last broadcast on Sunday night, over 10 trillion dollars has evaporated from the world’s wealthiest. Globally, the loss would go up to 18 trillion dollars.

The main reason is of course the coronavirus created and spread by the CCP who has brought about such horrible disasters to mankind. This is what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said, “We have opened the Pandora Box”.

Today, only CCP’s Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets are going up. Its fake “hard penis” is still strong, and refused to be touched by others.

Hong Kong market has already gone down yesterday, no longer able to hold its position.

When Hong Kong’s stock market is going down, we can say that the bell has rung for the burial of the CCP.

Today, the stock market in New York, especially the Dow Jones, although net yet opened, has already dropped dramatically.

In the past four hours, OTC sales in Wall Street have gone like prostitutes calling out in the streets.

Let me explain a little bit about OTC. It’s like those prostitutes standing along Dongguan city streets begging for buyers. They are working hard in their bargains for a better deal, but no one would offer them a good price. They no longer have the bargaining powers.

Just four hours ago, my friends in Wall Street just opposite my ship here, called my iphone over and over, asking if I want to buy their stocks or not. Terrible!


Guo Wengui looks happy and excited about what’s happening in Wall Street. Many of the world important events in the past three years have proved what Wengui told in his whistle-blows are true and correct. And we are happy to see that the evil CCP regime has come to its doom with the coronavirus outbreak.

Wengui said, “Those Wall Street financiers who have cooperated with the CCP in the past decades must end in destruction in the financial war.”

He said, “We must be experiencing the bloodiest global battle since 1927. Economic war or trade war comes first, then technology war, intelligence war, energy war, and finally political war.” And the two powers must meet in military war in the end.

China’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday implied that the U.S. Army “might be” be responsible for bringing the coronavirus to Wuhan, the Chinese city where the outbreak first emerged late last year.

Tweeting in English, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian wrote: ”CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation! ”

The CCP leadership is at its prime madness. When they are at their wits’ end and doomed to die, they must try all means to blame the US, even though it means starting a global war in military.

My advice to President Trump is to designate the CCP as a terrorist organization, support the opposition of the Chinese government, both within the CCP leadership and overseas forces headed by Guo Wengui, to take down the CCP as soon as possible. This is the only way to avoid war and save mankind from another disaster.

When the stock market is depressed while the CCP government is still there, there is no way for Donald Trump to win the next election.

By Cloudy Seagail


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