Video of kids singing ‘Huawei is beautiful’ goes viral as CCP poisons the younger generation with toxic propaganda


A video featuring kids singing  “Huawei is beautiful” and dancing with patriotic lyrics has gone viral, according to Global Times.

The short clip was created by the Zhou Dan Children Music Studio based in Zhuhai, south China, but Huawei has said to distance itself from the video.

Global Times@globaltimesnews, tweets: How Chinese residents show their support to ? Singing! A video “Huawei Beauty” which features children singing lyrics supporting Huawei went viral. Lyrics include “we love our country, we love homegrown brand Huawei” and “China’s homegrown chips are the most valuable one.”
On an official Huawei page on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, the company said that the “work was created by the netizens without the knowledge and participation of Huawei.”

“What is the best phone in the world? Everyone says it’s Huawei,” one of the lyrics says.

But most netizens have expressed negative views about the event, saying it “disgusting”  and another CCP propaganda to poison the youngest generations of Chinese with toxic communist ideology.

Some of the comments are as follows:

Stan: I noticed this was posted by after the video already went controversial and was denied by Huawei’s official Weibo account in China. So what’s your evil plan to destroy the company?

MorningStar: My goddess that is terrifyingly disgusting. But I’m sure there’s at least one spray tan bloated autocratic buffoon sitting in a house painted white who will watch it and get “inspired.”

BasedZoomer: I would be more shocked if we discovered Huawei wasn’t spying on foreign citizens for the CCP than if we discovered they were.

TonyRyan: Humiliating for China!

Yez-Iwnl: Video was created by volunteer group and this is the most scary part. this song simply shows the ignorance of chinese people and china propaganda factory is real.

Mkhls: While chinese kids singing, Uighur kids are in chinese government’s c/camps, where the walls are surrounded by barbed wire, and access is strictly controlled. There is little chance for these children to go outside.

Tram 10: Disgusting! Innocence is being exploited for proganda without shame. What a nasty thing to do to these kids….

Atiku is my friend: If you love your country, others love their too. Huawei needs to learn how to respect people’s privacy, patents, IP’s & copyright. That’s what makes those people be able to feed. Or else it might be banned from using Android soon. And EU, NZ, AU etc are coming soon with bans.

Badpoor: So now Huawei is promoting CCP propaganda? And you wonder why the world doesn’t trust you?

Elijah W Brooks:So, the ‘children’s Communist Revolutionary culture’ is used again. This time in China. Let’s wait for the revival of the ‘child-hero’ Pavlik Morozov in Russia. Russians can use Pavlik Morozov clips for promoting Kaspersky software, for instance.

SammyLee: How is the world going to take Huawei’s claim about being a fully private enterprise with videos like this?

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