Vice-president Wang Qishan under house arrest, says Guo Wengui


I am not fully informed of everything happening inside the Chinse Communist Party (CCP) leadership, But I can assure Mr. Luthur that 100 percent Fu Zhenghua (Justice Minister) has been arrested and is now under investigation. His family was also detained with all valuable belongings confiscated. His whole clan family is in big trouble.

And absolutely Meng Jianzhu (Former Secretary of Political and Justice Commission) was also detained and is now under investigation. His family also had their belongings confiscated. The authorities are tracking down his wealth and assets all over the world.

Sun Lijun’s family members, close relatives, uncles and aunties, were all arrested, in addition to his lovers like Wang Fang. Their families were searched all over and have their assets confiscated as well.

Wang Qishan (Vice President) is now under house arrest. Strictly speaking, he has not been detained yet; it’s house arrest.

It has been 37 days since Wang made his last appearance at the CCP’s official residence of Zhongnanhai.

A special task force from North-Eastern China has come to Beijing for the arrests, headed by Ma Yongqiang, originally deputy Party Secretary of Heilongjiang province.

Do you know who Ma Yongqiang is? Let me tell you. If you don’t know Ma Yongqiang, you are ignorant of China’s politics. I am telling you that Ma Yongqiang and Ding Xuexiang (General Secretary of the CCP’s Central Commission) are at the core of the CCP leadership.

His name was seldom mentioned and very few people have known about him.

This time, Wang Qishan is in great danger. He is now in the hands of Ma Yongqiang and he is doomed.

Now Wang Qishan is still hoping that he might have some luck for a come-back. He is trying hard to get himself out of trouble.

He said to Ma’s people, “I have full loyalty to President Xi. And I have been loyal to the state. Please give me time to write about my confessions.”

He has been writing about them for many days now, and Ma’s men are making sure that he is not going to kill himself. He still has illusions that he could get out of this trouble.

You see, how powerful he was with his extreme arrogance when he ordered the arrests of other high-ranking officials of the CCP?

Now he was told, “Forget about your illusions! Tell the truth with some honesty! The Party might give you another chance, maybe to save your life and the lives of your family. Or your family will have the chance to live on if you tell the truth.”

Now it is his turn to beg for life, “I am loyal to President Xi and to the Party. I have never thought of betraying President Xi. Please give me another chance so that I can make my last effort and contribute to the Party’s mission. I am willing to cooperate with the Central Commission and maintain the image of the anti-corruption campaign. I am willing to confess my fault on CCTV, and so on and so fore…”

Wang was trying to kill Xi, and Xi knew it clearly. They have walked to the last few steps of their South Putuo Plan. These last steps mean “cutting Xi’s head off!”

According to the South Putuo Plan, Wang was to exploit Xi to take down all their enemies within the Party. Finally, they would get rid of Xi and take his place.

But Xi does not want himself beheaded. So he took actions first and wants to destroy Wang Qishan and others in the South Putuo Plan.

This (internal fight) is the nature of the CCP.

Everything has started.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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